Armenia: Gor Sujyan for Malmö

armeniaArmenia – The singer of Armenia rock band Dorians, Gor Sujyan, has been internally selected by AMPTV as the 2013 Armenian representative. He has previously attended Eurovision in 2010 as a backing vocalist for Eva Rivas. The national final that has been announced for 2nd March will now select a song for Gor Sujyan to sing. Sujyan was expected to try his luck for Armenia n 2012 before the country withdrew from the contest due to concerns about safety in Baku.

Listen to Gor Sujyan in action…

50 comments on “Armenia: Gor Sujyan for Malmö

  1. Oh! I really like his music style. He might give me my best Armenian ESC after all!

  2. I’m not impressed at all, because it very faaar from what I like…even in that genre it’s the kind I don’t like very much…but we will see…positive thing is that it will 99% be better for me than Sirusho, Inga & Anush, Emmy…and not to mention smth HORRIBLE as Eva Rivas, Hayko and Andre..in the end it can be better than all Armenian entries till now..LOL

  3. I really like his songs and expect him to bring Armenia up a bit on my list of ESC countries once ESC 2013 is over.

    Good luck!

  4. No Armenian NF then… :( I am waiting for the song. Let it be in Armenian. Good luck!

  5. It’s good to see that Armenia opts for a different style – even though I loved their ethno-pop entries. I think that 2013 is going to be a very “rockish” year, by the way: So far we’ve got Rock songs from Albania and Switzerland (and, to a certain extent, from Lithuania too), Rock/Metal entries might win the Finnish and Norse NFs, whilst Gor and Anouk will most probably be entering ESC with a Rock song as well! I really like this development… :)

  6. I just checked some Dorians videos..I liked ”Yes Kulam” most…They are good musicians..I had liked last year’s ”This is our world” too..If they bring something similiar this year,they can be my first favorite for 2013
    Good Luck

    ps:Is Gor or Dorians representing Armenia?I’m kind of confused!

    • I think he is by himself not as the lead singer of Dorians, but AvatArmenia can shed some light on this matter.

      • The offer was made absentmindedly and this is very complicated period for “Dorians” as collective. They have just finished their collaboration with their producer and I suspect that there could be some risks of speculations and court (maybe). But Gor has stated that he doesn’t want to make a solo and wants the band to do ESC. Nothing is sure.

  7. veeeery promising!

    ESC 2013 is heating up, yeah!

  8. I definitely like his voice and style but it will all depend on the song…Something like “Yes kulam” would be EPIC.On the contrary I am not that keen on his 2012 effort …
    Shall I give an advice ? Better skip English lyrics…

  9. I really like ‘Saro aria’ and hope that it is available on iTunes.

    • That is cover from the Opera Anush (1912).

      • Thanks a lot! I have bookmarked it for one of those cold winter nights we are expecting.

        • I have watched it couple of times but the cover is very different so couldn’t find out which part it is!

          • Call me insufficiently educated but I didn’t even know that there were Armenian operas … which is a scandal because I studied music and published academic articles on opera in the past … those were mainly concerned with the Italian Romantic opera though.

            • Since Armenia for a long time was a part of different empiresits operas and ballets couldn’t be too known outside too much. As far as I know the first author of the Opera in Otoman Empyre was Dikran Tchouhadjian he composed the first Armenian opera Arshak II (1868, partially staged in 1873) and Turkish Opera “Arif’in Hilesi” . Just don’t tell me that you haven’t heard this tune of Armenian Ballet Gayane aswell:

              Goodnight! :)

            • I know that one at least. :)

              I couldn’t resist and am listening to ‘Anoush’ right now. Thanks again, it is fantastic, one of the most interesting cultural discoveries of the past 5 years. I can hear both influences of French and Italian opera. And what is different to what I know is rooted in Armenian traditional music, I suppose.


            • Hi. Suggest you would be surprised to find out about great Azerbaijani operas some of which are more than 100 years old. Armenians have been known for loving Azeri music (still do and nothing bad about it) and having adapted many of the Azeri operas into Armenian language and staging them abroad (US, France) in the beginning of the XX century. So careful when you learn about Armenian operas to know which one is theirs and which one is actually Azeri :-) As for Azeri Operas and Operettas, there are hundreds. Great Azeri composers Niazi, Kara Karaev, Fikret Amirov, Uzeir Hajibeyov, Malikov, conductor Niazi refer. Here is an article for you, to learn: http://azer.com/aiweb/categories/magazine/31_folder/31_articles/31_braindrain.html

            • I know about Azerbaijani opera culture because NDR covered that subject before ESC 2013 (the oil boom at the beginning on the 20th century, Ismayil’s Palace, opera, ballett etc.) Azerbaijan most certainly has a fantastic cultural heritage, just like any other country. :)

              And btw, I couldn’t care less whether sth is originally Armenian or Azerbaijani because real art does not know any boundaries. It is extremely silly imo to relate works of art to nations or countries. Culture has always been a zone of transition and transgression. The root of famous English Romanticism (Wordsworth, Coleridge) f. e. is Kant’s epistemology. Goethe took Persian poetry as a model … and there are millions examples more.

