Finland: Krista Siegfrids and Arion Qualify

finlandFinland – In the second of three heats, held tonight in Helsinki, 2 acts qualified directly for the Finnish UMK Semi-final on 31st January 2013. These were Krista Siegfrids and Arion. Three songs went through to a second chance round. Check out who they were and which act was eliminated totally…

Qualifiers for Semi-final:

Krista Siegfrids – Marry Me

Arion – Lost In The Woods

2nd chance:

Lucy Was Driving – Dancing All Around The Universe

Elina Orkoneva – He’s Not My Man

Great Wide North – Flags


Atletico Kumpula – Paperilyhty

Rehearsals from earlier of the two qualifying songs:

53 comments on “Finland: Krista Siegfrids and Arion Qualify

  1. Diandra is still the best option for me…

  2. Mikael Saari to Malmö!

  3. Who will decide in the final?

    • Televoting only in the superfinal.I think 2 acts will compete there.

      • Ok, then Krista Siegfrids has chances I think if it’s only televoting…I’d like Diandra to go to superfinal, but to change clothes and performance from semi..

  4. I would like to see 2 different songs qualifying.Now,the only thing left to do is to send Mikael to Malmo!
    I do think that the semifinal is unnecessary,They should have had 3 acts qualifying from each live gig.

  5. I am mad, very mad, atm. Marry me will be fighting for its glossy and glittering place in Sweden. How adorable. GRRRR

    P.S.: I shall get over it soon.

  6. Mikael or Diandra! The rest won’t stand a chance in Malmö, I’m afraid.

  7. OK, I got over it. I agree with Togravus, Saari FTW!

  8. I’m glad for Arion; well done.

  9. I don’t get this thing Finland and Malta are doing. What’s the point with semi-finals when 2/3 of the songs still will be in the final?

  10. Btw, I’ve been listening again and again to “ilmalaivalla”; I like it very much; especially that thick, harsh LLLL sound in their accent, which is typical of our local accent here in Thessaloniki too :P
    They are still in the race, aren’t they?

    Off topic: I read that the 4 Greek candidate songs will be presented on Monday, Feb 4th.

    • Yes, they are still in. And I like them very much too. It’s such a happy and folksy litte song. :)

      • Off topic: Since you like all things baroque so much … do you know the town of Ellwangen (Jagst). It is a real gem for all baroque aficionados. :)

        • Thanks for that. I looked it up and it ws a really pretty town, just like most of the ones down in Ba-Wü and Bayern. To be honest, I have enlarged my baroque love here on ET, making it sound like I’m mad with everything about it, which isn’t really true. Some sort of self-irony, I guess. I love many other cultural epoches too, and there are things from the baroque age I consider to be pretty bad (Georg Stiernhielm is quite bad imo). :)

          • Nice to learn that you are not strictly baroque because baroque can be a bit much at times imho. If you get an overdose, you begin yearning for sth simpler, more straightforward, more austere … at least I do … and I grew up being exposed to baroque every single day. One might think that I was immune but I am not. :)

            • Yes, diversity is strength! I can just take my surrounding areas here in Western Sweden. My favorite spots are not the baroque castles, but the fishing villages in Bohuslän and the Medieval churches on Kinnekulle. And when it comes to Swedish painting or literature, I’m more into Romanticism. My baroque love is strongest in Habsburg (both Austria and Spain) and the Netherlands (the paintings).

            • Are you referring to places like Smögen and Fjällbacka? I remember that I loved those places when I travelled in Western and Southern Sweden 20 years ago. And I have to check Kinnekulle now. I have never been there and I have never heard of the place before.

              Btw, my favourite church is a rather small and modest affair, San Miguel in the Castillian town of Almazán:


            • Yes, Smögen, Lysekil, Åstol and much more. I’ve never been to Fjällbacka, though.

              And I agree with you that the small and modest churches are often the most beautiful ones. Went for sunshine holiday on Mallorca some year ago and visited the local church. Very pretty. Of course it was empty, since the tourists are completely uniterested in checking the culture and sights on their vacation. They’re mostly just interested in sunshine, swimming and cheap beer. :(

            • Yay! I know a place in Sweden you haven’t been to. Next time I visit, I will include Lysekil and Åstol on my list. After all, there is a chance that I might go to Göteborg on business later this year. :)

              I checked Kinnekulle too. Those are probably the churches I will like best in Sweden. Atm, Hagby kyrka is in 1st place on my list of Swedish churches.

