Malta: 69 Semi-Finalists Announced!

Malta – The Maltese broadcaster PBS has announced the 69 songs out of 182 recieved that go forward to the second stage of selection, the semi-finals. However, only 24 will qualify for the grand final to be held in January; the winner will get the ticket to represent Malta in Malmö at the Eurovision Song Contest 2013.

Quoting PBs official site: “There were originally 182 songs submitted. This year’s edition, attracted over 100 composers and author’s from thirteen different countries; among them Sweden, Norway, Spain, France, Australia and Israel. From the 182 submitted songs, 120 authors hail from Malta.”

The list of the semifinalists with details of the composers and authors can be found on the official site. The official 24 finalists will be announced in a special edition of Xarabank on November 30. The Eurovision song contest final is set to take place at the end of January.

The 69 songs, in alphabetical order:

  • All My Love – Fiona Cauchi
  • An Everlasting Dream – Fabrizio Faniello
  • Betrayed – Davinia Pace
  • Captivated – Francesca Borg
  • Closer To You – Miriam Christine
  • Cold Whispers – Karen Debattista
  • Could Have Been Me – Ioana Dalli
  • Crying My Heart Out – Ilaria Aquilina
  • Dancing In The Rain – Jos
  • Dress Rehearsal – Saska Hunt
  • Fall Like Rome – Richard Edwards
  • Fantasy – Danica Muscat
  • Fearless – Danica Muscat
  • For All Those Times – Gloriana Arpa Belli
  • Forbidden Love – Nada (Nada Vella)
  • Fuego – Baklava
  • Give A Little More – Janvil
  • Her Song – Richard Edwards
  • Here I Am – Anna Azzopardi
  • High – Nadine Bartolo
  • Immortal – Kaya
  • In Control – Amber
  • In Our Love – Roger Tirazona
  • In Your Kiss – Jessica Muscat
  • It’s All About A Boy – Ally
  • Keep Believing – Raquela
  • Kiss Our Dreams Goodbye – Romina Mamo
  • Let Your Heart Talk – Franklin Calleja
  • Love-O-Holic – Deborah C
  • Loverdose – Melanie Zammit
  • Meant For More – Stefan Galea
  • My Love Is Dead – Janice Mangion
  • My Stranger Love – Corazon Mizzi
  • Naked – Victorio Gauci
  • Needing You – Kevin Borg
  • Never Walk Away – Chris Grech
  • No One’s Home – Petra
  • No Way! – Annalise Ellul
  • Overrated – Marilena Gauci
  • Perfect Day – Janice Debattista
  • Radio – Daniel Micallef
  • Reach The Light – Ben (Benjamin Darmanin)
  • Ready For Love – Laura Bruno
  • Ride – Estell Fenech Imbroll
  • Serenita – Jessica Muscat
  • Silence Broken – Annabelle Debono & Sean Vella
  • Silent Tears – Tiziana Calleja
  • Somewhere Under The Sun – William Mangion
  • Starting From The End – Dorothy Bezzina
  • Starting Over – Derrick Schembri
  • Sublime – Romina Mamo
  • Superstar – Scar
  • Tabula Rasa – Julie Pomorski
  • Take Me As I Am – Rachel Tedesco Triccas
  • The Thief – Dario Mifsud Bonnici
  • The Remedy – Klinsmann Coleiro
  • The Question – Nadine Bartolo
  • Tides Of Illusion – Ylenia Vella
  • Tomorrow – Gianluca Bezzina
  • Too Little Too Late – Dominique Azzopardi
  • 24 Hours – Corinne Caruana
  • Ultraviolet – Jessica Muscat
  • Unbelievable – Rosman Pace
  • Us Against The World – Gianni Zammit
  • Vendetta – Vanessa Gatt
  • When It’s Time – Claudia Faniello
  • Will You Be There – Michelle Micallef
  • Wonderful Today – Petra & Richard Edwards
  • You Belong To Me – Romina Mamo

52 comments on “Malta: 69 Semi-Finalists Announced!

  1. I can see many recognisable names. Good luck!

  2. I won’t hide that unlike many people I hate the Maltese NF. They’re long, over the top, boring, the music quality is totally missing and the results are always flat out awful (typically maltese). I hope that for once Klinsmann Coleiro, the only one to bring quality in there, will get to the ESC stage…

    • I’m not a big fan of todays Maltese finals myself. Especially becuase of the marathon interval acts. But I really like Malta for all the energy they give for this and there are many songs from the past I can’t deny to love. Now I got tempted to bomb this site with personal favourite Maltese songs. :)

      Of all these artists I see, I especially like Amber and J.Anvil (when he does the cabaret songs). The Faniellos are there as usual (sigh) and we have old winners like William Mangion and Miriam Christine. Klinsmann (who I find mostly boring) and Rosman Pace (who I detest) are there too.

      My money is on Kevin Borg right now, but we’ll wait and see.

      Good luck!

      • Looking at the songwriters and see many Swedish names. And are there really any European country that still has not recieved a song from Thomas G’son or Rafael Artesero? Sad to see that my favourite composer Ray Agius only have one song among them.

  3. I’m also one of those people who don’t really fancy the Maltese national finals.The good thing is that they see their NFS as a big party.Many familiar names on this list.I really hope it will be the first time that i’ll really like an entry from Malta.

    • first time? since when do you follow esc? I haven’t liked any modern maltese esc entries either but in the past they’ve managed to please me a few times (1994 and 1997 most of all) and Chiara, however cheesy her songs, is quite good live and a great singer (but i’ve never liked her songs and she’s not in my top 10 except in 1998)

      • My first esc memories esc are from the 1988 and 1989 editions since i was 6 or 7 y.o.I find some of the Maltese entries ok but nothing to write home about.Most of them are quite generic,dated and souless IMO.They do have good vocals most of the times but that can’t make me warm up to a song.