              Trying to protect roots and keep things cultural or social ‘pure’ only leads to fighting. If history has taught us one thing, then this it is.

            • Each time I read or see silly-poor comments of poor victims of the state propaganda huge quantity of black humor and sarcasm comes into my mind. I remember quite well what a mess was going on in those cases when such comments had feed backs and taking under consideration the fact that even though some people try to spoil the fresh air in this blog aswell like it was done in other sites i I’d rather keep silence wishing some people to grow up and become less limited persons living in utopia and in the borders of propaganda!

            • Just finished ‘Anoush’ and loved it from the 1st second until the end. I have added it to my birthday wish list too. Unforunately, my birthday is still 8 months away but I never buy really important things myself. I want to get them as a present from someone who is close to my heart.

              Silly me …

            • …which reminds me…in a roundabout sort of way Togravus…I do hope that the chat over coffee with your sister went well yesterday.

              Although this latest news that the singer has now already been chosen has somewhat scuppered what lingering hopes I had left of the Armenian National Final featuring a storming, swooping and melodramatic operatic entry in Armenian from those intriguingly mysterious Stuttgart Parrots! lol

              PS…hmm.maybe be an opening for a post graduate study and/or academic article on the lesser known delights of Armenian opera awaits!!

  10. good choice, waiting for the live song…:-)

  11. What happened to the “huge amount of artists” that made them opt for a national final ; lol ! Anyway he is an interesting choice (Dorians as a band produce well made thoughtful music) and could provide only the second (after 2010 studio version) good Armenian entry. Good luck !

  12. i was sad that turkey withdrew and i won’t be able to hear some good piece of rock( i really like turkish rock songs ) , thank you armenia for sending dorians and not sirusho or someone like her good luck from bulgaria.

    • What about Bulgaria? We haven’t heard anything about Bulgarian approach in 2013! :)

      Добре дошли в сайта!! :)

  13. Wow, I really like him!
    Best of luck.
    It seems that it is a very promising day re: esc 13 season; both France and Armenia have made excellent choices imho.

    • So do I..a lot!

      If I was a betting man, which I am not, my money could well be on Armenia for ESC 2013.

      What I find exciting is that the National final could throw up songs comprising several different genres ranging from haunting ethnic/cultural, song acoustic ballad, or even a fusion of the contemporary/ethnic sound.

      Could well be one of the best National Finals of them all. I am assuming that he will be singing all the final entries on the night before the national vote takes place.

  14. I find him quite promising and I expect something different from the previous Armenian entries.I think he should compose his possible entries unless a true gem comes along.Good luck!

    • I agree Dimitri..he is indeed a promising talent.

      I also agree with you that it would be a really good idea for him to compose his own entries..he certainly has the talent..but I guess it would be difficult for the organisers to back down having already asked songwriters publically to send in their entries.

      Although given that they have already changed their minds several times this year, to do so once again would not come as that much of a shock!

  15. I am very happy with their choice! :D With Dorians or solo, doesn’t matter. I like that he seems to have principles, decent live and a big name. I hope he won’t go for any peace/nationalistic/political song. And no apricots. I hope for something as wonderful as “Saro aria” only with a little rock touch to it. Maybe similar to a folk/rock power ballad, haha. I also hope he will sing in Armenian, but most likely he won’t.

    Anyway, this is very promising! It has potential to be my favourite or second favourite entry from Armenia yet. Inga & Anush had the best entry so far IMO.

    • I do hope he has some good self-penned entries to offer instead of getting something written specifically for Eurovision.

  16. Sounds like Armenia is trying for something similar to their 2007 effort. I hope it would be better as I didn’t care much for that song then. I would love him to sing something similar stylistically to “Apricot stone” – it was a great song – poignant and not boring, with a great singer.

  17. If his song is similar to the ones posted here, it seems this will be my favorite armenian ESC entry.

  18. I love Armenia in Eurovision… With exeption of Boom boom, chaka, chaka,and Hayko i liked every song very much… I like the voice of this guy, and his style, but hope for something faster…

  19. i was always disliking armenian songs and finding them really cheap and uninteresting except songs of sisters inga and anush now i am very happy that we won’t see the utter crap shake your ass songs again from armenia -at least for this year, finally armenia can be in my top 10 with an interesting song , good luck to the young guy.

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