Denmark: It’s Emmelie de Forest going to Malmo!

DenmarkDenmark – After a big live show in Denmark tonight, Emmelie de Forest was chosen as their representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2013. She will go to Malmö in May to sing ‘Only Teardrops.’ After all ten finalists had performed their songs once, three were chosen for the superfinal; Simone,  Emmelie de Forest and Mohamed Ali. Listen to the winning song!

Emmelie de Forest is 19 years old and has been singing for ten years. She has sung in church choirs and Steve Cameron’s gospel choir, and since Emmelie turned 14 she has been singing with the Scottish musician Fraser Neill. The song was written by Lise Cabble, Julia Fabrin Jakobsen, and Thomas Stengaard. Lise Cabble wrote A Friend in London‘s entry which finished 5th in 2011.

Denmark will take part in the first Semi-Final of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest on the 14th of May in Malmö Sweden.

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172 comments on “Denmark: It’s Emmelie de Forest going to Malmo!

  1. Den va typ bra orka va full kram

  2. Generic and weak, just 3.5 from me. Bye bye Denmark.

  3. I will post too my mark:

    1. Albania 7/10
    2. Ukraine 4.5/10
    3. Lithuania 4/10
    4. Denmark 3.5/10
    5. Switzerland 3/10
    6. Belarus 2/10
    7. Belgium 2/10

    I still don not have qualifiers for the final. Perhaps only Albania.

  4. I liked Emmelie’s live performance! 7/12! This reminds me the folk Boom of ESC in 2000s but I’m very sorry that Human didn’t win since it was Danish best offer !

  5. Typical Danish boredom… When shall they ever learn?

  6. @ Marko

    I have jus t read NDR’s blog on DMGP. NDR’s blogger since prehistoric times Jan Feddersen wanted Mohammed to win too and is rather bitchy when talking about poor Emmelie …

    • Hmmm….finally somebody to say bad for her entry..all comments I see are positive and that freaks me out somehow..

      • No, he says that it is generic, uninspired and (regarding the stage show) little more than a brighter version of ‘Euphoria’. And he is right of course … Emmelie’s slight and rather charming lisp seems to be the only thing he likes …

  7. Horrible start – horrible middle – and just as it warms up – it’s over!

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