United Kingdom: Girls Aloud Rumoured

3girlsaloudUK – The UK’s national free newspaper, Metro, today hinted that top popstars Girls Aloud have Eurovision 2013 in their sights. Journalist Neil Sean doesn’t go on to give any more details. Would such a big name act consider representing the UK? Could it be their breakthrough into Europe? Last year’s similar rumours of all-girl pop group Atomic Kitten never materialised as the UK sent Englebert Humperdinck instead.

Girls Aloud are an English-Irishpop girl group based in London. They were created through the ITV1 talent show Popstars: The Rivals in 2002. The group consists of Cheryl Cole (née Tweedy), Nadine Coyle, Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh. They are signed to Fascination Records. The group have had 22 consecutive top 11 singles in the United Kingdom, including 4 number ones. All five girls have undertaken solo careers, with Cheryl being the most successful as an XFactor judge and her solo music career. The group was also named the UK’s biggest selling girl group of the 21st century.

Check out Girls Aloud come back single to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

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100 comments on “United Kingdom: Girls Aloud Rumoured

  1. The article showcases the usual British snobbish attitude towards ESC. They don’t win anymore, they don’t even get good results and, of course, it is not their fault. I understand some of their complaints; the voting process is skewed, countries vote for flags, etc. I also think that ESC is too much about gloss, glitter and gimmicks (more and more à la MF) and too little about music and songs being performed live. However, the BBC should try to make the show better, being the powerful institution that it is.

    • “I also think that ESC is too much about gloss, glitter and gimmicks (more and more à la MF)”

      Naah, now I think you’re a bit unfair. Sure MF has been filled with more gimmicks during the last years (especially from Eric Saade), but ESC has more, hasn’t it? I mean: Cosmo’s robot, Dustin the Turkey, Mika Newton’s sand artist, Donny Montell’s blindfold, Lordi, Verka Serduchka, Thea Garrett’s manbird, Dima Bilan’s ice skater…

      It’s sad to witness the anti ESC view from the UK. Really sad.

      • I’ve aonly been following MF since 2010 and its has become worse since then. I am bracing myself for the 2013 edition. I see your point, but the fact reamains that MF seems to be quite popular in some circles and these said circles seem to have a say in the choices made by several countries. It’s a proper and legitimate affair though. I just happen to think that MF has its priorities wrong. The changes that have just been introduced reek of MF and I am waiting to see what will happen in 2014 (the precorded backing vocals are around the corner).

        • I’m absolutely with you when you say that there are alarming developments in both MF and ESC. This ridiculous idea that EBU should choose the running order f.e is a case where MF is absorbing ESC. And the backing vocals are a sad chapter in MF history too. I do only disagree with you about the gimmicks which I think are much more rooted in ESC than in MF (and has been since Germany 1957). Now I do not say that gimmicks are necessarily a bad thing, I like some. The problem is just that they are constantly growing.

          • As I said, I do not know MF’s history (it goes a long way back). I am sure it must have been a much better show music wise in the past in order to justify all the interest it attracts. However, judging by the songs that Sweden has been sending to ESC, I believe that the voters have been consistently making the worst possible choices. I do hope that ESC loses some its much loved gimmicks and that taking showers, braking glass walls and using fake snow on stage won’t become more frequent in both ESC and MF.

            Good night. :)

            • Showers and breaking glass, no. Fake snow, yes. If I’m the one to decide. :)

              I do think, as a Swede, that most Swedish choices are OK. Not great, not horrible, but OK.

              Boa noite! :)

            • This year was just OK for me, it reminds me too much of 90s, it’s quite dated and not current at all…for me MUCH better choice for 2012 would be Danny Saucedo – “Amazing” because it’s more current BY FAR and choreography is AMAZING like the titles says :D Or for my personal taste – Lisa Miskovsky – “Why star a fire”, it’s also more contemporary and better composition than “Euphoria” by far which doesn’t have current vibe, nor traditional Swedish pop vibe, it’s really nothing! But we know where is ESC now in current music scene, somewhere in the hole, in some corner nobody can see, so it was obvious winner!

              Last year was really horrible choice for me, because I dislike that singer! Choreography was ood, but also not my cup of tea, I really disliked it!

            • “My heart is refusing me” was so much better than “Euphoria”, choreography was very good, it was current song with RnB vibe, costumes were great, I dislike her clothes for “Euphoria”, it looked bad IMO!

            • That is not true, in 2009 opera singer Malena Ernman won, and her composition was really great!

              In 2010 Anna Bergendahl won and she had really nice performance, outfit, and song above all, without any gimmicks and anything special it was normal song, but you dislike it, maybe it wasn’t for your taste..

