Iceland: First Three Qualifiers!

Iceland2012Iceland – Tonight’s first semi-final saw Birgitta Haukdal, Svavar Knútur Kristinsson & Hreindís Ylva Garðarsdóttir Hólm and Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson qualify for their national final which will be held next weekend. Come back tomorrow to see which other three songs will qualify for Söngvakeppnin 2013. In the meantime, listen to tonight’s winning songs here…
The three qualifying songs:

31 comments on “Iceland: First Three Qualifiers!

  1. The lives were pivotal. The Farmers were great. Magni did not have the best song in the world, but I would have chosen him instead of Ms. Haukdal. Good luck to the new finalists. :)

    P.S.: I would like to see Marianna from Finland commenting here, She seldom did so in ESC Today, but she always wrote interesting stuff.

  2. I hope I really like sth from tomorrow’s semi. Magni sould have gone through :(
    I want to see Iceland winning the contest in the near future.
    Good luck!

  3. great results with the exception of Eyþór’s but apart from the first two qualifiers everything else was either mediocre or bad so no big loss there (poor Yohanna..)..Brigitta can bring Iceland high if she improves her performance a little. A stunning entry. In general quite dissapointed from the first Icelandic semi..Waiting for the 2nd..Heard the so praised “Augnablik” and honestly if this is the best the 2nd semi has to offer (a very good composition but little more – at least in the studio version) according to the users I expect Brigitta to sail to esc and in the final there with the entries we now till now. Good luck to everyone !

  4. I have listened and watched to all performances and I’m satisfied because my favorite is in the final. It’s shame Magni is not in the final because his performance ROCKED!

    I rank like this in the final:

    1. Birgitta Haukdal 10/10
    2. Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson 8/10
    3. Svavar Knútur Kristinsson & Hreindís Ylva Garðarsdóttir Hólm 5/10 I liked it more before performance, perfromance ruined it a it.. :(

    Klara Ósk Elíasdóttir – “Skuggamynd” must pass from the 2nd semi!!

    And that Erna thing to stay in semi! :P

    Except her, 2nd semi is better for me..

  5. Brigitta must be sent to Malmo, im addicted to that beautiful entry, Iceland has the gem this year and thats Brigitta, if she does win, then no one else deserves to win more than Iceland, If that doesnt win ESC 2013, then I dont know what else Iceland have to do to win, hmm maybe get someone from Russia or Azerbaijan to represent them lol :D

  6. Btw Today in one popular talk show Mirna Radulovic and mare were guests and they said that song for Besosng is ready and that they hope for the best, they think it’s very interesting…

  7. Back from a drink with my cousin. :)

    As I have said on the other thread, all 3 songs that made it to the final are dated in different ways. Of course the hardcore fans will all go wild about Birgitta’s song (which I personally like too, just like the other two songs that made it … but unfortunately the fact that I like them does not make them contemporary tunes …) … but at the end of the day, Birgitta will do a Hera Björk if she is chosen to fly the Icelandic flag in Malmö!

    Erna FTW!

    • Erna’s Ballad goes no where for me, its average at best, and wont stand out as much as Brigitta, it’ll just give Iceland another dismal finish in the final. The younger female singers aren’t dated, but some do luck some umpth, so would probably end up with a similar result to Iris last year, Unnar’s Entry is not dated, it reminds me a bit of Taylor Swift, its contemporary fun and playful, and kinda similar to some of the Dutch and Felmish Junior Eurovision entries, and its something original to the adult eurovision, we’ve never heard an entry like this before. Brigitta is completely different music genre to Hera so cannot be compared, and Brigitta seems to be in a whole different leauge to most of the entries in the Icelandic NF, and if not the ESC 2013 entries so far.

  8. I’m quite disappointed with the results tonight.Now,i can only hope that Erna will win the icelandic final or i don’t think i will like Iceland 13.

  9. As always, i agree with dimitris and i disagree with Marko :D. Since Magni didn’t qualify, all of my hopes are with Erna and Augnabik.

  10. I agree with the rest of you. “Augnablik” ftw now.

    Without anything better to do (except feeding my cat), I’ll list my Icelandic Top 5:

    1. Nætur
    2. Draumur um Nínu
    3. Min hinsti dans
    4. Eitt lag enn
    5. Gleðibankinn

  11. Just been listening to the Danish hopefuls but I dont get why people have been complaining, Denmark have managed to produce a selection of ‘CURRENT’ ‘URBAN’ ‘CONTEMPORARY’ entries, following the direction eurovision should be moving in, and not resembling the poor quality we have so far e.g. LITHUANIA, ALBANIA, Belgium & Belarus. I’m pleased Denmark are following Sweden direction, its about time some countries did move with the times including the UK and moderned up a bit.

