Denmark: Songs Online!

DenmarkDenmark – The ten songs that will compete in Denmark’s national final Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2013 are now online to listen to in full. The songs are being presented daily on the radio on P4, but all have today been uploaded to the Internet here. The Danish final will be decided this Saturday, 26th January from 20.00hr.
The 10 finalists are:

Frederikke – Jeg har hele tiden vidst det
Brinck  Human
Kate Hall – I’m not alone
Louise Dubiel – Rejs dig op
Daze – We own the universe
Simone – Stay awake
Jack Rowan feat. Sam Gray – Invincible
Emmelie de Forest  Only teardrops
Albin  Beautiful to me
Mohamed Ali – Unbreakable

Denmark will compete in the first half of the first semi-final on 14th May 2013.

60 comments on “Denmark: Songs Online!

  1. I rank like this:

    1. Mohamed Ali – “Unbreakable” 10/10
    2. Jack Rowan feat. Sam Gray – “Invincible” 10/10
    3. Kate Hall – “I’m not alone”
    4. Brinck – “Human”
    5. Louise Dubiel – “Rejs dig op”
    6. Daze – “We own the universe”
    7. Albin – “Beautiful to me”
    8. Simone – “Stay awake”
    9. Frederikke – “Jeg har hele tiden vidst det”
    10. Emmelie de Forest – “Only teardrops”

    I gave only first 2 marks, other I will do after performances in NF!
    I hope first 2 from my list will win, but first 6 are good.

    I hope number 7-10 won’t win…

    Please Denmark save a year for me!

    Anouk is my biggest hope it seems! :(

    • How strange that your bottom 2 is my top 2… To be fair, my top 2 were the only songs I liked…

      1. Jeg har hele tiden vidst det
      2. Only teardrops
      3. Human
      4. Unbreakable
      5. Stay awake
      6. Invincible
      7. We own the universe
      8. I’m not alone
      9. Rejs dig op
      10. Beautiful to me

      The best alternative for Denmark if they want a good place would probably be Mohamed Ali with his Danny Saucedo-reminding entry. You can still score good with just a good show, and he can probably make one.

      Held og lykke, Danmark. Too bad I can’t say that this looks promising, though. :(

      • Yeah! hahaha! :D

        Well I find “Only teardrops” extremely weak because it’s fake ethno, plus reminds me more of Irish fake ethno tbh! :P :D

        Yes Mohamed Ali is GREAT and reminds me of Danny Saucedo, well it will be hard for performance to be AMAZING as Danny Saucedo – “Amazing”, smth like that will hardly ever be in ESC or even in MF again, but I will be satisfied with 1/3 choreography of that! Also Danny Saucedo’s 2011 choreography is GREAT so if it will be good as that I will be satisfied, just hope it won’t be like Eric Saade – “Popular”, I hate that choreography and his outfit! :( David Ljunggren is so much better! :)

        • Oops sorry, David Lindgren, I mixed with Bobby Ljunggren! LOL :D xD

          • Haha, it’s easy to mix up Lindgren and Ljunggren by name, but not by person. I’d like to see Bobby do a show like David’s, but he would probably commit seppuku rather than perform something on a stage. ;)

            I never understood why everyone were going nuts over Danny’s show last year. That dress he was wearing made him look like a slimmer version of the Michelin guy, and those “lamps” didn’t even work all the time. Then I prefer David Lindgren’s show. Breakdancing in a suit was rather fresh, even though he reminded me of an uncle who tries to be cool in front of his nephews ata family party, and start breakdancing on the kitchen floor.

  2. I just listened to the full songs of DMGP.
    It’s their usual stuff.Not better but not worse either.
    I would like to see Emmelie De Forest-Only Treadrops representing Denmark in Malmo.However,i don’t think it’s the kind of song they would vote for.
    I also like Frederikke – Jeg har hele tiden vidst det,Brinck – Human and Louise Dubiel – Rejs dig op.
    The favorite may be Simone – Stay awake which is just ok for me.The rest of the songs are pretty generic and boring!Goo luck!

  3. copy/ paste

    Everyone interested in studying and fully understanding the meaning of the adjectives ‘dull’ and ‘generic’ is advised to listen to the Danish hopefuls. Unfortunately, most of them sound like dated filler material of pop / schlager albums from 5 years ago too, which makes the experience of being exposed to stuff like ‘Rejs dig op’ or ‘We Own the Universe’ even worse.

