Azerbaijan: 3 Finalists Selected So Far

AzerbaijanAzerbaijan – The long drawn out national selection process which is taking place over ten weeks has so far come up with three finalists. ‘Milli Seçim Turu‘ sees the acts perform every night for five nights, singing different type of songs each night. The weekly televotes are combined with an online poll and the Jury votes after Friday’s performance. Check out who has qualified so far…

The acts are still following the following format each week:

Monday: Eurovision Hits
Tuesday: Azeri Music
Wednesday: World Hits
Thursday: Stage Performance
Friday: Free Style (Participants can sing any song of their choice)

So far the following three participants have won their heats and been given a ticket to the final:

Vüqar Muradov
Rəvanə Əliyeva
Fərəh Hadıyeva

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46 comments on “Azerbaijan: 3 Finalists Selected So Far

  1. Girls are OK! :)

    Rəvanə Əliyeva who won 2nd heat, sang “Hold on be strong” by Maria Haukaas Storeng, and it was nice. :)

  2. Judging on those clips I like Rəvanə best but at least all of them know how to sing. :)

    Good luck!

  3. I’d rather wait for the winner and watch his/her video after her trip to Stockholm and Kiev! I like metamorphoses! Goodluck Azerbaijan!

    • Although there is sarcasm in your post, at least you are not hateful (big contrast from most Armenians towards Azerbaijan) and if you’re genuine in wishing Azerbaijan good luck, then thank you. I hope Armenia too comes up with a good song/performer.

      • Is there actually someone who whatches (all) the shows? i mean is it popular in Azerbaijan?
        And (if u don’t mind replying of course) is generally ESC popular in Azerbaijan?
        Sorry if I ask but I’ve never found viewing figures from Azerbaijan ;)

        • Yes, ppl are watching and the show is popular. Its a part of our development and international success,economic success and growth story and people are feeling strongly about our succesful development and world integration, hence the interest. But most importantly Azeris have a very strong musical culture, inherent interest for music and love for it, music is a very big part of our lives from times immortal and we tried to show this to Europe in our opening and interval acts, especially with the ancient musical instrument of our nation the tambourine rock Gaval Dash, our dances which have deep ancient roots and meaning, reflect our history, roots, character which is expressed through music and dances. This is why we take even ESC so seriously :-)

  4. Azerbaijan has many good singers and performers and none of them will take part in ESC. Only those who are not yet known or are not even professional singers are participating in Milli Secim Turu. Great bands and single performers (quite a few famous outside Azerbaijan as well) steer clear either by choice or by rules, giving way to new talents also allowing show biz develop, new talents to shine. Otherwise I would have loved to see our great ones performing our great Azeri songs written by Azeri songwriters on ESC but it will never happen unless something changes.

  5. The audience look like they are really excited! The third singer was the best so far, look forward to seeing Azerbaijan in the final – good luck.

    • In paper Why White People Are Called Caucasian, cannot quote now who exactly by but you can google it, the description of Turks ” which never changes through centuries” is : Manly and serious :-) we always try to retain dignity and conduct respectfully of others, maybe often reserved but generally very sincere, open and very easy going in less fromal and less serious events. We take things seriously you see :-) this is also why we sometimes react a bit too seriously to disrespectful comments and conduct of people, as we expect seriousness and respect from others as well. each nation has specific character. It takes time for us to relax a bit, normally once we know and trust the surroundings more. When it comes to hospitality we of course are never reserved or tense but very serious about it as well, we will never say Welcome if we dont mean it. And if we say even if too often, then beause we mean it and often so. Being serious is our inherent character

    • If there was much to be exited about, much to clap and cheer for, they probably would! But yes, the seriousness is there and hopefully with time, people will learn to relax and enjoy themselves. Also, if the audience was younger in average, then picture would be different anyway. Here, you can see oldies sitting in the audience, probably grannies, aunties, mums and dads, uncles of the participants and so on and the hall is small – only a studio, so it’s filled up by them, not the normal cheerful party loving crowd of which there is plenty in the country yet not to be found in an event like this where some ‘singers’ can be quite awful.

