Eurovision 2013: We Are One!

eurovision 2013Eurovision 2013 – SVT have revealed the logo and strap line for this year’s Song Contest. The multi-coloured butterfly will be used along with the phrase ‘We Are One‘. “This year’s theme reflects that timeless feeling millions of people will experience in May this year, when Europe comes together to celebrate its diversity,” said Jon Ola Sand, Executive Supervisor. Check out the artwork and tell us what you think…




89 comments on “Eurovision 2013: We Are One!

  1. I absolutely LOVE it! The tagline is great. It’s powerful and succinct and does exactly what it needs to and nothing else. As for the visuals, I think it’s absolutely beautiful. There’s so much texture and meaning in what they’ve done, it’s just spectacular. The best theme since Oslo 2010! Finally, I can love something about Malmö 2013. Day=Made. :)

  2. I was shocked to see such a beautiful logo, especially since SVT thought about not having one. The butterfly is gorgeous, and really shows the different layers of Europe. I like the motto, it shows that for one night Europe can come together and “be one”. Great job SVT! The only criticism I have is that it might be a little too small on a larger backdrop. But, besides that, all they have to do is hire Sarah Dawn Finer as the host and I’ll be more than happy!

  3. Who did the logo? An elementary school kid in art class???

    And the slogan is super cheesy

    Sorry Sweden,I don’t like it…You could have done better!

    • The logos up there is not the real ones I hope, I think it is only the prototype,because the logo that I saw on the semifinal draw was absolutely gorgeous!

  4. I like all butterflies except those that set foot on esc stage… :P

  5. The slogan “We are one” sounds very cliché, but I can understand the use of it at least so it’s alright, even if it sounds more like the typical “world peace/world politics” thing instead of having anything to do with music. “Celebrate the diversity”? It won’t be much diversity left in Eurovision if everyone sings in English, has pop songs and all songs are written by Swedes. LOL! That’s the direction they are headed in, more and more every year it seems. So we shall see just how diverse it will be. :P

    As for the logo, this is where I think they could have done much better. I don’t understand why they use a butterfly as a logo? Because it suited to have different layers to sort of make up colors for a butterfly? A butterfly makes it either girly or airy fairy to me. I see they had to have pink in the logo once again. :P The different layers are not pretty IMO, it looks cheap and simplistic. Like something a monkey could have made in Paint or something.
    I also don’t think there’sanything special about the background, it’s just plain and why is there a red corner in one of them? What’s it there for other than to make people wonder why it’s there?

    All in all, it’s just an average looking logo with ugly paint splatter layers and a cliché slogan. It’s not something I would have made as a graphic designer at least. I think they could have done better. The good thing is that none of this is important. :P

    I still like the logo from Moscow best (because of its prettiness, not meaning) and the slogan from Belgrade (meaning).

  6. It’s the first time I absolutely love the artwork ! Very well made and inspirational, I do love the colors and the complexity. The slogan is a bit cliche but it’s catchy and typical for the message esc is supposed to convey.

  7. I don’t like the slogan, but the butterfly looks great! :)

    Hope for another amazig Eurovision Song Contest! Good luck to Sweden! :)

  8. Really a butterfly ?!! Isn’t it too childish for a European song contest? Won’t eurovision ever stand a chance of looking credible?

    • “Won’t eurovision ever stand a chance of looking credible?”

      Most certainly not as long as ESC is more and more Björkmanised. Expect everything to be really colourful and as fake as the EBU allows in the years to come. It will be mostly about the 4 Gs for sure: gloss, glitter, gimmicks and G:son compositions …

    • Come on!It’s not the logo that will make esc credible but the songs and artists. ;)

    • It certainly looks way more credible the last 4 years at least..And I believe this will only be enhanced in the years to come. And as it was mentioned even if the logo was not good (which is not according to you – many people including me disagree) it’s not an essential part of the contest itself, it’s the songs and the way they are performed that make the difference. Of course people will always moan..especially when we do not have a tidal wave of d’s : dated dull drivels (oh I forgot..live orchestra and a national language are the essential parts for a good song to be made..!)

      • I don’t understand why you have to be aggressive especially the moment I was stating my mind in a civilized manner…Plus the fact that you thumb comments down is at least childish ( no wonder why you like butterflies… :p )

        • Not aggresive at all..As aggresive as comments talking about 4 G’s were the same with mine just stating an opinion. You have 4 thumbs down already Donnie, why does mine matter more really ? The system is there to state your agreement or disagreement with a statement, no hard feelings. Feel free not to use it if you don’t want to

          P.S. Yes I do like butterflies, what’s wrong with them ? They are some of the most inspirational creations of nature when it comes to its artistic expression.

