Hungary: Songs Online!

HungaryHungary – Many of the 30 songs which will compete in this year’s A Dal final in Hungary have been posted online by Zene.hu. Check out the songs here. 10 songs will take part in each of the 3 heats on the 2nd, 9th and 16th of February before two semi-finals.

82 comments on “Hungary: Songs Online!

  1. @ Toggie

    Please just listen to Keresztes Ildikó’s entry! I’m so curious to see if you’re gonna like it??

  2. I did listen to the available songs a few days ago. I liked these 3:

    My Baby

    Good luck, Hungary. :)

    • You should listen now to Keresztes Ildikó’s entry from he site hulluna put link in this page! You can like it! Please do that!

  3. I’ve made a quick listening through the songs and I’m sad to notice that many of the songs are too anonymous and similiar to each other. “Hadd legyen más” and “Nem akarok többé játszani” were the ones that I liked the best, but I think I’ll do as togravus and wait for the NF before I make up my mind completely.

    • YAY you liked Keresztes Ildikó!! I have listened few more times and I liked it even more! Plus i checked her singing live and I saw she is hell of performer! GREAT! :D

      • Yes, I found it interesting. :)

        It reminds me a bit of “Magányos csónak” and I’m still pissed that we didn’t got that song in Moscow.

        • Heeeey look I esactly found that singer Keresztes Ildikó singing exactly “Magányos csónak” !!!!

        • “Magányos csónak”

          It is such a shame that this fantastic song never made it to ESC … we got voiceless but hot Zoli instead. :(

          • YEAH I LOVE it sooo much! But I even like more how this Keresztes Ildikó sings it! You should check! :-**

          • Hmm..Another example of a National Final travesty of justice. It never ceases to amaze me how quality songs are beaten in their National Finals by a far inferior song.

            “Magonyos Csonak” joins “Eg lofa” by Jogvan Hansen (Iceland 2011) on my own personal list. I am sure there must be others out there worthy of a mention.

            • It wasn’t NF actually, “Magonyos Csonak” was chosen internally, but then singer decided not to take part…and it was singer Katia Tompos, this one just sings her song, and then they have chosen Zoli Adok to take part in ESC..

            • oops sorry…thanks for the correction…it is a really classy cover of a very good song that didn’t make it the finals, which is a real shame.

            • There are hundreds of them. Here is one of my personal favourites (from France’s last NF in 2007):

            • And then you say we don’t agree??? :@ :D

            • Well, we sometimes do. Always remember ‘Lygin ein’ and Ulan-Bator. :)

              Do you like this one too? It’s another favourite of mine … although her vocals are far from perfect in the first verse. Late on they become pretty strong though. :)

              P.S. I really like the Hungarian song you wanted me to listen to.

            • I wanted to make it 3 but I coulsn’t find Princesa Avenue’s ‘Istoriya lyubvi’ (Russia 2010) on YT. :( That was one of the best NF ever imho. I love the winning song, Elena Esenina and several others too.

            • @ togravus

              Princessa Avenue-Istoriya lyubvi! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBHUq16cmu8
              Love this song! :)

            • You mean “Lovers” or i got it wrong?

            • I do really like it, just as I like most of these kind of songs in Festival RTP da Canção. Though I must say Portugal went into some sort of a crisis in the start of the 00’s, and did find their way out first in 2008.

            • I agree. I still like Portugal 03 and 04 a lot and think that Sofia Vitória deserved a place in the final but in 2005 and 2006 Portugal probably sent their worst songs ever. 2007 was charming but silly … and then we got Vânia (plus her fantastic backing singers … one should never talk about that song without mentioning those 5 great singers who supported Vânia in Belgrade) and Portugal was back with a bang. After that: 2009 = one of the most charming songs and singers in the history of ESC – 2010 = competent with fantastic live vocals – 2011 = a joke/political intervention nobody got – 2011 = a very fine swan song.

            • I agree with everything you write (except that I don’t like “Foi magia”). I didn’t get Vania’s background singers back then and why they were dressed in white. My idea today is that they are symolising a sea wave with foam, answering and sharing the singer’s mourning of her lost husband. Brilliant…

            • A very nice number indeed…The Portugese always seem to have a wonderful array of instruments and an abundance of very decent accordion players!

            • No that one I don’t like very much, and performance is not good at all..plus outfit and especially hair with that song..:/

              I also remember you like one horror for me from Beovizija – Peca Jovanovic! lol :D

            • Yes, I still adore Peca Jovanovic’s song which is just perfect for an intellectual lefty like me. :)

              P.S. I love her hair!

