France: It’s Amandine Bourgeois!

FranceFranceAmandine Bourgeois has today been revealed as France’s representative in Malmö!  The song that she will sing will be entitled ‘L’enfer et moi’. The news was broken by the French newspaper Le Parisien and an official announcement is expected to confirm the internal selection soon. Amandine won ‘Nouvelle Star’ (the French Pop Idol) in 2008. Check her out…

31 comments on “France: It’s Amandine Bourgeois!

  1. She sounds good, come on France lets see Paris 2014 good luck from United Kingdom.

  2. They say they want something folksy. She can totally pull it off.

  3. Nothing special, average and not so fresh TBH! But of course depends on the song, maybe they choose really nice song…and it’s not bad, vocals are good, style is the one I can like..so there are potentials…

  4. Amandine sounds promising!I like “Incognito” a lot!Other songs i like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrqyrlwPO5U and “Oulalala”.Good luck!

  5. Juries will vote for her, but ppl DEFINITELY not! (see Italy 2011 and 2012 for example). France has not learned from recent results, unless a top10 placing leaves them happy.

  6. don’t care what she sings or how well she does…I love her already!! :-)

  7. I already like the title. Good luck!

    P.S.: France has a long list of songs that I love. I hope I can add this one to my list.

  8. I am still undecided. She has some songs I really like and some others that leave my totally indifferent. Thus everything will depend on the song. Bonne chance!

    I have just watched an interview in which she talked about her musical influences etc. She has an absolutely fantastic voice … when she talks. LOL

  9. Checked some of her songs,she’s fine…Hopefully she ‘ll have a good song..Good Luck :)

  10. Not thrilled…But let’s wait for the song.Title sounds promising ;)

  11. yep good luck to her! she was in similar vein to Jaki Quartz as I understand from French friends, 80s never was but could have been, and now is…she kind of passed that Jaki quartz scenario, and the rest of France in 80s, as in crap French songs in the 1980s?!

  12. Far away not Zaz but I like her. Better to wait for her song. Goodluck to my favorite Big 5 country !

  13. She seems like an interesting artist and her voice is distinctive and interesting . We just have to wait for the song I guess…France has 3 places in my top 11 for the previous decade (2002, 2004 and 2009) and I cannot wait for another great entry. Good luck !

  14. If she sings sth like “Incognito” for France 13, I’ll be more than satisfied!
    Bonne chance! :)

    Shevek, Togravus, Paul, thank you for your mails guys :)

  15. I see myself loving this entry, but I don’t see it being successful in ESC. We shall see!! Good luck France!!

  16. It’s an OK choice. She has some decent songs, some boring. I hope for a very typical French sounding song. The one thing I don’t like about her is her voice when she sings live. She tends to overdo it, kinda like mumbling or swallowing words. That’s what it sounds like anyway and it’s not that appealing to me. So, I hope she won’t overdo it.

  17. French Amy Winehouse.

  18. Based on “Sans Amour,” (Apparently, “Incognito” is blocked here in the States) I am very optimistic about “L’enfer et Moi.” Bonne chance Amandine! :)

  19. France seem to be stuck in somewhat of a paralysis at the minute, the only 2 most recent entries so far that have appealed to me have been 2011 and 2010, I wished them and spain would stop sending entries again and again in French and Spanish, Just want to see a chnage and France to bring more contemporary appraoch to eurovision, rather than traditional approach. Why cant they get David Guetta or Vitta to represent them, these two are probably the best artists that have ever come out of France.

    • But it could be good :) hopefully

    • “these two are probably the best artists that have ever come out of France”

      You have probably never heard of Hector Berlioz, Edith Piaf, Camille Saint-Saëns or Tarmac, have you?

      • ahaha I meant in the 21st Centuary, i.e. the past and current decade! I wasnt talking about anything way past the 1990’s.

    • english = contemporary?
      ok then

    • como??? , español es la segunda lengua en importancia en el mundo ,orgulloso de oir siempre el español en |Eurovision , y el frances tambien , vive la France , Viva España

      • But its boring year after year hearing the same language come out of a country, its good to have versatility and for it not to be so predictable! Spanish I agree is a beautiful language, one of my favourite languages out of the romance language group, I loved last years entry, but it would be good to see something different for once in a while, from both countries and also Portugal, which has the same problem, lack of versatility.

  20. It would be good if it sounds something Like Italys entry last year, I just hope it isnt something predictable and a typical entry like last year. But realy dont get why they havn’t thought about sending Vitaa, I love her music :) especially une fille pas comme les autres.

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