          • “Yes I do like butterflies, what’s wrong with them”

            Of course there is nothing wrong with butterflies. There is nothing wrong with any animals imho … except the Anopheles perhaps.

            However, personally, I am more a cat and crocodile guy. Plus I have never been a fan of intricate and colourful patterns. Give me three ancient Greek columns looming high into a blue sky and a stray cat who knows what it wants, and I am a happy man. Oh, that’s Ireland 1979 … ♫♪♫ …

            • I’m also first and foremost a cat guy. Cats, tigers and most species from the felidae family. Cats symbolise what ESC should be like, self-confident and independent beings that doesn’t do tricks to get what they want (OK, mostly not).

          • In psychology they say that people will always prefer an illustrated magazine or a comic strip to a difficult piece of reading…We really like it the easy way don’t we?That’s when our primitive way of thinking ( the one that prefers pictures to meanings ) takes the lead.It also happens when we are tired , sleepy , intoxicated or psychotic…

            • Is that also an alternative way to degrade painting as a form of art ? It is based on visual aspects as we all probably know..A comic strip as well or even a single image may be able to convey much more than 300 hundred pages you know (There are those as well as there are difficult pieces of reading)..Please go on on our primitive way of thinking..

            • I love the comic strip museum in Brussels. :)

  9. I love it!The slogan is simple yet very effective and the logo is great too!Well done,Sweden! :)

  10. So so, nothing special!

  11. Well, I see the point with a butterfly but the result was not that nice to look at. The colours are way too chaotic and non-harmonic for my taste (is it parts of the Earth we can see on the wings?).

    Bleib im Wald, Schmetterling!

  12. I have heard that the choice of slogan was very difficult. Here is the Top5 of of slogans discussed and the results :
    1. We are one (55 likes)
    2. Forever schlager (52 likes)
    3. G:son get a live – (51 likes)
    4. All we sing Swedish songs – (50 likes)
    5. G:son – Das ist gut ! (15 likes)

    Logo is strange from what we have seen in the past, that I liked more Baku’s Flower!

  13. Amazing. Sweden just KNOWS Eurovision.

  14. One comment: We are one as in We are Björkman.

    P.S: tidal waves of glitter and gloss galore! LOL

  15. Excellent Logo, cant see why anyone should not like it!!!! Anyway whats more important…………………. the music maybe?

  16. Awful.

    In Spain, ‘big butterfly’ (mariposon) is derogative slang for camp gay men. Combine this with an excess of pink and we end up with a logo of dubious taste.

    And the slogan is a tad patronising.

    Not crazy about it – especially compared with the previous to logos, which had more style and felt more contemporary.

  17. Shhh…whatever you do…. keep this one quiet…given the nonsense being spouted by some of our politicians here in the UK at present, once they see this title, it might be the beginning of the end for UK participation!! lol

  18. I like the design, and the butterfly is very pretty.

  19. I really don’t like the slogan (but I rarely like slogans, so that is no surprise). I also really despise the logo, which could have been great. I’m okay with the use of a butterfly, which could have made an interesting starting point, but everything they added to beautify the butterfly is… not visually appealing. It’s a bit too much and a bit too tacky. The mixing of patterns and color blocks is of dubious taste, and I’m reminded of Coco Chanel’s saying about accessories: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” This logo should’ve heeded that advice.

    • The word subtlety does not compute in the Glitter and Gloss Universe, I am afraid. Ms. Channel was a wise woman.

      • I think that you should change your nick to Shevek Parrot ! LOL :D

        I’m joking.. ;)

        • You’re immensely funny.

          • Yeah I know it was quite stupid, but you repeating these two Words countless times is also quite ridiculous..but hey ho…

            • No, Marko it isn’t. What the One is doing to ESC is. He is the Emperor of the Glitter and Gloss Universe and I am sure he could not care less about what I say. Moreover, I am not rude.

            • Well for me my country is doing harm to ESC with shitty entries… :D If i continue to repeat that it would be ridiculous… :D

            • You could not be wronger, but I’ve had enough for tonight.

              Good night, everyone.

            • Naah, don’t be that harsh, Marko. Serbia rocks! :)

            • I read in newspapers “Blic” today that Maja Nikolic who took part in Beovizija already will be at BEOSONG and that her entry composed somebody from Belgium! Maybe that is not true, I’m not sure if this year is allowed to have foreign composer, maybe they introduced that.