            • Indeed…there must be many more besides.

              Perhaps we could compile a special list of “those cracking songs that never quite made it!!”

            • Keep that in mind for the dead season. :)

              Here is a very old one I like a lot (LUX 1973):

            • You’ve got me all misty-eyed now! It would have indeed been a worthy attempt to emulate the success the previous year of the wonderful “Come What May” by Vicky Leandros (or to give it it’s proper title “Apres Toi”)

            • ESC is a universe of its own and there are so many gems to discover as you travel back in time. If you decide to do so, enjoy your trip! :)

            • I’m with you anyday. :)

              Here is a VERY old one I like a lot (Netherlands 1957).

            • I love that one too. :)

            • Eulenspiegel & Togravus

              I think that we are indeed kindred spirits! I was especially glad Togravus that you mentioned how charming Flor-De-Lis, the 2009 Portugese entry was. I still remember the delight on the lead singer’s face when they qualified for the final. I really liked that song.

      • Well, I can say that I like the studio version. I onle heard a few songs though. There is too much stuff available atm. I must let the dust settle now.

  4. Here is a link with the full line-up available

  5. A szeretet él – Slow build-up that doesn’t lead to anything and absence of catchy chorus. But in essence, not a bad song – good production and vocalist.

    Amíg a tűz ég – No, not memorable enough, the previous song at least felt like it leads to something, this one doesn’t even give this hope.

    Ne engedj – Good voice but the song is forgettable and nothing special.

    Csak állj mellém! – Better then previous two songs but still not memorable enough. Hungary begins to slightly irritate me, so far no song that would make me want to get up, move and stay in my mind.

    Csak te légy – Boring.

    Hadd legyen más! – When I saw the picture of a guy with accordion I thought we might have something like Serbia 2009 but there we have another boring nonsense.

    Holnaptól – Hungary will have a hard time to stay awake. Another nonsense. When I was listening to the first song I thought it was a bit mediocre but now it seems like a gem.

    Húz – The video is unavailable in my country, thanks Heaven for that. Judging by what I heard so far, it didn’t promise anything worthy of attention.

    Játszd újra! – Here we go with something decent finally. It’s a little quirky and different from a typical Eurovision song. And I’m not at all a jazz fan, I would prefer jazz with some pop flavor but I will take what is given.

    Élj pont úgy – Not bad but doesn’t stand out much.

    Kedvesem – So far the best. Haunting voice, interesting melody, a chorus, finally!

    Mindhalálig várni rád – This final is improving as we speak. This song is also good, strong vocalist, passionate performance.

    Nem akarok többé játszani – Song is also dramatic but not at all catchy.

    Nem baj – Yes, Hungary’s got the groove finally! But the song is still not very memorable.

    Neonzöld – Too complex for an average listener. The music is interesting, however.

    Nincs baj – Not bad, somewhat fun even. Very somewhat.

    Puzzle – It’s a contender to go to Malmo, there is a potential for a spectacular performance. The song itself is not great but not bad either.

    Szíveddel láss – If you meet this couple in a dark alley in Budapest, you may get a heart attack. I thought at first they might go for a freak song but they went for some boring nonsense.

    Tegnap még más voltál – Ok song, has a nice sound to it but could be more memorable.

    Túl egyszerű – When the piano started I thought he would sing Lennon’s “Imagine” but he sang a pretty nice inoffensive song with his pleasant voice. Again, not very memorable like most songs in this final. It would have a hard time to be remembered on Eurovision if he wins this NF(which is unlikely).

    Tükörkép – Good but not great song. Nice retro vibe.

    Úgy fáj – Nothing particularly special, a medium quality song.

    Új generáció – This song has it’s dramatic moments but again, as in some earlier songs, the tension leads to “nothing special” release.

    Valami más – Again, the uploader made the video unavailable in my country, as it says. Not that I care.

    So, out of all these breathtakingly amazing Hungarian songs the winner would probably be emerged in the face of Puzzle (or wait, it’s the name of the song, so whoever sang it would win the nf I mean) but I would prefer “Kedvesem”, that’s what I am going to cross fingers for.

  6. The Hungarian NF is so full of bland and boring songs. I don’t think any song reaches higher than a 7/10 for me out of those I’ve heard. Maybe not even that, I haven’t actually ranked them yet. So far the only ones that are OK are Adam, Peti & Gigi.