            • Wouldn’t you call all that princess attire a gimmick? And don’t get me wrong, I really loved Anna’s song but the way it was staged ruined it for me … :(

            • For me it didn’t, it was the same from the beginning through the whole MF and it was like that in ESC, I can’t imagine it different, it was nice..

            • Anna used the most Swedish of all gimmicks: a Carola wind machine.

  2. Oh, btw, I suspect that choosing GA will not be a smart move, but I may be wrong.

  3. I like them but I like solo Cheryl more :) I think if they are chosen they can do really well

  4. Hi people if you want to enter my own Eurovision contest check it out I always need more people to enter. https://sites.google.com/site/eurovisionsecondchance/song-contest Just e-mail me at eurovisionsecondchancecontest@gmail.com with a country song and your name it doesn’t have to be a European song either.

  5. Another debate in UK newspaper The Telegraph today after a ‘letter’ (often these are planted of course) saying UK should join Portugal and pull out.


    • Thanks for the link, hulluna. :)

      Again the letter simplifies things a bit too much. There are still very good songs on offer, such as Albania 12, Italy 11 and Estonia 10. However, the predictablity of the voting damages the contest very much as will the ruunning order being decided by the producers. The BBC should be lobbying to make tthings better. They could start by looking for other TV companies that dare speak against the Holy (as in glittering and glossy LOL) Reference Group.

    • Exactly why Eurovision Song contest needs to be renamed, it has such bad press in this country, something needs to be done to change it, and to make things more transparent and objective, there should be NO individual ‘national jurries’ instead a 10 member jury team consisted of both european and international music proffesionals, including artists, choegraphers and song writters. And it would be of reasurance if we where able to see the jurry award these points face to face, and give reasons why they scored the acts the way they have done, and they should all follow a criteria based on the song writting, the vocal performance, entertainment value, connection with the audience, it needs to be more clearer why countries are geting the points they are doing, plus it would break the block voting having an influence on certian positions.

      People allready which would be ideal for a jurry: Loreen, Alexander Rybak, first ever winner of eurovision, Stefan Raab, Celine Dion.

  6. these guys said they where approached by bbc last year to write a song. I think the are amazing an have a huge following in mainland europe especially in eastern europe. I really want them to take part

    • I can see why BBC didnt go through with them, I think they would worry about the lack of personality, entertianment and connection with audience, mainly the british public though, as they are not that well known other here, not one of those acts which have commercial sucess in this country, unfortunatly, but you can see why. I wouldnt be for this as im sure it wont change the negative views in this coutry of eurovision, it needs to be a fairly new act which is current and will get people talking about in this country, get the air play on the radio’s and will change our fate, music like this rarely gets given air play so it wouldnt change peoples views and get British behind the act. I needs to be something that will get air play!

  7. Recently I have watched some of the contests on YouTub with British commentary. It seems to me that the main attraction is actually the commentators poking fun at the songs and the contest rather than the songs and the contest itself. For instance I remember some of the editions being introduced as “the great Eurovision handicap”. If the British public has a negative view on Eurovision, I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

    When I watch the contests with for instance German, Swedish or Danish commentary, it’s a completely different story.

  8. Hi guys, I am British and I just wanted to leave a comment confirming all of your suspicions. I think Eurovision is an amazing thing to be involved with but a lot of the UK doesn’t take it seriously. I believe that the fact we are in the ‘Big 5’ is to blame. If we were not guaranteed a place in the final, maybe the BBC would consider our entry more seriously. In the UK, we all know what it takes to make a great Eurovision entry but somehow, the BBC, who chooses the entry for us does not seem to understand that. All it would take is for one great entry to motivate the whole country to get behind the Eurovision campaign, but it is a vicious circle at the moment and one of which we all know how to stop!! Eurovision is very popular in the UK and it surprises me that a respected British artist is not willing to promote their music across Europe through Eurovision. I do not understand why a lot of people are criticizing the Swedish selection process. In my opinion, it is a great way to promote the entry!! I also think Loreen and Eric Saade have been great choices for Sweden. The results also prove it!! I do think they are typical pop artists, but that is what a lot of people love about Eurovision!! We love watching beautiful pop singers dance to their cute pop songs!! It may not be your favorite music, but it is certainly what is needed for a good Eurovision entry and something which I think the UK is missing. I don’t know how helpful my little speech about Eurovison was, but that is certainly the common British opinion and I think all of the Eurovision fans in the UK would agree with me!!

  9. Hi Kate

    Just read your post and i do not think you could have put it better, Eurovision is popular in the UK but people don’t like to admitt they like and watch it. The process in which way Sweden chooses its entry i think is a good one good Saturday night entertainment and i am sure it would work well here in the UK. What at the end of the day do these people who choose the UK entry at the BBC really know or understand about choosing a song.

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