Finland: First Semi-final Online!

FinlandFinland –  Finnish broadcaster YLE today revealed the 12 songs in full version and the first 6 entries live that will take part in the national final Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu. A series of programmes started on the 27th of December, starting with the presentation of all finalists. Now, two shows on the 3rd and 10th of January at 21:00 hours (20:00 CET) on YLE TV2 will show them singing their Eurovision songs. Discover them singing live for the jury!So in preparation for the first show, to be aired on the 3rd of January, you can already watch the 6 live presentations to the juries.

The finalists are (the first six are for the second show)

  • ArionLost in the Woods (Iivo Kaipainen)
  • Atlético KumpulaPaperilyhty (Paper Lantern) (Kyösti Salokorpi)
  • DiandraColliding Into You (Patrick Sarin/ Leri Leskinen/ Sharon Vaughn)
  • Ilari HämäläinenSytytä mut vaan (Just set me on fire) (Ilari Hämäläinen)
  • Elina OrkonevaHe’s Not My Man (Elina Orkoneva)
  • Lucy Was DrivingDancing All Around the Universe (Lucy Was Driving/ Otso Koskelo)
  • Great Wide NorthFlags (Kaj Kiviniemi/ Mika Kiviniemi)
  • Krista SiegfridsMarry Me (Krista Siegfrids/ Erik Nyholm/ Kristofer Karlsson/ Jessika Lundström)
  • Last PandaSaturday Night Forever (Henry Tikkanen/ Aapo Immonen)
  • Mikael SaariWe Should Be Through (Mikael Saari)
  • RautakouraIlmalaivalla (On board a plane) (Lauri Häme)
  • Iina SalinLast Night (Iina Salin/ Tommi Gröhn)

You can listen to all 12 songs in final versions on this youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/user/2013EurovisionMalmo/videos?view=0&flow=grid

Stay tune for the next 6 presentations next week! Two live qualification heats will be broadcast on the 17th and 24th of January, and the  semi-final to be held on the 31st of January at 21:00 hours (20:00 CET) from The Circus, Helsinki. The grand final will be held  on the 9th of February also at 21:00 hours (20:00 CET) at the Barona Arena in Espoo. The jury includes Aija Puurtinen, Redrama, Toni Wirtanen and Tomi Saarinen.

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258 comments on “Finland: First Semi-final Online!

  1. There are some comments with links pending approval including one of mine which has Finland’s latest rehearsal clips up (I noticed when I went to the dashboard, but didn’t do anything because I don’t want to bust up the site :P) so if anyone can approve them great :)

  2. I’m glad I waited until the live performances to rank these, because Arion, who would’ve easily been my number one for the whole contest (above Switzerland), had the worst performance. The song feels sapped of any of that awesome energy it had in studio. I even caught myself near laughter at parts of the video because I couldn’t believe how bad it sounded. In studio: First with 85/100, but live: Fifth with 50/100. My favorite of of these songs in Dianadra’s but it’s still only a 70/100. Ah well, the Finns could honestly pick any of these songs and they’d probably all end up mid-table (except for Saari, whom I assume will grow on me).

  3. Well, having viewed the second lot of jury rehearsal videos, I have to say I am a bit disappointed.

    Elina Orkoneva (7/12) – I had great hopes for this one – a simple, catchy vintage-tinged pop tune à la K.T. Tunstall, but unfortunately the live was a bit disappointing. Vocally she was fantastic, but much like Iina Salin, Elina doesn’t seem to have the charisma needed to pull off a performance of a song as sassy as this. Also, the outfits were quite boring, I would have preferred something more in line with what she wore in the music video.

    Atlético Kumpula (9/12) – I personally really like this song – it has a laid-back, summery feel and a pleasantly breezy melody. However, I admit that it is not very memorable. Vocally this performance was spot on, but the lead singer needs to work on engaging the audience more – for most of this performance he seemed to be blankly staring.

    Lucy Was Driving (6/12) – Just when I was beginning to wonder if the UMK finalists were actually singing live (such was the high standard of the previous vocalists), this band come along. During the opening verse the lead singer was very weak, and he was audibly straining to reach certain notes. By the chorus he had improved, but was still only average. Musically this song is alright, the drums in particular are great and really propel the track along, but the chorus is a bit underwhelming and the overall impression isn’t great.

    Ilari Hämäläinen (5/12) – This oh-so 1980s hair-rock pastiche was performed in exactly the way you would expect. This reminds me of what Slovakia 2012 would have sounded like if the singer could actually hold a tune. Not my cup of tea at all, but as far as I could tell it was fairly competent.

