Switzerland: Heilsarmee to Change Name

SwitzerlandSwitzerland – The Swiss Salvation Army band, Heilsarmee, selected to represent the country at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, says it will perform but under a different name. According to Swiss World Radio the group says they plan to take part under a new name, but without completely giving up their uniform. They say they have a proposal ready to present to Swiss TV RTS.

19 comments on “Switzerland: Heilsarmee to Change Name

  1. Who cares!?! Every commentator is going to mention that the band are members of the Salvation Army band, so their message (and if you are a cynic, marketing) will still go ahead as before.

    Maybe I’m just bitter Carrousel won’t get a second chance ;)

  2. Good luck choosing your new name. At this point, I do not really care all that much.

  3. How about something in Swiss German so that no one will understand it?

    No, honestly, good luck with the new name, whatever that will be.

  4. That’s a wise decision. It would be such a pity to lose such a great song on the esc stage really…”The Salvation Army” unfortunately is more than a charity organization in many cases and it would make me think twice before supporting an entry with a direct connection to them.

  5. At the moment there are thousands of homeless people who rely on them because of the cold winter. These homeless people can’t care less whether this organization is a religious. The only thing that matters is that they get a hot meal and a warm place to sleep.
    Maybe EBU should care about the new anti-gay laws in Russia. Or is that a country a tiny bit too big for EBU?

    • “Maybe EBU should care about the new anti-gay laws in Russia. Or is that a country a tiny bit too big for EBU?”

      On that I have to agree with you I am afraid..ever since I read about the proposed law even seeing the name of this infuriating country makes me well..furious..It’s so sad..I would sanction the hell out of them as a human rights organization and isolate them from any contest of that kind..but hey ho..It’s Russia..

  6. That song is not good to me!! :(

  7. How about changing the name to “Popos united”? Or “Blue Humperdinks”? Or perhaps, “Buranovskiye trakshittaz”? Think about it, Switzerland.

  8. Despite the Swiss song is a little bit cheezy, it really makes my mood when i listen to it, i would love to see Switzerland qualifying in the final, something that they totally deserved last year.
    Now about their name and their uniforms, i think that EBU is overeacting because their song doesn’t insult anyone either refers to salvation army directly.
    At the end of the day, even if they change their names and their uniforms everyone will know that they are members of salvation army, and i don’t think that there is anyone to be annoyed by this

  9. Great news! I love their song! Actually I don’t care about of their name, but plz, just don’t change the song like Belarus! Good luck! :)

  10. i think switzerland are gonna get their best result since 1993

  11. I’m so relieved they didn’t pull out! :) I think that “You and Me” could be quite successful in ESC. To me, it seems like that kind of song which isn’t too popular among the fan community, but even more so among the “normal” TV viewers who neither expect too much originality nor the typical Schlager and Eurodance stuff. I played it to my mother and she loved it!

  12. I don’t care about the ideology of Solvation Army and even didn’t try to find out what is it. OK they help homeless people so good for them! I care more about their silly uniforms! Also this song is becoming my guilty pleasure since each time I listen to it it grows for me!

  13. I am not very keen on them to be honest and I find the song just ok.5/10

  14. I’m glad. It would be a shame to lose the best entry chosen so far. Yes, it is a very simple song and there’s nothing original about it, but it is catchy and it sticks after one listen. It’s likable, harmless fun and they performed it decent too.

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  16. The change of the name must be accepted. Salvation Army mustn’t be used due to political content. The new name is good, Takasa which means pure. The costume is just white shirt and black trousers.

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