Lithuania: Fifth Heat Tonight

LithuaniaLithuania – After two pre-selection shows that have introduced the contestants to the public, Lithuania continues the real selection business tonight with their fifth and last live heat. The seven last participants will perform the song that they have chosen for Malmö 2013 tonight from 20.00 CET. It will be broadcast live on the LRT site. Check out the info you need for this evening…

This is the final of five live heats. The seven contestants in the heat tonight, and their song titles, are:

  • Loudside – Toks gyvenimas
  • Sepa & Asorti – Money
  • Al Bagdo – Backdoor Superman
  • Baiba Skurstene – I’m on fire
  • El Fuego – Ledo gabalėlis
  • DAR – Jump!
  • Monika Linkytė – Baby boy

Three of the songs will proceed to the Semi-finals on the 8th and the 15th of December after 50% jury and 50% televoting. Ten songs will eventually qualify for the grand final on Saturday the 22nd of December 2012.

You can follow the show live on Saturday from 20:00 CET on the Lithuanian broadcaster, LRT, site here.

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57 comments on “Lithuania: Fifth Heat Tonight

  1. I decided to skip this heat in favor of a very interesting book on Flemish Béguinages, and judging on your comments, that was a very wise decision. :)

  2. What a boring show this has been! Monika is the best choice by far, but she has to work on her performance. The song did not flow as smoothly as her previous attempts did. She is a charismatic performed tough. Good luck.

  3. Overall :
    Loudside – Toks gyvenimas : Missed that one.
    Sepa & Asorti – Money : Most awful and amateur song of the season : 1/10
    Al Bagdo – Backdoor Superman : I liked the song BUT not the singer who acted weird : 3.8/10
    Baiba – I’m on fire : Bland electropop : 3.6/10
    El Fuego – Ledo gabalėlis : More than decent male opera effort : 6.4/10
    DAR – Jump! : Camp , cheesy but confident : 5.4/10
    Monika Linkytė – Baby boy : Beautiful lady , ok song : 5.9/10

    El Fuego , DAR and Monika will qualify.

  4. Tele-voting update:
    1st – DAR (1743)
    2nd – Monika (1133)
    3rd – El Fuego (452)
    4th – Al Bagdo (304)
    5th – Baiba (262)
    6th – Kvinta Loudside (110)
    7th – Sepa & Asorti (78)

  5. ukraine wins Junior Eurovision xD

  6. I’m sorry guys I… just woke up! :o Lithuania managed to literaly put me to sleep, Ill check the five songs I missed on LRT youtube afterwards, so sorry I couldnt post regularly as I usually do

  7. Were there any good songs tonight, or was it Aiste that stood for tonight’s quality?

    I still listen to it, sometimes – “Melaaaancholiiiiiaaa!” – though I prefer “Troy on fire” from her. :)

    P. S. Judging from Morgan’s recent comment, I don’t think the quality was that good.

    • I prefer “Melaaaancooooliiiiaaa”. :)

      If I am in the mood for a Troy song, I always choose Sinéad O’Connor:

      • Sinéad is always good. The song gave me some sort of a “Melaaaancholiiiiiaaa!” feeling too. :D

        When I’m in a Tory mood, I always pick our dear Karl Gerhard.

        • Thanks a lot. This is a great song too. :)

          Such a pity that I only understand bits of the lyrics … but I adore his very pronounced RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR … :)

          • Glad you like it. The rolling R:s are of course a sign that he has been influenced by the Western part of Sweden, where the real men lives. :)

            • I have always intended to visit the Western part of Sweden. It is supposed to be lovely there … ;)

            • Well, yeah, some parts of Western Sweden is lovely. Especially the Medieval areas around Skara and the old fishing villages in Bohuslän, if you ask me personally. I’m not really a big fan of Gothenburg, where I study. I have grown a bit tired of that city after all those years. ;)

      • “Troy”, not “Tory”. :P

  8. Haven’t followed any heats…saving my time for the grand final :)I hope they have some good songs!

  9. Wow. Judging from the comments here, the songs must have been absolutely atrocious.
    I am sad. Lithuania was so good last year, picked the wrong (but not a terrible) song, and now they have this trainwreck.

    It sounds like Aiste was the highlight of the night.

  10. I’ve finally watched the songs and there’s nothing to say, Dar had a good song they definitely couldn’t deliver and anyway it was good but very generic at the same time, a great singer would have done something else with it… now semis!

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