Lithuania: Three More Qualifiers Announced!

Lithuania – Six days since the second heat (out of  five) was held, three songs were announced: they get to move forward to the semi-finals. Like last week, the full jury results are not known but three out of the eight entries discovered live last Saturday were declared winners. The first heat saw a surprise as the third of televote did not make it to the semifinal. Will it be the same this time around? Check it out!

And it appears that this time around, the songs that came in the Top 3 of televote made it to the semi-final! We don’t know if the order is the same though, but TimohiIeva Zasimauskaite & Gabrielius Vagelis and Beissoul & Gabriele Griciute all made it to the final.

As a reminder, this is how the televote had ranked the entries:

12. Timohi – 966
10. Ieva Zasimauskaite & Gabrielius Vagelis – 638
08. Beissoul & Gabriele Griciute – 624
07. Mundis & Elvina – 549
06. Alive Way – 314
05. Giedre Smolskaite – 300
04. Nerius Peciura – 121
03. Feliksas Merlin – 29

It may come as a surprise that even with the 50% vote, joke act Timohi made it through as the panelists during the live show presented many objections to it, but the 12 pts from televote made it hard to overcome. However, let’s remind our readers that the panelists are not the full members of the jury (which is why results are not announced during the televised live show) and that the full results are not known.

So far, we have six songs qualified for the semi-final, two of which are performed by the same singer, Gabielius Vagelis having made it from both heats he was in:

  • Saulės Broliai – Loreen
  • Andrius Pojavis – Something
  • Gabrielius Vagelis – Sacrifice
  • Timohi – Time for Life
  • Ieva Zasimauskaite & Gabrielius Vagelis – I Fall in Love
  • Beissoul & Gabriele Griciute – Beautiful Life

Next heat tomorrow! What do you think so far of the six songs in the semifinal?

23 comments on “Lithuania: Three More Qualifiers Announced!

  1. I am so glad “I Fall in Love” and “Beautiful Life” both made it, and disappointed Alive Way were too far down the televote and that instead the worst joke act Timohi made it. I hope for even better songs and entries later on and hopefuly something that can appeal both to juries and televote, and also to me and to the Eurovision stage. So far, Ieva/Gabrielius and Beissoul/Gabriele are two duetts I really love for their great vocal skills and cool performance, but neither song is like a masterpiece I adore either. Mainstream and professional but that’s it. We want more!

  2. Two of the three acts that deserved it made it, although I have to say that none of the six songs in the final are all the good and don’t deserve to make it to Eurovision.

  3. Beissoul’s song is the best among the three imo. But not as good as his effort last year. For me “Why” was along with, “Mistaken”, “Oblivion” and “The Destination” the best songs of all esc 2012 season.

    Btw, last year we had “Kuula”, this year we have Vagelis :p

    • Agreed on “Oblivion”, my personal favorite of 2012, which won the BoNF 2012 (Best of National Final, a contest I hold every year where I make my non-esc friends vote for the best songs in all the NF and internally selected entries, basically all songs close to esc that year. I personally select the finalists though…) It beat “Suus” by no less than 13pts! “The Destination” and “Why” were stopped in semi (there are only 15 songs in the final) and “Mistaken” I don’t see which it is, which is not a good sign :p

      • Maria Mccool’s “Mistaken” from the Irish nf this year :)

        • oh yeah, well “Waterfall” was plain awful but I thought “Mistaken” was too underwhelming live to be that memorable, but yes it would have been a nicer entry!

          i was thinking of changing BoNF, many non-esc fans are hard to convince to listen to the songs and watch the videos, and make it 10 juries out of us, the followers of Eurovision Times, but I don’t know if I should go on with the idea… but that would be cool, I can read here and there that many songs that did well in BoNF are actually the ones people liked too anyway

  4. 3 average and boring songs. :(

    I really loved Beissoul’s ‘Why’ last year. Due to his English pronunciation and some grammatical flaws I only awarded 9/12 though.

  5. Gabrielius Vagelis – Sacrifice is my favourite so far! I can’t see any other of them going to Sweden, they’re just average! Timohi copying Ukraine 2007, Lithuanian worse version of Ell&Nikki (eva Zasimauskaite & Gabrielius Vagelis) and I can’t stand Gabriele Griciute’s voice.
    By the way, shouldn’t the votes be much more for a national final? I mean between 3rd and 4th there are only 80 votes, if my whole family had voted we could have had a different result! Is the show so unpopular in Lithuania?

  6. Performing in one of the later heats. I’m excited!

    • That sounds good to me. :) Unfortunately, it doesn’t look as good to me. And please, can someone teach the lady how to pronounce ‘radio’!?

  7. The sad part is that Timohi is the most interesting song out of these. The other two songs are soooooooo boring and below average. I’m still waiting for Linas and Multiks to hopefully save this NF filled with averageness. “On the radio” also sounds like one of the below average wannabe-songs. :S

  8. Beissoul looks like Rafael Nadal!! LOL :P :D

    His entry with that girl is the best till now for me in the final, but not GREAT!

  9. The annoying guys have made it through. :( Congratulations.

  10. Ahlala fans and their hatred against joke songs that aren’t joke songs (or at least not more than Eurotrahs). Don’t worry, with stupid 50/50 in every heat and conventional people in juries, they won’t make it in the end.

  11. Haven’t fallowed all the songs of the night but the outcome far away is not impressive!

  12. Unfortunately they won’t qualify since they were second last in the telvoting. :( Eden got the most votes tonight.

  13. Timohi do have the song with the most distinctive and interesting melody IMO.The problem is the live performance of the song and their accent.The other 2 are well performed but rather boring radio friendly songs…

  14. […] The first heat saw a surprise as the third of televote did not make it to the semifinal; in the second heat all three televote qualifiers made it through. What will it be the same this time? Check it […]

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