    • But Scott, less than an hour ago you were prising Birgitta from Iceland, I love her song, but it’s definitely not current.. :D So you see it doesn’t need to be current, you liked it a lot!

      • Brigitta I’ll make an exception to, since her vocal abilities in her ballad just blow me away, I would probably make the same exceptions too to some of the Balkan entries, the balkan sounds are unique to me, as you dont hear that type of music in UK/USA, its different. If the Language appeals to me and the Vocals are realy good in the song I’ll often make exceptions.

        • OK Scott thanks for explanation, where are you from in the UK? :)

          P.S. You can make art pieces to our songs so you have soft spot about them! :P

          Gosh it’s so emberrasing writing to somebody from the UK with English like mine lol :P

          • Trampy West Yorkshire i’m from this town in between Leeds and Mancheaster.Ha my english isnt that good realy, I’m dyslexic lol :D . Where abouts in the Balkans are you from? Aw and its good to see you are supporting Cascada for Germany, I realy hope the Germans make the right decision, if they dont choose her, they’ll be making a big, big mistake.

            • Yes it’s a good entry! :)

              For me is hard to notice that you have problems in English.. :)

              I’m gonna check your town, I study geography in the end! :)

              Good night dear Scott!

            • To be Specific my towns called Huddersfield, I dont do Geography :D unfortunatly , I study Art, Literature, Psychology, and Russian Art History.

      • It’s gimmic or joke entries, and any average, bublegum pop entry I can’t stand. What makes an entry worst for me is if the English isnt up to scratch either, I would perfer it if the singer just to sing in their national langauge, if their English isnt that good, I’d probably perfer the entry more then. For example I do not get why Belarus send entries in English, becuase on all occasions their English is horrendous, and if they sent a ballad all in Russian, I would love it, Belarus’s strongest entry ever sent to any ESC even has to be their Junior Eurovision entry in 2011, Angely Dobra, an entry like that I’d love to seem from them or any other former ussr country near there i.e. Latvia, Russia or Lithuania.

        • So if I join our NF Beosong next year (if it’s going to be successful this year and they decide to organize it again), I should enter only in Serbian language to please you! :P :D hehehe ;)

          • I just noticed your message after i’d sent mine :D , aw Serbia your from thts good, yeh you should, send a ballad in Serbian, or something uptempo similar to your 2010 entry, I forgot the Serbian composer who produced that song, but he inspired Sam and the Whomps Bom Bom.

  12. Returned home an hour ago , watched the entries on YT and read all 233 comments on previous thread :P
    After all that , it was like watching this semi with you guys !

    Here’s my ranking and some thoughts for first semi :

    1)Birgitta Haukdal – Meðal andanna : I like the song , vocals were very good and she gave the most powerful stage performance out of the bunch. 8/10.

    2)Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson – Ég á líf : Surprisingly enough , this was the 2nd most confident performance of the night. Another 8/10.

    3)Yohanna – Þú : Not a song I would go crazy about ( I like it more than her 2011 entry though ) but she was sweet and delivered decently her just ok song. 7/10.

    4)Magni Ásgeirsson – Ekki líta undan : The biggest disappointment of the night.Something was missing there…6/10.

    5)Svavar & Hreindís – Lífið snýst or “The farmers’ song” ( Told you I read all 233 comments :p ) : This was a surprise qualifier in my eyes.I still can’t get the hype.I just find it harmless-nothing more…
    2011 was WAY better! 5/10 ( for the moment. It could grow though ).

    6)Edda Viðarsdóttir – Sá sem lætur hjartað ráða för : As much as I liked the studio version , the lame stage performance and some weak vocals ruined the fun. 4/10.

    PS : Welcome to our dear George Axeman ;)

  13. Well there goes my favorite (Magni) :(. The only other song I really liked was Erna’s!!

  14. Brilliant results on my end. I was really concerned about my favorite, “the Farmer’s Song,” (it’s easier than typing the actual name), but now I don’t have to! Also, the boring things from Magni and Yohanna were eliminated! And I celebrated my birthday today! Perfect day for me. :D

  15. Icelandic language confuses me! in the end of the show I was asleep (different time zones and show created overall very good atmosphere). Magni Ásgeirsson should be among qualifiers IMHO! Also I find Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson – Ég á líf is very intresting but bit dated qualifier 8/10!! Goodluck Iceland!

  16. Are you serious? This is an excellent selection and what do you pick? That Mf reject that Birgitta is singing! I can’t believe, that song is just so dated

  17. Good results. There were only two decent entries in this semi and both went through. The only one I really like from Iceland this year is “Eg a lif” and I am very happy it made it instead of Magni or Yohanna who both had poor songs IMO. Svavar was also decent, but more average. The rest were so bland and IMO Birgitta should’nt have made it to the final either. I sure hope it won’t win because it sounded sooooo typical Eurovision, something that would have done really well in the early 00’s.

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