Germany: More Songs Online

GermanyGermany – More songs have been released by the acts that will be gong head to head in the German final. Cascada, the group who boast the huge European hit ‘Evacuate the Dance Floor‘ premiered their song ‘Glorious‘ today. The German national final will be held in the Tui Arena in Hannover on February 14th. Check out all of the finalists who have songs online…

The finalists:

Ben Ivory – The Righteous Ones
Betty Dittrich – Lalala
Blitzkids mvt. – Heart On The Line
Cascada – Glorious
Finn Martin – Change
LaBrassBanda – Nackert
Mobilée – Little Sister
Nica & Joe – Elevated
Die Priester feat. Mojca Erdmann – Ave Maris Stella
Saint Lu – Craving
Söhne Mannheims – One Love
Mia Diekow – Lieblingslied

Check out the songs…


Universal Germany posted on their Facebook page today that Betty Dittrich’s video for ‘Lalala‘ is coming soon. Die Priester feat. Mojca Erdmann still have their composition ‘Ave Maris Stella’ to change so as to obey the Eurovision rules.

45 comments on “Germany: More Songs Online

  1. Thanks for the article!
    The full songs and not only the snippets are available for the following:
    Plus,i presume that Die Priester will submit a new song.

  2. I listen Mia Diekow’s snippet for the first time and It’s OK..but it’s like Lena Meyer landrut in German! It’s worn out!


  3. Hm…very interesting material from Germany this year it seems. Ben Ivory, in particular, is top10 stuff for me. My least fav is Cascada.

    Thank you for the articles all these last months Hulluna and Morgan :)

  4. Mia Diekow enters with “Satellite” in German.Lol!I may be wrong but it strongly reminds me of Germany 10.Quite disappointing.Nica and Joe are quite boring.The full version of Finn Martin’s song is better than the snippet but still average.
    My top-3 for now are:
    Saint Lu – Craving
    Ben Ivory – The Righteous Ones
    Blitzkids mvt. – Heart On The Line

  5. My top 3 currently:
    Saint Lu – Craving
    Blitzkids mvt. – Heart on the Line
    Mia Diekow – Lieblingslied (I hear the Satellite-like composition, but I actually like it more than ‘Satellite’ in studio)

  6. Hey everyone im bert from ukraine but live in scottland england uk but moveing to wales soon. I love cascada so much she gives me the willys and i loves her english acent

  7. Mia’s song is good maybe because she sings in the language I love❤Cascada’s song is nothing special unfortunately,I was expecting a better song!

    Saint Lu or Mobilee FTW for now :)

  8. Who will decide winner in the end?

    OMG how much I’d like to see Cascada live in Malmo!!

    I can’t stop listening “Glorious”, it’s even better than last single – “Summer of love”! It’s so groovy and beat is GREAT! :D
    I’m so curious to see if “Glorious” will be my favorite NF entry from 2013 after we see entries from MF, Norsk and Dansk MGP! :D

    Till now:

    1. Germany – Cascada – “Glorious”
    2. Estonia – Elina Born – “Enough”
    3. Estonia – Pohja Tallinn – “Meil on aega veel”

  9. And I hope that NF will look like German show “The Dome” with big stage, great lights, a lot of audience which can dance etc..

  10. That’s a very interesting bunch of songs. I would say Ben Ivory, Cascada and Mia Diekow stand out for me for now.

  11. Ben Ivory – very strong entry, however the chorus is not very memorable.
    Blitzkids – even better then Ben, very good synth-pop song. I would love to hear more synth-pop on ESC.
    Cascada – Here we go with superstars. It’s not a bad song but I hope it will not be chosen, it’s just such an obvious attempt to follow up on “Euphoria”. I personally don’t like the idea when acts copy the previous winner, give us something new, please!
    Finn Martin – Based on the snippet, nothing particularly special.
    Mobilee – Apparently, the uploader decided that the song shouldn’t be available in my country. That’s what it says, so I can’t judge this one. Let’s hope it will be something like “Sister, come and move your body…” from ESC 2002 (Belgium).
    Nica and Joe – Based on the snippet I can say that it’s one of these songs which sound just right and yet have very little appeal. Fake is the keyword here.
    Next video is blocked too, perhaps there is some anti-american propaganda in it?
    Saint Lu – Good voice and song, it reminds me of 2007 and 2009 entries as it’s such an honest attempt to do the kind of music long gone. This song, however, could be a bit more memorable.
    Mia Diekow – Based on the snippet, this is the best, absolutely. Nothing more to add, looking forward to the full version.

    So far, I am for Mia Diekow or Blitzkids but wouldn’t at all object to Ben Ivory.

  12. Keep Cascada home!

  13. I would prefer Die Priester to buy a ticket to Malmo. Couldn’t find anything intresting for me in Cascada’s song. I really like Saint Lu’s Craving I liked also Blitzkids mvt. with their Heart On The Line. Couldn’t find LaBrassBanda’ Nackert. I think I’d rather to wait for the selection show and only then publish my oppinions!

