Slovakia: Withdrawal from Malmö

slovakiaSlovakia –  Sad news today that another country has withdrawn from the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 with the Slovakian broadcaster RTVS confirming they will not participate next year. This comes after the withdrawal of Portugal, the non-return of Poland, and rumours that both Cyprus and Greece may not enter  due to financial problems in the Eurozone. Malmö 2013 could have the lowest number of participants for some years.

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67 comments on “Slovakia: Withdrawal from Malmö

  1. Now I’m waiting for Greece to confirm participation too; from what I’ve been learning so far the chances are 50/50. I think that with a wise approach by ERT (internal selection, the lowest possible budget etc.) we can be in Malmö.

    I just hope that all this won’t lower the quality standards of the song.

    …And pls ERT: keep away from that Pantelides guy!!! :P :D

    • Hola querido Oxi,
      I hope so too ESC is not ESC without Greece! how times have changed since 2004, who knows, maybe same thing could happen here too, wouldn’t be surprised…promise to update you on current Cat situation which is getting more complicated by the minute! :-( petonets …

      • you got mail! :-)

        • Hola adorable Paul :)
          Thank you for the email; I’ll check it as soon as I can and I’ll answer probably during the weekend :)

          Btw, I just watched the match; I feel sorry for Benfica; on the other hand I’m happy for Samaras’s Celtic (Yorgos Samaras=the spitting image of Sebastien Tellier :P :D )

  2. Off topic: I just read an article on the jury of the Swiss final! :S
    They are the daughter of the Swedish ambassador in Switzerland,a Swiss student and big fan of the contest,a hairdresser and a musician(the oldest of the bunch)….A weird synthesis for an esc jury… :)
    The running order has also been published.

  3. On a positive note though at least this means in 2014 we may see more returns, and even reach over 43 participants, you never know, I’d love to see us get above 43, especially at the 60th ainversary in 2015, be great to get all the countries who ever participated in ESC to compete, and increase the number of entries passing the final.

  4. “They are the daughter of the Swedish ambassador in Switzerland,a Swiss student and big fan of the contest,a hairdresser and a musician(the oldest of the bunch)”

    I was afraid of that, Dimitri. I’ve been saying that if all countries revealed the members of their juries many of us would be negatively surprised.

  5. =(
    Is there any petition or similar for them to continue? Or for Greece?
    I liked their 2009, 2011, 2012 a lot… so…

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