    Only 2 songs do not fall into the category sketched above:

    – Frederikke – Jeg har hele tiden vidst det 8/12
    – Brinck – Human 6/12 (I love the idea behind this song but somehow it sounds a bit unfinished or inconsequent …)

    The rest goes straight to my NF bin.

    Good luck and please buy Frederikke a monthly Øresundsbroen ticket for May.

    • I fully agree with on the copy/paste and generic cross-reference. DMGP 2013 must be the most uniteresting NF.

    • Since Denmark is the only country that actually is rewarded for sending dull and generic songs to eurovision, we can’t blame them for sending bland stuff. Every year I wonder what it is that makes Denmark succeed in qualifying.

      • ahaha and if Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Austria, Finland, or Switzerland send bland entries they fail to qualify doesnt seem fair.

    • looks as if my hopes/predictions of Denmark possibly winning 2013 are gone now lol :D Iceland NF selection sounds very good though, I hope Brigitta or Unnur are sent.

  4. Allow me to place this where it belongs:

    My worst fears were confirmed. This NF is all about glitter and gloss. Each year that goes by DMGP manages to come up with hollower songs. Most of the songs would be regarded as música pimba (some of you will know what I mean) here. I only sort of not dislike completely 2 songs: ‘Human’ and ‘Jeg har hele tiden vidst det’ (I agree with Togravus). I hope they grow on me after their live presentation. ‘Only tear drops’ works fine until the chorus and then goes down the usual Danish road. Good luck to all hopefuls.

    P.S.: ‘We own the universe’ is probably the worst song I’ve heard since I’ve started following the NFs.

  5. I liked
    1: Jeg har hele tiden vidst det
    2: Beautiful to me , and
    3: Human.

    “Only teardrops” is charming but something is definitely missing there preventing it from making it into my top 3.For the rest six songs , I couldn’t care less since they pretty much all sound the same to me.For another year Denmark seems to be ignoring diversity in their NF.
    One thing is for sure : We are not heading to Copenhagen for 2014.
    Good luck !

  6. Indeed almost all of them sound the same :D at least none of them reminds of a world hit this time so I’m impressed ;)

    If I have to pick I’d go for Emmelie de Forest or Frederikke
    Good Luck

  7. I like Brinck – Human. This is what I want to see in Malmo – 9/12. IMO Denmark hasn’t much to offer this year!


  8. yes so true, why denmark always follows in ESC footsteps in trying to win esc, though I must admit my own cousin in 1990, followed in the same thing, re Denmark ESC.. before), otherwise as I see above, nothing much has changed since 1990, …..

    • And what should they do if not trying to win, as well as every other country? Send smth to make ppl dislike them, in advance and make them avoid voting them? :D

    • Well, everything changed in 1995, but only for a short time.

      Otherwise I agree that most of the songs im this year’s DMGP sound more or less the same; a fact that has actually been criticised by a lot of Danish listeners as well.

      I don’t think it’s because all the songs that DR recieved sounded that way, though.

      • Yes, 1995 was in many ways a groundbreaking year. It was the first DMGP without Keld Heick as a songwriter which you could see in the change of the musical style. I think it’s very interesting, how far on the musical landscape the 1995 songs were from the mid-80’s ones. But where exactly can we say that the new period changed again? I remember DMGP 2006, the first edition I followed very engaged on Internet. It striked me how old-fashioned the songs were. It was very “P4” as we would say up here in Scandinavia, and I was thinking to myself how many children that actually followed the show. Just as a comparison with MF which is hugely popular among the kids (you could tell by Sean Banan’s success).

        • I would say 1999 (perhaps with the exception of Jacob Haugaard’s “3x Euro”). I think the songs were quite varied in both 1996 and 1997. I’m thinking of songs like “Livet er en u-båd” from 1997. On the other hand, even in 2001 there was a song like “I Australien” (which I personally prefered to Rollo & King).

          • Aaah, I do also love “I Australien”. Their voices are so harmonic and the lyrics are very sweet. It would have been my runner-up, after France, in ESC 2001 if it had won. But I did also like Neighbours in the early 00’s. I have a weak spot for all of their four songs and I’m still waiting for them to return.

  9. I mentioned on the Serbia thread that I saw the appeal of the Emmilie de Forest song, and I still do, but I have to say that this is just another year of Danish mediocrity. The only song that I completely like is Brinck’s ‘Human.’

