Lithuania: 3rd Heat Televoting Results

Lithuania -Last night saw the 3rd heat of Lithuania’s national selection for Eurovision 2013. Three acts were voted as the most popular, from 8 eight acts, by the viewers. They were Eden (12 pts), Elvina Milkauskaitė (10 pts) and Neringa Šiaudikytė (8 pts). The final three confirmed for the national will not actually be known until mid-week when the jurors add their votes however. Click for results and videos:

Multiks: 228 (4 points)
Eglė Jakštytė: 298 (5 points)
Eden: 1367 (12 points)
Elvina Milkauskaitė: 931 (10 points)
Sophie: 654 (6 points)
Neringa Šiaudikytė: 811 (8 points)
Berta Timinskaitė: 206 (3 points)
Božolė: 662 (7 points)

The winner, by Eden, is a rock song with a  message, about children suffering in wars. Check it out, and the other two songs chosen by the viewers last night:

The final heat, heat 4, will take place next Saturday evening, followed by the semi-final on 8 December 2012 and the final on 22 December 2012.

20 comments on “Lithuania: 3rd Heat Televoting Results

  1. One good rock song with an in-your-face message (I do not like in-your-face messages) and bad pronunciation, one terribly boring and totally irrelevant song and one cheap and silly shake it! number I won’t waste my words on.

    Good luck!

  2. Tell me I’m not the only one who hasn’t liked ANY of the songs presented so far (classified or not)
    Is there any hope for the next heat?

    • You´re not the only one who hasn´t liked any of the songs presented so far. The only decent song, in my opinion, is “fall in love” from the second heat but I also consider it a cheap copy from “Running Scared” (Azerbaijan 2011)

  3. Pity that Božolė didn’t qualify. I think we need some Siegel / Meinunger song parodies. Because it was a parody, wasn’t it…?

  4. Sorry I wasn’t available yesterday (tutoring session in the mornings and a party at night) so I couldn’t post a thread for the live show, but thanks to LRT and its youtube account I’ll watch now the third heat and comment live on it… Before having seen anything, i’d like to say Eden’s “Nirvana” was my favorite two years ago and I liked them since even if last year it wasn’t as good, so I’m glad they got 12, unlike Alive Way that promises a (good?) rock song in the semis! Brb after having watched for more comments :)

  5. Once again, these results show how wrong and silly the televote can be. Their 3 choices are lame and I am being diplomatic. I certainly hope that the jurors do something about it. TRT were so very wise not to give the Turkish televoters any say in the matter.

    P.S.: as I said previously these are my favourite songs from last night: ‘Crazy’ (it sets a clear path, does not stray from it and he performs it rather well) and ‘Make it happen’ (elegant song, elegantly performed).

  6. Terrible songs again. Eden’s song isn’t good and I don’t like those songs with a message in Eurovision, it’s so cheesy. It’s been done too much and every year there are several of them. :S The other two are lame. I am surprised the Swedish song finished last, lol. It sucked though, but still – it was Swedish! :O Poor Multiks, they should have gotten the most votes. Now they have no chance.

    • Worst is that, the songs we have had with messages hold almost always the same one, war is wrong or let’s change the world!!!!!

      • Yes, because the lyrics are too simple and naïve. There have been plenty of good songs with a message, but the lyrics need to be better and more poetic in a way to sound credible. Otherwise they just seem like a parody. Every year in Eurovision there are several countries who receive silly peace songs with simplistic lyrics and sing with terrible accents.

        • Agree.
          Gotta add, the show itself kills the chance for any serious message. Viewer cannot take message of “Lets work forward a better world!”, when the song sung before/after glorifies drinking, sex, or…revolves around self-egoism…

  7. My ranking :
    1) Multiks – Crazy : Simple and unpretentious. 6.8/10.
    2) Božolė – Happy & Free : Cheesy yet well performed and effective. 6.6/10.
    3) Neringa Šiaudikytė – Used to be : We used to be exposed to even worse… 6.3/10.
    Below average stuff…
    4) Elvina Milkauskaitė – Closer : Flawless vocals from the girls and that’s all ! 4.5/10.
    5) EDEN – War without end : Cheesy title , creepy vocals.Nowhere near “Nirvana”. However , most interesting orchestration of the night. 4/10.
    6) Sophie – Make it happen : Nothing to write home about. Has some nice moments though. 3.9/10.
    7) Berta Timinskaitė – Missing you , missing me . I don’t seem to remember anything since everyone was missing ( judging from the title ).Oh wait ! I remember two fat-bottomed girls :p and one skinny with glasses on! 3.5/10.
    8) Eglė Jakštytė – Give me the music : Totally bland and irrelevant ! 2/10.

