Estonia: Tauri Replaced in Eesti Laul

EstoniaEstonia – It wouldn’t be the Eurovision national final season without a disqualification, and this year Estonia have replaced an act already. Tauri has been disqualified for having a song that sounded too similar to a previously published one, according to ERR producer Heidy Purga. Armastus with the song ‘Young Girl’ will be the replacement.

15 comments on “Estonia: Tauri Replaced in Eesti Laul

  1. And here is the new song,

  2. I detest that song!

  3. I must say, this new song is hideous. Worse than Tauri’s.

  4. Well, Tauri was my least favourite of the Eesti Laul finalists thus far, so I wasn’t exactly heartbroken to see him disqualifed from the competition. However, the act that replaced him doesn’t look too promising either. Surely there were better acts than Armastus to choose from :/

  5. Here is the song from Marilyn Jurman!

    • I am a bit disappointed because I really loved ‘Veel on aega’ … Marilyn’s new Eesti Laul song is way below her 2011 effort imo. There are bits of the song I really like but at the end of the day and in all honesty it must be stated … that it doesn’t go anywhere … unfortunately. :(

  6. She should have entered this song instead. It was published after the September 1st deadline and is a more interesting song in my opinion

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