Estonia: Listen to All Songs

EstoniaEstonia – The songs that will take place in the Estonian national final, Eesti Laul, can all be listened to online here. The Eesti Laul final will take place in the Nokia Concert Hall in Tallinn on 2nd of March. Estonia will take part in the first half of the 1st semi-final in Malmö on 14th May.Rolf Roosalu, Tenfold Rabbit, Birgit Õigemeel, Teele Viira, Rosanna Lints, Stig Rästa, Fred Krieger, Jaan Pehk and Liis Lemsalu are all having another shot. Five acts will qualify from each semi-final.

Semi-final 1 on 16 February

Armastus – Young girl
Marilyn Jurman – Moving to mmm
Winny Puhh – Meiecundimees üks Korsakov läks eile Lätti
Sarah – Taevas valgeks läeb
Teele & Tuuli & Ula – Ring the alarm
Rosanna Lints – Follow me
Grete Paia – Päästke noored hinged
Elina Born – Enough
Kõrsikud – Suuda öelda ei
Anisa – The missing thing

Semi-final 2 on 23 February

Liisi Koikson ja Söörömöö – Üle vee
Birgit Õigemeel – Et uus saaks alguse
Tenfold Rabbit – Balance of water & stone
Liis Lemsalu – Uhhuu
Marie Vaigla – Maybe
Facelift Deer – Dance
Rolf Roosalu – With u
Flank – Missing light
Neogeen – Lune sournoise
Põhja-Tallinn – Meil on aega veel

11 comments on “Estonia: Listen to All Songs

  1. Eesti Laul 13 has an above average bunch of songs. I love Üle Vee very much and it is my favourite hopeful. Liisi is 100% class. I also like other songs very much such as: Taevas valgeks läeb,
    Moving to mmm, Suuda öelda ei, Balance of water & stone, Uhhuu, Missing light and Lune sournoise, for instance. Good luck to all participants.

  2. I can’t listen to the last 8 songs.

  3. From what I listended already I like:

    ”Balance of water and stone”
    ”Et tuus saaks alguse”
    ”Missing light”

    Indeed Estonia has many comptetitive song to chose.

  4. I listened to the Estonian hopefuls earlier once again and my top-2 favorites are:
    Päästke noored hinged-Grete Paia
    Suuda öelda ei – Kõrsikud

    And then my ok choices:
    Moving To Mmm – Marilyn Jurman
    Lune Sournoise – Neogeen
    Enough – Elina Born
    Ring The Alarm – Teele & Tuuli & Ula
    Balance of Water&Stone-Tenfold Rabbit(love the lyrics)
    Et uus saaks alguse – Birgit Õigemeel

    Sadly,“Meil on aege veel” by Pohja Tallinn lost it’s power with this lacklustre final version.

    Overall,a rather average year for Eesti Laul once again.Good luck!

  5. 1. Elina Born – “Enough”
    2. Pohja Tallinn – “Meil on aege veel”
    3. Grete Paia – “Päästke noored hinged”
    4. Rolf Roosalu – “With u”

  6. 1) Balance Of Water & Stone – Not bad but surely Estonia has better stuff, right?

    2) Dance – An attempt to be witty but I would prefer something more conventional. It’s crap, actually.

    3) Enough – Forgettable MOR entry.

    4) Et uus saaks alguse – Pretty decent song but not very memorable.

    5) Follow Me – Overall not bad song but too generic, too bland, doesn’t offer anything of interest.

    6) Lune Sournoise – Very very good stuff, classy French chanson. Tres bien.

    7) Maybe – No, just doesn’t appeal to me, I don’t like this kind of stuff.

    8) Winny Puhh – :) I had a genuine laugh. What are the odds of this going to Malmo I wonder?

    9) Meil on aega veel – I like this one. So far, this is one of the best.

    10) Missing Light – This one is a contender to win Eesti Laul I think. 80’s are still coming back, huh?

    11) Moving To Mmm – There is definitely something to it. Another possible contender.

    12) Päästke noored hinged – Too boring and forgettable to do well.

    13) Ring The Alarm – Poor man’s Lady Gaga. So far, one of the worst entries, about as bad as #2.

