Belgium: Radio Final in December!

Belgium – Pushed by the Internet rumors to confirm Roberto Bellarosa to the Eurovision Song Contest, the Belgian broadcaster RTBF has revealed all the details of the song selection for the first winner of The Voice Belgique who will be in charge to represent the country in Malmö. Check them out here!

Originally, Esctoday reported that a national final will be held on December the 16th in order to select the song for Malmö. Confirmed by today’s press conference by RTBF, it will become the sixth national final in December since Belarus, Switzerland, Albania, Lithuania and Ukraine also decided to hold theirs then.

Edit – Today was held the RTBF press conference. The date of December the 16th was confirmed. It will be a three-song radio contest to be held on Vivacité Radio and http://www.rtbf.be/eurovision on Sunday. Radio listeners and visitors to the website will have 50% of the vote whilst the remainding 50% will go to a professional jury. Snippets will be available as soon as December the 1st. Roberto expressed his initial doubts taking part in a new competition but was won over by the fact that he was internally chosen, which is a significant advocacy for internal selection, at least for artists.

9 comments on “Belgium: Radio Final in December!

  1. Let’s wait the song! I hope that their song will be better than “Would You?”. It was really weak song. :?

  2. The 6th final to be held in December!That’s a first isn’t it?The good thing is they all are set for different dates.That is unless Ukraine and Belarus change their minds.

  3. Bonne chance!

  4. I don’t like the fact that so many songs will be selected that early; I have a feeling that they will get worn out by May.

    Hi Togravus, Dimitri :)

  5. I’m not exactly thrilled with the concept of a radio final…I want to be able to listen and watch the artist while he/she performs,

    • I agree, he’s supposed to have a great live voice, then let’s hear it! the radio concept hides that there’s absolutely no finances behind this, and Belgium would be lucky to go far by putting so little effort in this entry… Roberto’s got the voice, but does he have the performance charisma? we won’t know in December, and it could change the 3mns experience for a song too…

  6. I really hope to see a good song from Belgium! They was amazing in 2010 and 2011 but then that unfortunately changed in 2012 LOL! Great to be back! I don;t like the idea about a radio final… :(

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