            • But i will stop that in future, if this wannabe (festival) survives next year, which I doubt because it will suck heavily, I’m gonna submit entry called “Blizzard” or “Snow storm”! It wil;l be smth new for ESC :D :D

            • Since those two words speak the truth (like poor Guinevere …), it is legitimate to repeat them again and again imo. Humble me is a complicated guy, and thus two words are not enough for me. I need 4, all beginning with a glorious, glossy and glittery G … ;)

            • I don’t have problem with that, it’s just funny to me, and that’s why I said he should call himself Shevek parrot! :D BTW I like parrots, they are AMAZING! :D

            • We have wild parrots living in the Bad Cannstatt District of Stuttgart. The poor things fled from the Wilhelma (our zoo) decades ago but never left the city. Perhaps they like opera, wine and spätzle. :)

            • Or baroque? ;)

            • If they want baroque, they have to visit my hometown Ludwigsburg, which is Germany’s most beautiful Italian baroque town. (only 14 km north of Stuttgart and even closer to Bad Cannstatt if you travel via Aldingen …)

            • Togravus..

              Wow..sounds amazing. I now have a somewhat bizarre mental image of wild parrots swooping majestically over the Stuttgart suburbs!!

              Am I the only one (I guess I am) to harbour the scary thought that in 5-10 years time we may have an entertaining ESC entry from a German band going by the name of the “The Wild Parrots” or the “Birds of Bad Cannstatt” or “The Baroque Feathers”!? It’s not beyond the realms of possibility! lol

              I think I should now go and have a lie down in a darkened room..quick!

            • Hasn’t anyone told you that everyone should consult a doctor before reading my comments? They can cause serious harm if you are not in good shape … ;)

              P.S. I play the guitar and the accordion … and if my sister who actually lives in Bad Cannstatt agrees, we might become The Wild Parrots and represent Germany sometime in the future. My sis has a very nice singing voice too. :)

  20. Here is the story behind the theme art.It has to do with the butterfly effect.

  21. Togravus

    Trust me. the wilder and more surreal the comments the better imo..after all this is the ESC we are talking about, which surely specialises in the bizarre and the surreal. A discussion which begins with the new ESC logo yet soemhow manages to embrace both the local Stuttgart wildlife and Baroque archtiecture is just fine by me!!

    Quick….. your sis and yourself have just got to combine the Tugravus familiy’s musical and vocal talents to form “The Wild Parrots” and pen that German entry for next year and become Stuttgart’s next overnight musical sensation lol. If a turkey can represent Ireland surely the odd parrot or two representing Germany is long overdue!

    All we need now is a title, and a clever structure which allows you to switch seamlessly, mid-song, from guitar to accordion and back again without the rest of Europe noticing!

    • I can’t wait. May I join the band? I shall be the stern and grumpy fellow. I think it would add a surreal touch to the band. LOL

      • “stern and grumpy” ???

        Sounds like that green fellow living in the small park next to the Liebfrauenkirche …

        • What have I started!!!. Shevek is auditioning for a place in the band already. Looks like this idea might have legs..or to be more accurate..wings!

          I can even visualise the red, green and yellow mohican haircuts of the various band members as I type this!!!

          • Hahahaha, but I’m gonna beat you all, I submit next year song “Blizzard” or “Snow storm’! There will be some lifting on the stage, everything will be in white and there will be snow storm with wind on the stage! It will be powerful ballad! If anybody of you wants to be tree with snow on the stage, I pay A LOT!! :P :P LOL :D

            • As long as you do not decorate my branches with toilet paper, I will be happy to double as a tree for Serbia. ;) :)

            • Hahahahah, no, even material for snow will be special, it will look like real snow! :D

            • wow…a lone Serbian tree with its branches covered in toilet paper battling against the elements in the in the middle of a snowstorm..

              To relate this to the original thread of the post, perhaps we could suggest it as the logo for ESC 2014….

            • Excellent suggestion! It would be very moody.

            • I usually ballads from the the former yugo countries and blizzards can be fascinating. Count me in. I’ll do it for free. LOL

            • You are the best option being from Portugal! I’m gonna pick you and announce that tree is from Portugal because from Portugal we don’t have enough votes! :P :D

              Don’t worry Toggie you will get even better position in entry! :D

            • Indeed..with the 2013 logo of the butterfly being of the light, heartening and and uplifting sort, the 2014 logo needs to be the very opposite ie seriousuy moody and atmospheric..battling for all your worth against the elements that life throws at us. Very apt for these days of Euro-austerity!!