  8. My first words on Sasha Song’s reprise of the Lithuanian version of “Love”, with a nice guitar solo bit, he looked rather awful in a rap-like performance, however the vocals were flat out amazing! Lithuania is my #9 of Eurovision 2009 and these vocals are great part of the reason why.

    01 Multiks – “Crazy”
    I like the tune, the whole electropop melody and the way it’s so cool and funky without going too wild and I get what’s the point of these vocals but I don’t think he’s strong enough to deliver the whole idea (it’s not Brainstorm if you want)… So overall this is refreshing fun, and one of the better Lithuanian entries so far, but nothing to die for yet. Anyway, last of televote will prevent it from going further.

    02 Eglė Jakštytė – “Give Me the Music”
    Old fashion shaky number with total irrelevance; it’s bland and the vocals are only ok (though better than what one would hope for in such an entry in a NF) but the whole messy performance make it very dated: like a bad 90s UK esc entry…

    03 Eden – “War Without End”
    It starts great and to be fair, the melody, the orchestration, the composition it really was intensely enjoyable… but in order to enjoy that, I had to totally forget about the lyrics and the vocals were quite typical Edenish but they seem to get worse each year instead of getting better unless the wow-surprise factor from “Nirvana” finally slipped. I’m torn in this. I hate the lyrics and the singing is a choice I’m not sure I support, with not amazing vocals… yet that composition is definitely the first really interesting thing we heard so far… probably the bad pronounciation makes me even harsher, but I can’t see doing that well in my list… good that it got the biggest televoting result so far, but then when you see “Loreen” and “Time for Life” you do fear that Lithuanians vote for the strangest entry each year, even if this time it’s not jokey…

    04 Elvina Milkauskaitė – “Closer”
    Incredible vocals from a girl again (like in the last heat, when we had great female vocals); this sounds odd: modernish yet retro? I adore her performance choices, her backings (only three, no need to overdo it, though i would have dressed all backings similarly to be less distracting), her rather lonely upfront performance, which is very charismatic and not shaky even if the song is upbeat… It feels a lot like the second part of “Love is Blind”, modern yet retro and overall very catchy with incredible lyrics. I’ve gotta say, I think this is the best Lithuanian entry so far, I wanted to rewatch right away at least…

    05 Sophie – Make It Happen
    What’s gotten into Lithuania’s women’s vocals? Incredible again, but the song is an electro morceau which doesn’t really go anywhere. Alone on stage, with a lot of presence you gotta giver her that but a very scary look. I think this is another “let’s be weird for the hell of it with a modernish piece” and in the end it’s rather underwhelming even if you do enjoy the three minutes ride.

    06 Neringa Šiaudikytė – Used to Be
    I hate it. This sounds like a 2006 MF entry with its all over the top schlager sweetness, the performance where you shake it all over the place, the rather bad vocals where she runs out of breathe every second and the slutty outfit. This is what I loathe in Eurovision, but as any schlager it’s got its moment where you end up singing along, so it’s not as awful as “Give me the music”. Third right now but I hope the juries can stop it from going further and help Bozole get in.

    07 Berta Timinskaitė – “Missing You, Missing Me”
    I thought the one before was MF-rejet, and I hadnt seen this one. But while the one before was more like “MF inspired”, this one is written by Swedish people who obviously know they write too much crap to even consider entering MF… or what? Hateful: the vocals which are sugary crappy, the performance all too neat, without any heart or inspiration.

    08 Božolė – “Happy and Free”
    Unpretentious teen band which even sound choraly here and there, and as the title suggests, it’s happy, simple to the point of simplistic and it’s catchy, well performed, instead it’s got very naive moments when you can tell they’re putting all their efforts in it and it makes it very sweet. Too bad the vocals are only ok, for once I wish amazing vocals were in so that it would even more uplift this, to a gospelly number. Now that would have been cool, but for a first time entry, this should go further instead of MF rejects.