    • P.S. Nearly all local medias and ESC fan sites claim that Sirusho again will represent Armenia and AMPTV didn’t deny that Sirusho’s candidacy stating that officially they will make an announcement this month.

      • If Armenia sends Sirusho again, I hope that they will give her a better song this time.
        Good luck to Armenia!

        • Toggi ! Everything looks like that it is Dejavue. Again internal selection, again she releases new album. And again she has just made a song inspired by Komitas (Armenian monk- folk composer). You will laugh if you see where her Qele Qele (idea) comes from – classic song (Komitas):

          Her new song PreGomesh again is inspired by a country-folk song arranged by Komitas and most likely it will be picked as her entry in case AMPTV will make a decision :

          • Hi Avat! :)

            I am not allowed to watch the 1st clip and really like the 2nd one (Lorva Gutanerg). As for Sirusho’s new effort, I like the first minute of the song but then it becomes just another (terribly generic) ethnic shake it! thingy which would probably achieve another top 10 result for Armenia.

            • Hope this will work (

              :) I liked her song because it reminded Lorva Gutanerg (Lori’s village song) maybe because I’m from the northern Armenia- Lori province and it is my homeland’s folk :) But I hoped a band to be picked rock, jazz or reaguee . “Reincarnation” wouldn’t make top 10 for sure but I would love to see them in Malmo :(

              And you keep silence about German hopefuls?

            • Thanks a lot. :) I love both songs!

              On the German hopefuls. I am rooting for Ben Ivory atm but expect to get behind LaBrassBanda too. I really like Saint Lu’s and Blitzkids’ songs too.

  14. I am totally in the dark when it comes to this NF. I have high expectations, but am too tired to listen to the songs now.

  15. I said that yesterday in esctoday.com and I will repeat it here once again; Cascada is a pure copy of ”Euphoria”. Puke!

    • Ok, I’ve just listened to Glorious. Let’s just say that there is nothing glorious about it. And yes, the orchestration reeks of Euphoria as does the latest song by Sirusho who seems to be trying to return to ESC, according to ESC Portugal.

      • Ha,ha!I thought of you the other day while reading a statement by the Danish broadcaster.They promised an orgy of glitter during their N.F… :)

        • Good gracious! Thanks for the heads up! :)

          P.S.: the Danish hopefuls have been sounding so alike lately that they have to do something to spruce things up a bit. LOL

      • I think you will like Saint Lu,Mia Diekow and maybe Ben Ivory and Mobilee more.It’s not clear whether Die Priester will change their song or not so i don’t mention them.

        • I already like Ben’s songs very much, Dimitri. I have to go now. I shall listen to the other hopefuls during the weekend, if I can. Thanks for the suggestions.

          P.S.: Üle vee FTW!!! (I know it’s off-topic, but I so love this song that I’ve just heard again).

      • That Sirusho looser maybe reeks of Euphoria, but Cascada of course NOT, LOL Cascada has number of views Loreen will never have in her life, so why should Cascada copy Loreen, LOL it’s ridiculous!

  16. Just for information because I see that some ppl doesn’t know facts at all, Cascada is doing similar music for years! It can’t be copy of “Euphoria”, it’s ridiculous to say so, why would somebody who has several number 1 in the UK copy somebody unimportant as Loreen! LOOOL :D “Glorious” is TOP Class, it doesn’t remind me of 90s at all, because similar songs are poplar now in the USA, while “Euphoria” is very weak G:Son’s crap only saved by Loreen as performer, composition is horrible 90s crap! GOSH! :/

    • Marko, Glorious and Euphoria are not the same. They are the same type of uninteresting and uninspired music though as is Sirusho’s new song. These songs are very boring to my ears and they all sound alike. Loreen managed to make hers soar, but I am not seeing the other two ladies doing the same.

      Some of the songs above are only snippets. I’ll wait for the full versions before ranking them. I do like The Righteous Ones very much.

  17. Ben Ivory , the only one have some level , the rest can go to the garbish

  18. You can hear Lalala in the background. Another song in German :)

  19. Here is a video where you can listen to “La,la,la” by Betty Dittrich.

  20. Germany
    This NF has an above average bunch of songs. There are different styles to choose from and I enjoyed listening to these hopefuls very much. These are my favourites:
    The Righteous Ones
    Heart on the line
    My 3 favourites are in random order: Lieblingslied, Lalala and The Righteous Ones. There are only 2 songs that say nothing to me: the pompous Elevated and the annoying Glorious.

    I shan’t miss this NF (circumstances permitting that is). Good luck to all participants.

    P.S.: I gather that LaBrassBanda and Die Priester feat. Mojca Erdmann have not yet presented their songs.

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