  7. Having listened to the currently available Hungarian hopefuls, I can safely say that there is nothing jumping out at me as a possible winner. There are, however, a number of songs that I quite like

    “Kedvesem” (8/12) – A gentle, pleasant acoustic-ballad that is probably too understated to make it through
    “Neonzöld” (8/12) – A bright, bubbly electro-pop tune that could do surprisingly well considering it is the only song of it’s style in the competition
    “Tükörkép” (8/12) – A nice, simple retro-pop tune
    “Új generáció” (7/12) – Some interesting instrumentation (traditional folk meets dub step?) in this ballad

  8. Ok.Now,i did a recap of all songs and the 2 songs that stand out are:

    ByeAlex – Kedvesem
    Szabó Ádám-Hadd legyen más!

    Other good entries:

    Plastikhead feat.Gáspár Laci-A szeretet él(hit potential)
    Baricz Gergő-Húz
    Keresztes Ildikó-Nem akarok többé játszani
    Puskás Peti-Amíg a tűz ég(Sadly nothing like amazing “Csillagok”).

    Here is a video with a recap of all songs

  9. Btw Gigi Radics is favorite to win…

  10. @ Eulenspiegel

    Yes, and Vânia had the most intelligent use of the wind machine too. It set in in exactly that moment when Vânia underwent the transition from mourning woman to the Lady of the Sea. Spaces of unreadability … one of the most fantastic moments in the history of ESC. We all know now that a wind machine can be used in an intelligent and aesthetically credible way.

    Three more songs I love:

    • Thank you for these three clips. I love all three of them as well, even though I must admit that the Finnish one has slipped off my mind during the years. But it was great to be reminded of it again. Was it a coincidence that you chose two songs performed by a Carolin(e)? ;)

      • I could never forget Vuokko’s fantastic ‘Virginia’ because I bought the song from iTunes the same night I first listened to it. And yes, Carolin(e) is a great name in the universe of ESC. On the other hand, Carola is a very bad name imho. :(

        • OK then, we don’t agree completely there, since I think both Carolin(e) and Carola are rather pretty names in the universe of ESC (unless you don’t count “Carol” to the list, that utter trash from the Spanish NF in 2010). :)

          • Caracola is better! LOOL :D

          • Oh my, don’t remind me of that ‘Carol’ disgrace. That yobbo kept touching his crotch and the poor hostess had a very hard job preventing him from insulting pretty much everyone.

            Ainhoa was my favorite that year … despite that thing she had in her hair …

          • My favourite of these three is Carolin Fortenbacher’s “Hinterm Ozean”. Was she seeking to represent Germany or Austria or someone else?

            I have never heard it before and I think it is a really good song.

            • She was in the German NF 2008 and lost to the abysmal No Angels by around 50 televotes only (those silly teenagers with insufficient education …) … :(

              P.S. If you don’t know German: The lyrics are fantastic and goose bumps inducing. A great poem!

            • Thanks for the information. I have just listened to it immediately again..it was that good.

              Unfortunately I don’t speak German but I know what you mean…it was spine tingling enough despite not having a translation. I like hearing the songs in their native tongue.

              I was somehow expecting you to say that it was beaten by a truly awful song, which is truly depressing. Europe deserved to hear this song.

            • 24 hours on and still can’t beleieve I have never heard that amazing Carolin Fotenbacher number before!

              Also stumbled across a You Tube clip of a real old favourite of mine yesterday which did make it to the final but tragically only came 4th.

              It is the 1979 Swedish entry “En Dag” by Tommy Nilsson which had a great orchestral introduction, a superb lead vocalist, fantastic backing singers, a great melody line and climaxes with a brilliant trumpet instrumental. I love this song.

              Hope the link copies across OK

              Eurovision 1989 – Sweden – YouTube

            • oops..silly mistake..”En Dag” was Sweden’s entry in 1989 not 1979 as I originally stated. Apologies.

            • @europhil
              She took part in the German NF in 2008. A really powerful ballad, I agree.

              John Cobra is the best reason why Average Joe’s shouldn’t be given the opportunity to select songs. He is the worst example of these mucho macho men our world is full of today. :(

              LOL, unlike Virginia who was posted above, it is impossible to get Caracola out of your mind. Such a coulourful and glue-like song, almost like a bubblegum. Too bad I don’t like bubblegums. :)

            • But for me this is unbeatable!!