    • And my current rankings of the 24 entries so far (open to changes):
      20 Elvina Milkauskaitz – Closer
      09 Alive Way – Revolution
      14 Gabrielius Vagelis & Ieva Zasimauskaite – I fall in love
      16 Beissoul & Gabriele Griciute – Beautiful life
      17 Multiks – Crazy
      24 Božole – Happy and free
      19 Eden – War without end

      01 Vudis & Samanta Tina – Hey chaki mama
      03 Gabrielius Vagelis – Sacrifice
      21 Sophie – Make it happen
      10 Mundis & Elvina – Aš ilgiuosi taves
      08 Julija Jegorova – I’ll carry you

      05 Saules Briolai – Loreen
      02 Vincentas Linkevicius – Dance the night
      07 Andrius Pojavis – Something
      22 Neringa Šiaudikyte – Used to be
      18 Egle Jakštyte – Give me the music
      11 Giedre Smolskaite – Stay awake tonight
      06 Valerija Iljinaite – Taip noriu vel
      23 Berta Timinskaite – Missing you, missing me

      13 Feliksas Merlin – Silent scream
      12 Nerius Peciura – Kas gali pakeisti gyvenima
      04 Ugne Smile – Call to you mum
      15 Timohi – Time for life

  9. I posted this during the show in the Finland article, but I figured I might as well repost here where it is relevant :D

    01 Multiks – a shaky rendition of a weak and repetitive electro-pop song (4/10)
    02 Eglė Jakštytė – the marginally better of the two euro-trash entries in this heat (5/10)
    03 Eden – production-wise one of the most interesting songs of the selection so far, but the lyrics are generic and obvious and the song a little repetitive (6/10)
    04 Elvina Milkauskaitė – A boring, dated and repetitive tune that is nevertheless sung well. The styling was old-fashioned as well (4/10)
    05 Sophie – great vocals and stage presence and one of the more interesting songs we’ve seen so far (7/10)
    06 Neringa Šiaudikytė – a complete train-wreck of a performance and a very forgettable euro-trash song (4/10)
    07 Berta Timinskaitė – a pretty decent singer and a servicable (albeit generic) Swedish-style pop tune. However, as Patrick pointed out, the song and singer were completely mismatched (5/10)
    08 Božolė – sooo cheesy it hurts :P (4/10)

    All in all, probably the weakest heat in my subjective opinion. Hoping for something good in the next two weeks :)

    • My ranking of the current finalists (with my predicted Heat 3 finalists in brackets):

      1. Andrius Pojavis – 6/12
      (Eden – 6/12)
      2. Beissoul & Gabrielė Griciūtė – 5/12
      3. Gabrielius Vagelis – 5/12
      4. Saulės Broliai – 5/12
      (Elvina Milkauskaitė – 4/12)
      5. Ieva Zasimauskaitė & Gabrielius Vagelis – 4/12
      (Neringa Šiaudikytė – 4/12)
      6. Timohi – 3/12

      • All of the entries in the national selection so far that I have scored higher than 5/10…

        1. Valerija Iljinaitė – 8/10
        2. Giedrė Smolskaitė – 7/10
        3. Sophie – 7/10
        4. Vudis & Samanta Tina – 7/10
        5. Andrius Pojavis – 6/10
        6. Eden – 6/10
        7. Beissoul & Gabrielė Griciūtė – 6/10

  10. I don’t like any of them(the televoting top-3 i mean).
    Eden suck live.Terrible accent,annoying lyrics.The melody could be interesting.The other 2 are just bland.

  11. Belgium will decide in December as well ! That means we will know ( best case scenario ) 6 entries for Malmo at the end of this year :
    Albania , Switzerland , Lithuania , Belgium : Certain ones !
    Ukraine , Belarus : Unless they don’t change their minds…

  12. I like Neringa Šiaudikytė!!! It should win whole NF!! Nice voice!

  13. Nothing interesting so far! That is rare when you can’t find any song during the national selection that you could atleast like, but this is the case! If this is all that Lithuania can offer then they take part in the contest with an “Olympic slogan” “The most important is participation and not the victory”!

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