            • Very welcome to Göteborg, then! :) I heard Marko was about to visit the town too in the near future.

    • I just read that The Greek final will be on February 18.The guest acts will be Elena Paparizou,Sertab,Ruslana and Dima Bilan.Lol.who knows?

  11. Now Christa became my favorite, it’s a fun song, why not, Finland? There is not much to choose from.

  12. NO! Krista in the final and Atlético Kumpula out are both crimes!

    By the way, since I wasn’t here for the live show, I’m going to put my opinion of the live performances here:

    1) Atlético Kumpula – Paperilyhty

    It’s a shame that the lead singer has no charisma (although it was better than the jury performances) because this was easily and by far my favorite song of UMK. If this had made the finals, this would have still been my choice for Eurovision. 10/12

    2) Krista Siegfrieds – Marry Me

    Visually, she just keeps getting uglier, doesn’t she? Oh my god, that hair/dress/accessories combo is the tackiest thing I’ve seen this Eurovision season. Anyway, I’ve stated multiple times that this song has the worst lyrics this season as well, and the song is so ridiculously childish as to be offensive. The only saving grace is that Krista is a good live performer and vocalist. 3/12

    3) Lucy Was Driving – Dancing All Around The Universe

    This song is barely better than “Marry Me,” and unlike that song, “Dancing All Around the Universe” does not have the benefit of a charismatic and vocally competent performer. Instead, we get an awful performance of a bad song. 1/12 (That’s right, I rank it lower than “Rhythm of Love”)

    4) Arion – Lost

    I have vocalized my dislike of this song before. It’s not hateful in any way, but it was always just average in composition and average in performance. However, the vocals are below-average and drag the song further down. 5/12

    5) Elina Orkoneva – He’s Not My Man

    This performance was too packaged for me. However, the sass that was so missing the in jury performance was there this time (even if not to a high enough amount to make it great). I like the song, but it’s not very special, and Elina struggles vocally in certain points. 6/12

    6) Great Wide North – Flags

    I disliked this song greatly in studio. However, the live performance of this song really raises it from “average/unremarkable” to “average/remarkable.” Of all the UMK songs, this would be the one that I could see becoming commercially successful here in the U.S., which doesn’t surprise me when you think of the fact that Great Wide North is from the U.S. After that live, I think this should have qualified. 7/12

    • I agree!Disappointing results tonight!Now,fingers crossed for Mikael Saari!However,they will use televoting only in the superfinal so,i fear for the worst(Krista).Not to mention the fact that the jury likes her…

      • Well, if they send Krista, I hope that Finland fails to make the finals. While right now I give the song a 3/12 for its competent live, by Eurovision, I don’t think that will help them, and it will fall into my horrors category.

        Mikael Saari FTW!

  13. Atlético Kumpula (8/12) – Just like I feared, this was almost completely ignored by jury and tele-vote :(. It’s a shame really, because this breezy, summery indie-folk ditty was one of the best songs of UMK this year, even if the performance was not particularly engaging.

    Krista Siegfrids (4/12) – I thought the jury performance was a low presentation-wise :O. What an awful outfit and tacky presentation! As many here have pointed out, Krista is certainly a competent performer with a decent voice, but her frankly irritating song unfortunately does not do her talent any justice. I’m starting to get the impression that there is a level of irony behind the lyrics, which are otherwise horribly distasteful (“skipping dinner to be thinner”). I hope Finland does not choose this to represent them in Malmo.

    Arion (5/12) – As expected this qualified, though I don’t see it as being particularly deserving. It is clear that the band, particularly the vocalist, don’t have the ability to pull off such an ambitious (though generic) song. The presentation was lacking too – they certainly didn’t look like a metal band, more like “Justin Bieber doing metal”, as one the jurors commented. Another song I hope the Finns avoid in the final.