              :D :D

            • Her strong Scanian accent is the most charming thing with this song imo. But it’s cute in some way. Everyone who has read my comments know that I’m not a fan of rap. I can actually appreciate it here, since it’s done with so much pure joy. But in the end of the day, it was nothing for me. :)

  11. @ No_MuSiC_No_LiFe

    Thank you so much. I have been searching for that song for ages. I have bookmarked it now. :)

  12. @ dimitrisesc

    Thanks a lot too. I prefer the song in Russian though … although the English version is very good too. :)

  13. @ Toggie

    I knew you will like Keresztes Ildikó! :D

    Hahah her hair is OK, but not for that song, her hair reminds me of 10 years old girls or Turkish girls who have to wear hair like that when they go to school in one Turkish series i watch atm! LOL

    This evening talent show First voice of Serbia has finished and Mirna won, it’s very possible we will see her representing Serbia in ESC probably together with other 2 finalists. They are very popular atm, and according to rumors they submitted entry for Beosong!

    Mirna Radulovic – Rihanna “where have you been”:

  14. And Mirna singing “Oro” by Jelena Tomasevic, I hate that song, but this was good performance:

    • ‘Oro’ is among the 20 best songs of ESC ever imo. And Jelena looked so stylish … besides being the kind of lady I tend to fall for. :)

    • I find it very fascinating, as a Swede, to hear such an ethnic song in this format, which I mostly connect with middle-of-the-road pop.

      • Yeah I suppose..I think they shouldn’t sing such songs, but here they do so sometimes..

        I hope these 3 submitted smth totally modern and if win Beosong will translate to English..I don’t care for results..

      • Please just listen to this from the same show:

        AMAZING! It’s in Gypsy language..

    • Speaking of ‘The Voice,’ the last season here in the U.S. had a decent cast of finalists, including two which I think were fairly fantastic. I’m going to go ahead an post my favorite performances by the both of them.

      Melanie Martinez (who had the most unique voice in the competition):

      Amanda Brown (I think you’d like her Marko):

      • These two were my favorite too!!! Once they both got eliminated in the same round I lost interest.

        • Yes, and of course, the winner only won because she already had built a fanbase because of a former band. Anyway, these two made watching the show worth it, and I might actually tune in next season to see if there is another person that makes the show worth watching.

          • The Australian adaptation of “The Voice” was above average (in terms of reality talent shows at least) as well. There were a number of unique and incredible voices in the competition

            Karise Eden (the eventual winner – and the most deserving candidate)

            Casey Withoos (didn’t make it past the battle rounds, which was a real shame :()

            There are others I’d link you as well, but their videos have been removed from Youtube :/

            • Oh, and whilst on the topic of talent shows, there is one video I have to show you. Despite the X-Factor in Australia being mostly trash, it did offer up a few gems, such as this performance.

            • I really liked the performance at the auditions by Casey Withoos.

              Karise Edens has a beautiful voice, but I didn’t like her interpretation of the song. I’d listen to more of her stuff.

              The X-Factor song was a great performance. I don’t know about our X-Factor. That’s one that I haven’t watched.

            • Karise Eden’s audition was also stand-out. She’s such an incredible talent for someone one only nineteen years…

            • I think that may be the quickest four judges turn-around that I’ve ever seen. Also, she’s incredible, and I loved this song much more than the one you posted above.

      • Amanda Brown AMAZING!! :)

        We here had problem with English accents, but this second season it improved, they worked more on accents with contestants!

        But they also sang smth like this very good:

        Or “Djelem djelem” I posted above, that was my favorite performance in the season!

  15. Hoffman Mónika – “Hullócsillag” has the same team as Birgita’s entry from this year Icelandic NF!

    • And I hope that team will be in Beosong this year!

      Jonas Gladnikoff is GREAT!

      I only dislike “Et cetera” of him!

  16. I should have posted here!
    Monika Hoffman- Hullócsillag

  17. Ok.Now that i’ve listened to the Hungarian hopefuls twice i will post my top-10:

    10.Keresztes Ildikó-Nem akarok többé játszani

    9.Odett-Ne engedj el

    8.Puskás Peti-Amíg a tűz ég

    7.Rácz Gergő-Csak állj mellém


    5.Hoffman Mónika-Hullócsillag

    4.Baricz Gergő-Húz

    3.Plastikhead feat.Gáspár Laci-A szeretet él


    1.Szabó Ádám-Hadd legyen más!

    A nice line-up for Hungary!

  18. It seems to a promising NF. Here are my best:

    A szeretet él
    Játszd újra
    Keresztes Ildiko
    Túl egyszerű
    Úgy fáj

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