Bosnia-Herzegovina: Withdrawal Despite Offers

bosniaBosnia-Herzegovina – It appears that national broadcaster BHRT has confirmed on their Twitter the sad news that Bosnia-Herzegovina will not be taking part in Eurovision Song Contest 2013. Despite receiving offers from other TV companies, and acts who were prepared to fund their own participation, it appears BHRT have taken the final decision to withdraw this year. They still intend to broadcast the show in their country.

34 comments on “Bosnia-Herzegovina: Withdrawal Despite Offers

  1. If they had offers, I don’t get all this persistence in withdrawing. Anyway, they definately will be missed.

    Once again, thank you for the articles, hulluna :)

  2. WHY?? Let other chanels fund it :( B&H is the only country that didn’t send a crap as much as I watch ESC ( even 2008’s entry was quite good for JESC LOL :) )! Comeback please!

  3. I guess they don’t want to lose control. It’s kinda, “if we’re not doing it… no-one is.” :(

  4. They have offers and they refuse them ? So the problem is not financial….

  5. oh my God!! Eurovision 2013 will be different.. I have been off from esc related stuff due to many things happening in my life.. ok I give it a try and follow all what I have been missing :)

  6. It’s TRULY a pity since they had the offers…gosh that’s bad luck..By the time a country provides a really good entry for the first time they withdraw..I do hope they are back in 2014.

  7. Very sad news ! BiH equals good taste in eurovision ( since 2006 , 2010 excluded despite being flawless live )

  8. Perhaps their offers were from artists they deemed not good enough. Since they’ve been sending such good entries lately, maybe they didn’t want to enter with crap, lol. ;)

  9. Nothing to add really. The most classy ESC country of all (well, together with Serbia) won’t be present in Malmö. Please come back in 2014!

  10. :'( Hope to see you next year

    That means we only have to wait for Greece’s (hopefully) upcoming confirmation.

    I wonder if the EBU is in panic mode now…

  11. it seems that, Eurovision Song Contest 2013 will be the wors ESC ever :(( i miss ESC 2012 Baku…………..

  12. As being one of my favorite ESC countries,their withdrawal saddens me a lot more than ours :(

  13. I don’t get it. Why did they refuse the offer when they had a chance? Suspicious…
    They can do it like Greece did: Have national Eurovision in a supermarket:)

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