    Elina Orkoneva (8/12) – Well, she definitely improved in the performance stakes, but this was unfortunately to the detriment of her normally faultless vocals. Still, I can’t see why this one was scored the lowest by the jury :/

    Great Wide North (8/12) – I was surprised how well this one did! I didn’t think their Americana-meets-80s stadium rock effort would be ranked so highly by the juries, but I can’t say that it was undeserved. The band certainly gave a competent performance of their uplifting song, although I’m not personally a fan of the singers tone.

    Lucy Was Driving (6/12) – My god! What awful vocals :O. The song itself is pretty good, it’s just a shame the performers aren’t quite up to scratch.

  14. Just checked the Finnish iTunes charts, and the most popular songs are…

    Arion – “Lost” (#33)
    Great Wide North – “Flags” (#78)
    !!! Mikael Saari – “We Should Be Through” (#101) !!!
    Krista Siegfrids – “Marry Me” (#108)
    Elina Orkoneva – “He’s Not My Man” (#118)

  15. now now now… the finnish selection has been the best one so far.
    They only have one really bad song: it’s that wannabe copy of “Call Me Maybe” sung by Krista.
    If they choose that bad thing among this unique, contemporary and excellent group of songs, it will be such a shame!

  16. Hahahah I’m still laughing on comment Laila wrote about Arion’s lead singer, that he looks like Justin Bieber! :D :D :D

  17. I don’t like Krista. BTW- Charlotte Perrelli announced via Facebook that she’s pregnant. Grattis!

  18. OffTopic: The Eurovision host will be revealed on Monday, according to SVT.

  19. Even more off topic: Moldovan Tatiana Heghea (aka Leylla) is going to perform a song written by two Portuguese composers: Vasco Cardoso and Ruben Pacheco. The lyrics were written by Michael Down – ‘A Brighter Day’. They also wrote ‘Shy Boy’ from the Swiss 2012 online thing. According to ESC Portugal, the songs will be revealed next week.

  20. OMG I read in “Puls” newspapers that Maja Nikolic will win Beosong, because government will help her, she is in SNS party – the main party in Government atm, and she knows Serbian president Tomislav Nikolic who is from that party!
    She also said that we will be impressed with her song which is written by Marc Paelinck from Belgium and is powerful ballad “Titanic style”! :/


    • What the—! If there is any truth about that*, it’s completely idiotic. Not only in a fair play way but also in another; what’s the real point giving a party member the ticket to Malmö. Is it good publicity or what? And what if she fails in ESC?

      * = I write this because I have grown a particular distaste for tabloid papers during the years. I come to think of an incident back in 2004, since Perrelli’s pregnancy was mentioned in a few posts above. She had just got a baby when she hosted MF in 2004 and the headlines were screaming about that her breasts had grown during the program! Tabloid journalism in its worst state!

  21. Hi guys! ;-)

    On the Icelandic selection tonight: High quality in the Icelandic selection this year! A fantastic heat with all good to very good songs. Here, many countries like f.e. Norway should take note! I hope for this outcome tonight:

    To the final:

    – Birgitta Haukdal – Meðal andanna (My absolute favorite! What a great song!)
    – Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson – Ég á líf (A beautiful and sweet song!)
    – Jóhanna Guðrún Jónsdóttir – Þú (A nice uptempo song of Yohanna, but not as good as “Is it true” and “Nótt”.)


    – Edda Viðarsdóttir – Sá sem lætur hjartað ráða för
    – Magni Ásgeirsson – Ekki líta undan (I find Magni a very good singer with a beautiful voice and find his previous songs very good but this song I like less. Moreover, there are better songs in this heat. Although I’m sure that he goes to the final.)
    – Svavar Knútur Kristinsson & Hreindís Ylva Garðarsdóttir Hólm – Lífið snýst

    Good luck Iceland!

  22. RE; Iceland above, always cross my fingers for them, love that country and really hope one day Iceland will hold an ESC final (with Halla Magrét hosting of course! :-)) on topic: My gay Finnish friend would marry Krista (I guess rest of Finland won’t…), he(I) expecting better from Finland though, and not expecting Krista to be in malmo to “marry him” LOL

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