  6. I don’t follow their nf, basically because I dislike this particular format and the fact that it lasts so long. I hope that 2013 will be the first time that the Azerbaijani song enters my top10.
    The land of fire in my books:
    2009: their best effort so far imho; decent pop/dance stuff, just missing my top10 that year.
    2012: average song, great vocal performance.
    2011: the song itself is not bad, but the singing duo lacked charisma in every aspect big time.
    2008: wannabe extravagant, ending up a total mess.
    2010: typical sample of everything I dislike in eurovision. No further comments.

    Best of luck in Malmö!

    • Yeap I agree ! 2010 was just a disgrace to watch and listen to.Bad , bad , bad !
      2009 is the most decent one by miles but I kinda fell for their debut entry as well simply because it’s the closest we got to Azeri culture…

      • 2009 was not the closest to Azeri culture, it was closer to the part of Azeri culture which imitates Arabic style! True Azeri culture is mugham, caucasian tunes, ancient turkic caucasian tunes as a signature of our music, making it beautiful and unique and attractive for neighbours to imitate, lyrical, romantic styles (hence our choices of ballads), Azeri culture is multifaceted and can be very diverse , the TRUE Azeri is the Natiq Rythm group kind of performance, the mugham, the fast rythmic leg dancing and music, Azeri chanson. I dont think the world understands the Azeri culture yet this is why you ar all lost to understand why Azerbaijan has been selecting the songs it was all these years – they are not alien to us or unexpected choce, not uncharachteristic. You all think of Azerbaijan as of oriental or eastern culture, but we are not. We are equally European in that sense and try to synthesise the two all the time, so you will see it even in our ESC songs. Do not expect much belly dancing or oriental tunes from us, we are very multicultural and multifaceted, inclunation towards European since Alexander Macedonian invaded us. Caucasus is unique in that sense and Azerbaijan is the best representation of mixes you can find here. Just open your minds and absorb it. Every time we will show you yet another facet of our culture, all integral to our rich heritage.

    • My list:

      2012 10/12
      2009 8/12
      2010 + 2011 6/12
      2008 3/12

      • I forgot to add my usual average for AZE: 6.60 and 16th place on my list. (Excluding Morocco, which has 8.00 and would be in 4th place on my list if I included countries with less than 3 songs.)

  7. oh my god i love azerbaijhan it such a lovely place. I want to represent azerbaijhan in the eurovision song contest 2015 because i cant make 2014 because me bert is represnt sweeden in 2014 with the song ‘shake that sweedish ass’ my song for azerbaijhan is called ‘ gays and trannys’ its about the struggle of liveing in azerbaijhan being a gay or transexual. Its a camp song with funky euro beats

  8. I usually find the songs they send likeable and well produced but i don’t like their singers.I couldn’t even warm up to Sabina Babayeva who was better vocally than Safura or Ell&Nikki…Their best performers were those of 2008 and 2009 editions IMO.

  9. please, send to Malmö some azerbaijani folk

  10. I have no wish to go through all these countless shows. These 3 finalists seem to know what they are doing. Good luck.

  11. They don’t have a shortage of strong singing talent but I hope that the song they select will have something to do with Azerbaijan, not Sweden or any other countries. If I want to listen to Sweden, I will listen to Sweden and I don’t think there was even a song written by Azerbaijani composers on ESC.

  12. If anyone is interested, here’s a video of Andrius Pojavis’ performance at the Lithuanian M.A.M.A. Music Awards the other day

    • Why do his performances keep getting more awkward?

      • Perhaps he thinks that ESC is one big extravaganza and that being awkward is a prerequisite for every participant … :(

        I recommend to drop all the silly gimmicks and concentrate on pronunciation and live vocals instead. Lithuania seems to be on its way to ruin a very good song imo. :(

        As it is now, I cannot give more than 5/12 … which is a pity because I award 9/12 in studio version.

        • I’m sticking with my 4/12, and if the performances stay as awful as this one, possibly less in the end.

          At least the season is starting to look up. No German finalist so far gets below a 5/12 on my ranking. The Hungarians hopefuls released so far all at least sound average (at worst).

