Eurovision 2013: Calendar

esc2013.3Eurovision 2013 – We’ve already had our first national final, and next week sees the first clash of the season with the choice between the 2nd Lithuanian semi-final or the Swiss final on Saturday night. Here’s the calendar of known events so far. We’ll update it as and when we hear any new confirmed dates and times. Put them in your diary, you don’t want to miss a national final!

Here’s the known semi finals and finals. We’ll add any internal selection announcement dates when we know them so bookmark the page.

December 2012

Belarus 07 (Fri) – BELARUS FINAL (20:00 CET) – Winner: Alyona Lanskaya

Lithuania 08 (Sat) – Lithuania 1st Semi-Final (20:00 CET)

15 (Sat) – Lithuania 2nd Semi-Final (20:00 CET)

switzerland1 15 (Sat) – SWITZERLAND FINAL  (20:10 CET)

Belgium 16 (Sun) – BELGIUM FINAL (10:30 CET)

Albania 20 (Thu) – Albania 1st Semi-Final

Albania 21 (Fri) – Albania 2nd Semi-Final

Albania 22 (Sat) – ALBANIA FINAL

Lithuania 22 (Sat) – LITHUANIA FINAL

Ukraine 23 (Sun) – UKRAINE FINAL

Finland 27 (Thur) – Finland Launch (20.00 CET)

January 2013

Finland 03 (Thu) – Finland 1st presentation (20.00 CET)

Finland 10 (Thu) – Finland 2nd presentation (20.00 CET)

Finland 17 (Thu) – Finland 1st Elimination (20.00 CET)

Norway 19 (Sat) – Norway 1st Semi-Final

Finland 24 (Thu) – Finland 2nd Elimination (20.00 CET)

Iceland 25 (Fri) – Iceland 1st Semi-Final

denmark  26 (Sat) – DENMARK FINAL (21:00 CET)

Iceland 26 (Sat) – Iceland 2nd Semi-Final

Norway 26 (Sat) – Norway 2nd Semi-Final (20.30 CET)

Finland31 (Thu) – Finland  Semi-Final (20.00 CET)

February 2013

Malta01 (Fri) – Malta Semi-Final

Iceland 02 (Sat) – ICELAND FINAL

Malta 02 (Sat) – MALTA FINAL

Norway 02 (Sat) – Norway 3rd Semi-Final

sweden 02 (Sat) – Sweden 1st Semi-Final (20:00 CET)

Latvia 08 (Fri) – Latvia 1st Semi-Final

Finland 09 (Sat) – FINLAND FINAL

Latvia 09 (Sat) – Latvia 2nd Semi-Final

Norway 09 (Sat) – NORWAY FINAL

sweden 09 (Sat) – Sweden 2nd Semi-Final (20:00 CET)

Germany 14 (Thu) – GERMANY FINAL (20:15 CET)

Austria 15 (Fri) – AUSTRIA FINAL (20:15 CET)

Estonia 16 (Sat) – Estonia 1st Semi-Final

Latvia 16 (Sat) – LATVIA FINAL

sweden 16 (Sat) – Sweden 3rd Semi-Final (20:00 CET)

Ireland 22 (Fri) – IRELAND FINAL

Estonia 23 (Sat) – Estonia 2nd Semi-Final

sweden 23 (Sat) – Sweden 4th Semi-Final (20:00 CET)

March 2013

Estonia 02 (Sat) – ESTONIA FINAL

Serbia 02 (Sat) – Serbia Semi-Final

sweden 02 (Sat) – Sweden 2nd Chance Round

Serbia 03 (Sun) – SERBIA FINAL

sweden 09 (Sat) – SWEDEN FINAL (20:00 CET)

May 2013

250px-Eurovision_Song_Contest_2013.svg  14 (Tue) Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Final 1

250px-Eurovision_Song_Contest_2013.svg 16 (Thur) Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Final 2

250px-Eurovision_Song_Contest_2013.svg 18 (Sat) EUROVISION SONG CONTEST FINAL

17 thoughts on “Eurovision 2013: Calendar

  1. Are you a Eurovision fan? Then join us at !!! Discuss about the Europe’s favourite TV show! Share with us your opinion, and learn the other fans’ opinions!!! HAVE FUN!!! ;)

      • We have news today!The Latvian songs arte online,Austria announced the 5 names that will take part in their final and we now know the songtitles for Roberto Bellarosa(Belgium).

        • Thanks for the report, Dimitri. I have listened through the Latvian hopefuls, and that was quite boring, if you ask me. Way too many bland radio pop songs. There were a few though, that catched my attention a little more than others. My early favourite is “Cold heart” and I hope her live voice is as strong as here. “Sad trumpet”, “When you’re with me”, “Never let me go” and “I need a hero” are the other ones I liked. The rest was bland or bad. Especially “I am who I am” and “Here we go” deserves a big boo.

          Good luck, Latvia.

          • You are welcome! :)
            On the Latvian hopefuls: I quite like their line-up this year.At least it’s much better than their 2012 selection.The songs that stand out as the most distinctive are “Sad trumpet”,”Tirpini” and “When you’re with me”.I also like “I need a hero”,”Give me a try” and “One” because it sticks to your head.The bottom 3 are “The one”,”Hey,hey” and “Fool in love”.
            They are mostly average pop songs with a few exceptions.Good luck.

            • I also quite like “Let the night belong to the lovers”.It’s romantic and makes me feel relaxed but it’s not the song you would send to esc IMO.

            • First now did I realise that all songs are in English. Pity, of course. Or, should I say, everyone but “Tirpini” which is sung in a language I’m not sure of. I did somehow like “Hey, hey” but if I know myself right, that’s probably because of the bagpipe intro. :)

            • Yes.23 out of 24 are in English.I don’t really understand the language Tirpini” is in.
              Since the other day we were talking about Eleftheria Eleftheriou,here is her new song.Quite different from what we’ve heard from her till now.I like it.

            • That was a pleasant song. If it only had contained a bit more passion, like the great “Panayia mou, panayia mou” it would’ve been great. Greece should try something in that way in the future, but I’m afraid that they have been strucked in the “shake it”-genre.

        • So the Latvian semifinalists’ names aren’t being revealed yet. Well, I happen to know that PeR sings ‘Sad Trumpet.’ They posted it on their Youtube page, and I like it although not as much as last year’s ‘Disco Superfly.’

          I haven’t listened to the rest of the bunch yet. I’ll get around to it soon.

        • For Austria~
          Yela’s myspace:
          Falco Luneau’s website (click on “youtube” top left):
          The Bandaloop’s website:
          Naalia Kelly’s youtube:
          Elija’s website:

          (I will not comment them since I’ve decided to not comment esc for now on this site, but I thought this would help the few curious enough about the five Austrian performers)

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