    Arion (7/12) – Well, the general consensus on this forum seems to be that this is one of the best songs in UMK this year, but I’m personally not that much of a fan. To me this sounds like another generic (albeit servicable) Finnish metal entry that isn’t particularly outstanding in any way. The lead singer, like many of the finalists in UMK, needs to work on his stage charisma.

    Diandra (7/12) – I had been expecting a strong performance from Diandra, and she didn’t disappoint. Vocally she was stunning, and the experience she gained from Idol shows – unlike the majority of the performers in UMK this year, she is a very confident performer, and was the only one to directly engage with the camera – which is crucial in a “televised” music competition. The song itself is good, but not particularly remarkable – it is Diandra’s performance which elevates it above mediocrity.

  4. It would be great if we could have an article on the second semi!

    Arion:My second favorite but really shaky vocals!Plus,we did they get to sing a 5 + min. version of their song?9/12

    Elina Orkoneva: I like the song but the live perfomance could have been better.I think i wuld prefer it if it was 30 sec. shorter.I don’t know if it’s because of the song or because of Elina’s dull stage presentation. 8.5/12

    Diandra: Good but not great vocals.She was trying to much at parts making a vocal show off.The song is a well built yet quite generic r’n’b ballad. 8/12

    Atlético Kumpula: A nice song but a lacklustre performance.Total absence of stage charisma.8/12

    Ilari Hämäläinen: It’s catchy i guess but 80’s rock is not my genre.He is ok vocally. 6/12.

    Lucy Was Driving: A teen pop rock entry.The vocals need to improve. 5.5/12.

    All in all,i have a feeling that it will be between Mikael Saari and Arion.I would undoubtedly choose Mikael!It certainly stands out in this good selection of songs.However,i see the juries really liking Arion too,ignoring(?)the shaky vocals.So,who knows?Diandra is popular but is she that popular to win UMK with just an ok song?I don’t think so and i hope not.

  5. 1. Diandra: I don’t hate it, don’t love it. Could listen to it but have already forgotten her. 6.5/12
    2. Arion: Song is good, though have no idea what it will look like when it will be cut to 3 mins. I don’t think that guy feels awful on the stage but he must improve a lot what he does. 8.5/12 for now
    3. Ilari Hämäläinen: Sytytä mut vaan – Nice ! 8/12
    4. Lucy Was Driving: Dancing All Around the Universe – Totally destroyed by vocals. 6/12
    5. Elina Orkoneva He’s not ,y man – Bloudy reminded me 2 songs of Adel. Tune is close to “Rumor has it” and ladies in back vocal act like back-vocalists of Adelle durng live performance of “Rolling in the deep”. It feels there is something from Lena as well (i don’t know what). But this seems to me the best Finish option for this year and I really like it. 11/12
    6. Atlético Kumpula: Paperilyhty – nice but this a ticket to stay in the semi. 8/12

  6. Atletico Kumpula – Paperilyhty (still my favorite title of the season so far)

    I adore this song, but the main singer has little stage presence. Now, I don’t personally mind it, but when thinking about results, it makes it harder for the song to advance beyond the semis. I can see this song playing in a park on sunny, temperate day and being part of a fantastic experience. 10/12

    Elina Orkoneva – He’s Not My Man

    Wonderful vocals. Good facial expressions, but an awful lack of sass to pull off the song. I enjoy the performance more when I’m not watching her perform. That being said, I don’t think she hurt the song as much as Iina Salin did in her jury performance. 7/12

    Lucy Was Driving – Dancing All Around the Universe

    The bloody awful performance and vocals in this song are the equivalent of the lyrics to Krista’s ‘Marry Me’ in terms of awful. In a way, they’re the exact opposite of Krista. While she had an awkward stage presentation and awful lyrics, her confidence and vocals brought the song to a below-average bit. Here, the song itself is a high-averagey piece while the vocals and performance were god awful in every way. 4/12

    Ilari Hämäläinen – Sytytä mut vaan

    This song still does absolutely nothing for me. I still think it sounds a bit like Metal: The Musical, but Ilari is a great performer, and the song, while far from anything that appeals to me, is a fine song. Overall, seeing this live made me like it more than I did, but I still don’t particularly care for it. 6/12

    Arion – Lost in the Woods

    I still don’t really understand the hype around this one. It’s an alright song, but there’s nothing particularly explosive about it, and the live performance makes it shakier and hard to judge (as its longer than what we’d see in Eurovision, and many parts can be chosen as the parts to cut). Overall, it’s a good version of an average typical-genre song that has an average performance and shaky, below-average vocals. 6/12

    Diandra – Colliding Into You

    I agree with Dimitris about Diandra’s vocals and AvatArmenia about the song itself. Everything that really needs to be said about it has been said. 6/12 (maybe only a 5/12. It’s right on the edge).

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