      • The song is good but he must do something about his performances and his pronounciation. He does at least have elegant clothes. Kleine kokette Andrius… :P

    • I see he sticks to the same performance makes it even more extravagant.That’s so wise NOT.It’s a pity because i believe it’s a song with potential.

      Off topic:I’m excited because Come tomorrow,we enter the second phase of the national finals season,the regular one! :)

  13. Azeri shows are torture, but also very funny. They have the worst singers in any pre-selection. :D It’s hard to believe they achieve such good results in Eurovision when you look at this, but that’s what a lot of money can do for you I guess.

    None of them sound great to me, but Farah is especially bad. How can someone who sings that bad WIN? Probably because she was in the worst week so far. There were some horrors this last week, lol. The guy singing that Tooji-crap should have won the last week.

  14. The Icelandic hopefuls have been uploading to the RÚV website.


  15. To my ears at least, “Ekki Líta Undan” sounds like the clear highlight amongst this line-up. “Lífið Snýst” and “Augnablik” also sound ok at this stage…

    • Thanks a lot for the link. The good thing about Söngvakeppni is that they never have anything abysmal or embarrassing there. Kudos! :)

      This year, they have a strong bunch of songs again. The lowest score I awarded went to Yohanna (4/12 … I have difficulties to identify a song at all …) and most other songs rank 6/12 or 7/12, scores that equal decent and competent but nothing to go WOW about on my list. Two songs really stand out to me: “Ekki líta undan” and “Augnablik”. I expect both songs to blow me away live because both Erna and Magni are very strong live singers. To complete a top 3 based on studio versions, I finally give a honorary mention to “Vinátta”.

      Good luck to all participants!

  16. The Austrian songs:


    I haven’t listened to them yet because I have just returned from the gym. I need an apple first. :)

    • Thanks for the link!I was able to listen to 4 out of 5 songs since Natalia Kelly’s-shine is not available.My first impression is that result wise it may be Austia’s best effort.

      • I have listened to all 5 now, and the two words ‘decent’ and ‘bland’ sum up everything I have heard. The worst one by a mile is ‘Back to Fantasy’, which is a highly annoying track imo. If I had to pick one, I would go for Yela’s ‘Feels Like Home’ but if we talk results, I would pick either ‘Rise above the Night’ or ‘Shine’.

        Good luck!

        P. S. It won’t be Vienna or Salzburg 2014.

        • I haven’t listened to Natalia’s song yet but i agree that “Rise above the night” would be the best choice result wise.I would put it at the same category with Germany 12 and many Danish entries.With a good live performance it can do quite well IMO.

  17. 3 more songs from the “A dal” line up have been added here.

  18. Most of the Icelandic songs sound “like something I’ve heard before.”
    Ég á líf being the worst offender.
    Really, they sound like recycled fragments from different songs o_O.
    Til þín and Augnablik are totally wasted, potential to the bin. The first one finish too abruptly and the later doesn’t built well enough to be memorable.
    I like Ekki líta undan, but there there is a lot going on, which is not bad at all, but it doesn’t harmonize well enough and distracts, everything wants to be the protagonist of this song and it shouldn’t be like that.
    The rest of the songs are forgettable.
    Overall, I’m sad about the non exploited potential of these songs.

    As for the Austrian songs, the only one I liked (Kelly’s song is not available) was Falco’s.
    Elijah song is one of those you listen on the radio, but you actually don’t. Filler.
    Yela’s song is not bad, but it feels empty, something is missing, it transmits nothing.
    I couldn’t get past the first half of The Bandaloop’s…

  19. Giving an oppotunity to the newcomers is good but I can’t understand why Azerbaijan is not sending Röya or other talented stars to Eurovision…Ravene is the best for now! Good luck

    • They probably dont want to go themselves as well. Cannot imagine Miri Yusif, Tunzale Agaeva, Roza Zergerli, Qaraqan, Elshad Khose, Qaya group to volunteer.

  20. Sorry, Austria, but all of your songs are more or less boring.
    Obviously more and more so called radiofriendly songs enter the national finals, which might be a tribute to the juries….

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