  4. Well, there are many of the usual suspects in this list which isn’t a surprise at all if we consider what a small place Malta is. My hopes rest first and foremost on Ally (loved her ‘Numb’ in 2011) and Scar, who should have won the best Maltese NF ever in 2007. Unfortunately, the Maltese decided to send a cheesy thing without musical substance which was further damaged by a totally ridiculous over-the-top performance to Helsinki.

    Raquela and Klinsmann will probably come up with sth I like too and I really like Corazon as a live singer. She made her average ballad soar last year.

    Good luck to my favourite country in this world. :)

    P.S. There are only 2 Maltese ESC songs I really love, namely 1994 and 1998.

  5. Malta always seem to go over the top with quantity of songs in their national final. Also the cheese factor. There are occasions where they have some excellent songs but with having so many songs in a final with a relatively small population means the best songs may just miss out. I feel they need a smaller national final with better quality entries which do not then cancel each other out as much. The problem is the surprise winners they have in their final just seem to sneak through!

  6. In addition to strong vocals I want to hear strong songs :)Good luck to the cutest island in Europe in their selection

  7. again faniello’s family and also other familiar from every year Maltese NF . Personal i thing that Malta should choose internally singer and song ( utleast for 2 – 3 years ) for many reasons .

  8. Sorry but I find both Maltese entries and NF’s extremely boring…No wonder why they rank #43 on my esc countries list with an average of 4,73…The Maltese entries I enjoy the most are the ones from 1991 , 2002 and 2005.
    I wish them good luck ! They really seem to enjoy every single moment of it !

  9. any news from Slovenia?they are still quite this year..

  10. i dont trust wiki said that slovenia and slovakia confirmed.

  11. First half of the 90’s is the best period of Maltese entries in the ESC imho. They were 3 times in my top10: 1991, 1992, 1994. But since then…chaos. I hope I’ll like their song in Malmö.
    Good luck Malta.

    Off topic: I understand that San Marino and Greece have, sort of, confirmed for Malmö too. I hope that there will be an article on that soon.

    • Yes,Oxi.Johnny Kalimeris who is again member of the ERT board short of confirmed it.If he is in charge it is both a good and a bad thing.It’s good because he believes in esc and he will defend the project but it’s also a bad thing because his usual approach to esc is theold,worn out one.

    • is that you asking me to make an article? :p

      • That would be great, Morgan ;) :)

        • However I only post official infos or very relevant rumors stating and quoting where it comes from (i highly insisted that it was Esctoday that revealed Turkey’s internal selection, the rest came from SVT or PBS themselves)… so if you could link me so I can create the discussion pages that’d be lovely ;)

    • Malta was best during the 90’s. I especially like how Air Malta was always there as a main sponsor. Not only was it visible during the finals, the women handing over the awards were dressed as stewardesses (maybe they were stewardesses) and they had to be in the music video, which often looked more like a tourist video for Malta than an actual music video.

  12. Good luck Malta, hope we get something great this year.
    San Marino has officially confirmed participation (esctoday) and Greece did so some days ago.
    Am not sure on Slovenia nor Slovakia but Montenegro, Poland and Portugal have yet to make an announcement too.

  13. Noooooooooooooo, Wayne Micallef is missing!!!! :( At least he has composed and written several entries and Richard is back with 3 entries, but I will miss Wayne on the stage. Daniel and Michelle must be their siblings since they have teamed up on both their entries. I’m also glad to see Corazon back.

    I like the Maltese NF, they’re cozy and I like being able to recognize most of them. :)
    The bad news is that the damn Swedes are invading every country’s NF’s. :( It’s really tragic and desperate of them. Christian Ingebrigtsen from Norway is also on the list…

    Anyway, I can’t wait for the Maltese NF! :D

  14. a hint to an old friend back here!

  15. am back in town ! :-)

  16. so much to tell, and so little time..and thanks to dear skambasassador for his welcome, I hope everyone here is like him, a lovely decent and intelligent person…ufff fingers crossed! :-) I lost all that a few years ago!

    • and for Shevek, catching up with things, and in relation with current “nationalism” here in Spain (Catalonia) and one of your favourites :Salomé, (nationalist!!), Català version (or “Valenciano” version..) images of Barcelona, but she represents Valencia here in Spain :-)

  17. Oh my, it’s only 23.25 here and I can’t even keep my eyes open. What a day it has been!
    A very good night to everyone with one of my fav greek female singers, Melina Aslanidou

    The guy singing along with her (1.20-1.33) is the composer of the song (titled, to lathos=the mistake) Antonis Vardis, father of Yanni Vardis (greek nf 2002) who actually is sitting next to him.
    Welcome once again Paul :)

    PS: Togravus, Shevek, Paul, you all got mail ;)

  18. thanks again lovely oxi, will try my best to keep in touch here,as I explained to you before, really Catalan/Spanish future as a”nation” these days depends on whether you are LaLaLa- Massiel or Lalala Joan (Juan) Manel Serrat, indicative of Catalonian vote somehow!! :-) speak soon to old friends here soon I hope …:-)

  19. Belgium has decided for esc 2013.I hope there will be an article.

  20. Many names are quite familiar here and of course the maltese nf veteran Claudia Faniello couldn’t miss it. Before listening to the songs I have to say I do hope she has a good enough song this time around (like last year) and finally get her chance in esc.

  21. […] (national final on February the 16th), Lithuania (national final on December 20th), Malta (the national final is to be held in January), Switzerland (national final on December the 15th), Turkey (it will be […]

  22. My favourite, Moon dance did’nt qualify?!

  23. O wait, that was in 2011… *facepalm*

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