              Hmm… how about a Portugese tree which has somehow found itself planted in an alien landscape comprised of a harsh, bleak, howling Serbian blizzard. To add touch of the truly surreal, how about having perched in its branches two very bright parrots from Stuttgart who appear not to have quite mastered the art of migration to a warmer climate in the winter, and and have arrived in a somewhat confused state, having managed to get themselves badly lost en route..It would certainly add a splash of much needed colour to all that dazzling white!

              Slumped under the tree, beneath the perched German parrots could be a depressed looking Brit dressed all in grey, bemoaning the fact that these British rainy winters just aren’t what they used to be..and muttering to himself about where all this awful snow has come from!!..or in the case of this Brit in particular … sitting distraught and weeping under the tree still traumatised from the experience of watching last year’s best former Yugoslavian haunting moody Balkan ballad for quite some time.(the wonderful Verbajem from Slovenia). not even make it through the semi-finals!!

              Maybe we could even put in a request to borrow Eva Boto’s four Slovenian backing singers, which, if I remember correctly, were all clad from head to toe in white sporting some quite spectacular headgear!. Surely they would be ideal for a dramatic Snowstorm scene, and would add a touch of vocal quality and class to proceedings as well!!!

              Could be quite a striking and symbolic logo this one lol

            • LOL Intriguing idea … but it won’t happen because Stuttgart parrots refuse to be onstage with anything Verjamem-related. Those jolly and colourful creatures have always objected to Slovenia’s Molitva light and therefore suggest to substitute those backings with those things in their hair with Eveylne Filipe, who undoubtedly is the queen of melodramatic facial expressions and would therefore perfectly go with any kind of extreme weather conditions.

            • I am deeply shocked, saddened even, to lRN of The Stuttgart Parrots’ (another possible band name there) apparent aversion to anything vaguely Verjamem-related, but I fully respect their right to object.

              I do indeed think that Evelyne Filipe would be a very worthy replacement, but would be concerned for anyone so unfortunate as to bump into one so naturally facially fearsome in the middle of a raging blizzard.

            • Do you know that composer of “Verjamem” last year Slovenia is Vladimir Grajic from Serbia, the same one as for “Molitva” in 2008! He will compete in Beosong, our NF this year as well!

              However I prefer Maja Keuc – “No ne/Vanilija” – Slovenia 2011, it was actually my favorite in 2011!

            • Yes, I know … and I love ‘Molitva’, which is my 2007 winner. :)

              And Maja Keuc was in my top 10 last year too. Sometimes we agree after all. :)

            • I did not know of the Serbian/Slovenian Molitva/Verjamem love in until today when I read about it on Number 3 in the best Semi-Finalists Ranking list on here.

          • Btw I was the one who mentioned parrots first! :@ :D ;)

            • You were indeed…a fine contribution if I may say so, which is already firing the collective imaginations across Europe as we speak lol.

              In fact with the German Wild Parrots and your powerful Serbian Blizzard/Snowstorm ballad (another suggestion which sounds as though it has great dramatic potential with all that elevation, wind , and snow blanketing those trees.), it sounds as though we have two potential ESC entries for 2014 already boxed off! A comination of colour and drama..what more could you ask for…lol

              I may need to enlist your help for a suitable British UK entry in attempt to lift the UK from the appalling depths to which it has recently plummetted. Funnily enough, as I look out of my window, would you believe it, but most of the UK is currently gripped in snowstorm/blizzard conditions! How’s that for an omen. Quick..get writing!

            • GREAT, where are you in the UK?

            • I am in Liverpool..often referred to as the cultural and creative home of British music..but shhhh keep this quiet..I actually think the Beatles were a touch overrated….

              And snow in Liverpool is not that common would you believe!

            • Nice! :)

              Yeah I know British winters, we have British winter here during this January, rain, rain and rain.. :D

        • Are you alluding to For He is an Englishman: Memoirs of a Prussian Nobleman?

  22. Oh dear. It seems we’re having a silly day.

  23. I like to keep a positive outlook, but finding it difficult this year (so far):

  24. A very exceptional logo, just a pitty the moto is rather ironic, it would be great if europe did actualy come together as one in eurovision week, but in reality with all the cons of the voting, we dont come together as one, maybe SVT are trying to send a subtel message out to those ‘particular’ countries which peristently ignore this idea of eurovision, and vote just for nieghbours, disapora and politics, not for the music, I dont think we need to name countries though that do this on a regular basis.

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