  10. You are right above, Denmark I guess equals my cousin, until 1990 or so…

  11. Well Denmark yet again will have one of the most interesting national finals in terms of musical quality. DMGP just knows good music even if there is not such a variety of genres. With the exception of “Invincible” and probably “Rejs dig op” this is a well above average line up that makes the kinda of FiK etc seem even more of the unfortunate drivels they are. Keep going Denmark and make a wise choice yet again ! (especially “Human” is growing immensely on me I have to admit..”Only teardrops” and “Stay awake” complete my top 3 for now but the live presentations can make a difference..)

    • P.S. the reactions here about this national final are more than predictable..But I am glad DMGP does not change and neither does the quality of the Danish entries the last years. They have become one of the few countries one can really trust to bring some credible music to esc the recent years.
      Please so enjoy by all means FiK, San Remo and the likes of those and let DMGP express a different view on music thank you !

      • Why you generalize?

        Have you seen my comments? Not all comments in the page are same..

        I know you don’t talk to me, I don’t talk to you either, but I had to say this because it was VERY unfair…

        • I was talking about people who even if I totally dislike I do take under consideration their musical knowledge/views sometimes or at least their argumentation (and please do not bother to answer not interested to fight with you..)

          • The last thing to say:

            Those ppl who you mean think the same about me :), so I belong to that group! ;)

            PS Yes, I don’t fight!


      • Yes Denmark went (goes) in trends, but am proud of my own cousin singing that song as a trend, otherwise am so keen on on Danish “trends” re ESC, as in banal, middle of the road songs sung in English :-(

        • not very keen

        • I see nothing banal nor middle of the road to the danish entries the last years especially nor in DMGP. All I see is well made contemporary (yes mostly pop I will admit) songs with competent singers most of the times. I believe “sung in English” is the whole point in your comment and most argumentation around here which says pretty much everything. Personally give me ten DMGPs each year for some good and safe music rather than the “diversity” some others provide while sacrificing quality on the road.

          • no, let’s be honest here, …Danish DMPG = banal English lyric songs just like most of national final songs in English, one day we’ll hear something more original (al least can be said for Lena and Germany re lyrics), but even in Danish (as my cousin sang) lyrics are kind of silly, but I prefer to hear silly Danish lyrics than crappy, sterile English lyrics sung by a duo etc, any simple person can ryhme day, way, play etc and you, too, new, etc..for me “silly Danish lyrics” for example = lyrics my kids understand = Denmark 93, and not stupid lyrics , that my kids (between me and my partner) still sing this song shows its importance :-)

            • So “lingual diversity” = a smart way to hide silly lyrics..ok got it ! And no there is nothing honest in your first statement..To me DMGP = Well made, interesting contemporary music of high standards (since you want to simplify it that much..)

            • I prefer silly, yet understandable and for example, ironic, lyrics in my own language, than crappy made-to-fit the chorus , don’t understand a word in my “own language” lyrics any time…

            • In DMGP they have good English accents..

            • Is Lonnie Devantier your cousin?

            • yes she is :-)

            • Congratulations having an ESC artist in your family. :)

              I like “Hallo hallo”. It’s a cute song with nice lyrics. My favourite in DMGP 1990 is “Berlin” by future ESC winner Jørgen Olsen, but I think ESC 1990 already had too many songs about the change of Europe.

    • “Jeg har hele tiden vidst det” is also a great song but it could be sang by a better singer imo..I believe this will be the one to make a positive difference live though.

  12. This bunch of songs is really forgettable.
    They all sound the same and lyrically are generic as possible.

  13. Oh yes, the Danish songs are pretty boring, average and forgettable. The only one I like is “Only teardrops” because it stands out a little bit, but after hearing the full version it does get a bit repetitive. I would like the song better if it lasted 2 minutes ;) I hope it wins though. The worst for me is Daze.

  14. People…..listen to you´re own countries songs, and even better, listen to Euphoria… Denmark is waaay above average and i believe we can win this year…. it´s not u in here who decides, it´s the whole of europe…99% of them never enters sites like this… Stage performance will be superb…so wait and see…

    • Some very high standard songs in the Danish Selection. Better than the songs that have been picked so far to go to Eurovision

  15. Finally listened to these. I liked Human better, followed by Unbreakeable.

    Songs I’d rather they don’t win: Invincible, Beautiful to me, We own the universe.

  16. Kate Hall – I’m not alone is the best. Brinck is very boring

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