    14) Suuda öelda ei – Sweet old-fashioned song. Nice but unlikely to do well in the competition.

    15) Taevas valgeks läeb – The singer is great, song ok. A bit too generic and bland to stand out.

    16) The Missing Thing – I swear I heard something similar. It’s not bad but needs stronger chorus.

    17) Uhhuu – Homage to Supremes. Interesting idea but it’s dragging rather then moving forward.

    18) With U – Is it Rolf Junior? He may have a chance as the song is quite strong. Sort of.

    19) Üle vee – I think it’s the best, sweet but not at all boring. C’mon, Estonia, choose #19!

    20) Young Girl – “Once I wanted to penetrate her to make sure she will always be a young girl” – timeless line. You need to do just the opposite, isn’t it? I quite like this song, a bit off beat and freaky, looking forward to the performance.

    Overall, this is a good strong line-up, definitely a breath of fresh air after Finland, Hungary and Malta to me. The best one is “Üle vee” for me but I also like “Lune Surnoise”, “Meil on aega veel” and “Young girl”. Oh, and “Winny Puhh” is timeless, of course.

  7. I quite like Rasmus Rändvee & Facelift Deer

  8. Weak Estonian line-up compared to previous years IMO …Disappointed :(


    1)”Moving To Mmm” by Marilyn Jurman : Send THIS ! 9/10.

    2)”Taevas valgeks läeb” by Sarah : My runner up ! 9/10.

    3)”Et uus saaks alguse” by Birgit Õigemeel : Nice melody and quite instant .Don’t know if it would be a good entry for Estonia , result-wise, but I like it ! 8/10.

    4)”Balance Of Water & Stone” by Tenfold Rabbit : Way weaker and less distinctive than “Oblivion”.I would dare to say it’s rather boring till 1:50 but then it becomes good! 7/10.

    5)”Ring The Alarm” by Teele & Tuuli & Ula : Annoying YES , quite addictive though :p . 7/10

    6)”Maybe” by Marie Vaigla : There’s something about it that makes me wanna listen to it again.I think it’s a nice try! 7/10.

    7) “Young girl” by Armastus : Sounds quite like a pervert’s song , still it’s very interesting in terms of music ! 7/10.

    8)”Missing Light” by Flank : Just OK .6/10.

    9)”Lune Sournoise” by Neogeen : Nice and in French! but wouldn’t stand a chance in Malmo. 6/10.

    10)”Dance” by Rasmus Rändvee & Facelift Deer : Charismatic performer , annoying chorus. 6/10.

    11)”Üle vee” by Liisi Koikson ja Söörömöö : Nice but nice isn’t enough for ESC. 6/10.

    12)”Päästke noored hinged” by Grete Paia : Disappointed by Sven Lõhmus. 5/10.

    13)”Enough” by Elina Born : Sounds rather American too me which is always bad when a song is competing for EURO-vision.I admit that it’s not bad though…Still , I couldn’t give more than a 5/10.

    14)”The Missing Thing” by Anisa : Blandness ! 5/10.

    15)”Suuda öelda ei” by Kõrsikud : Boring folk like the ones Finland has on offer this year. 4/10.

    16)”Uhhuu” by Liis Lemsalu : Towards the end , it starts getting on my nerves… 4/10.

    17)”With U” by Rolf Roosalu : Generic ballad and he is weak live : 4/10.

    18)”Follow me” by Rosanna Lints : Bland electro pop ( one of the hundreds we listen to ) : 4/10.

    19)”Meil on aega veel” by Põhja-Tallinn : Way too repetitive.If this one ends up as the Estonian entry as awaited , I will really feel sorry for Estonia ( especially coming after Kuula ).3/10.

    20)”Meiecundimees üks Korsakov läks eile Lätti” by Winny Puhh : OMG please NO ! This is not a song.It’s even more repetitive than “Lipstick”.2/10 only for the WTF!!! factor.

  9. Wonderful nf. I can just relax and let Estonia choose knowing that with a couple of exceptions whatever they send will probably make my personal top 10.

    I do have favorites tho: Missing light, balance of water and stone, dance, et uus saaks alguse, moving to mmm. Looks like I’ll enjoy sf2 the most.

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