Switzerland: Chiara and Ally Qualify

SwitzerlandTonight saw the Swiss-Italian broadcaster RSI hold its regional heat consisting of 7 songs. Two songs were chosen to go through to the Swiss national final, Die Grosse Entscheidungsshowon, on December 15th. The jury selected Ally, who sang ‘Catch Me‘ and the Televoters picked Chiara Dubey with ‘Bella Sera‘ after a live radio show from Lugano, where the following seven acts performed their songs:

Theo – My wonderful life
N2L(Never too late)  – Smoke out
Marilise  – Nobody
Ally  – Catch me
Chiara Dubey  – Bella sera
Vanda Palma  – La farfalla va
Sohaila  – But who

Listen to them all online here

Three more songs will be chosen from the French broadcaster RTS internally, and four from the German Swiss broadcasters SF where Internet voting will decide the qualifiers.

Here’s Chiara:

49 comments on “Switzerland: Chiara and Ally Qualify

  1. oh dear. I dislike both of those. Get Lys on…

  2. I like Chiara Dubey, but Men Meadow is my favorite, I HOPE THEY GO TO MALMO!!!

    If not why they don’t ask RTS to represent Serbia in ESC, I would like Men Meadow to represent Serbia in Malmo with “How does it feel”! That would be really great! :)
    We must choose in English this time and allow foreign composers!

  3. Yay, my two favorite acts have qualified. :)

  4. Can’t find “catch me” online :( chiara was already third in last year’s final, but I think she’s got no real voice nor charisma and would definitely come near last in esc semi :( Anna and Sinplus came 10th and 11th in esc semi so I’d hope they can stay on a good trend!

  5. I liked Chiara’s song once again but as Morgan said she is weak live and totally lacks charisma…
    Ally’s song ( despite some good moments ) is repetitive and nothing to write home about.

    Switzerland is among my least favourite esc countries post 90’s.Their only entry I love is their 2005 one and I am afraid that if they don’t come up with anything of a similar lever , they will struggle once again ( and deservedly so imo )
    I wish them good luck ! Fingers crossed for the songs from the French broadcaster ;)

  6. I wished for these two and I got my wish. I like Chiara’s song very much. The Swiss NF is off to a good start. :) Congratulations, Chiara and Ally.

  7. If we send again in Serbian, I DUNNO, I’M GONNA KILL SOMEBODY SERIOUSLY THIS TIME!!!

  8. Yes! My two favourite songs got through :D

  9. Am happy enough with this result, I like both songs. Good luck to them both.

  10. Great to see this website back up! Does anyone know where the performances can be found? I would love to see Chiara Dubey live! Best of luck to both! <3
    And, great to be back commenting here now ESCToday has their horrible new design we need somewhere like this :)

  11. I’m not exactly thrilled.I certainly like Chiara’s song more but i think she had a stronger entry last year.Ally’s song is okish.
    The hosts of esc 13 have been announced.I’m gutted Sarah Dawn Finer isn’t hosting the event.Instead we have Danny Saucedo…:(

    • The only good thing about Danny Saucedo being a host is that he can’t represent Sweden at the same time …

      ♫♪♫ Always look on the bright side … ♪♫♪

    • Hi Dimitri,
      Don’t panic just yet, I think you might have it mixed up a little, Danny Saucedo and Gina Dirawi are actually hosting MF 2013 and Not the Contest proper whose host has yet to be announced from what I gather. Hope that makes you feel better and you may yet still get your wish to see Sarah Dawn Finer hosting.

      • Thanks Martin!How did i miss that?Lol!Indeed they are the hosts of M.F!That’s good news.I definitely prefer Sarah D.Finer and måns zelmerlöw to do the esc hosting but it’s going to be only 1.

    • Yes, this Danny Saucedo character would of course pop up somewhere. :( But I think it was rather obvious that he wouldn’t participate this year again.

      Really, I don’t get why SVT keep giving the host job to people who has never done any hosting before. Gina Dirawi is OK, but can’t be compared with semi-goddess Sarah Dawn Finer. Is she planning to make a comeback next year?

      OnT: Glad to see Chiara qualifying. But we haven’t seen Granny Cool yet. :P

  12. Where can I find the live performances? Anyone? <3 :)

  13. While we’re waiting for new posts, I got the idea to re-start the “Song of the Day” series, but this time not with ESC entries but with national final songs. And they are not picked up randomly but I have chosen them personally in a real dictator way. ;) My intention is to present songs that I think deserves some attention (not that they necessary are good), and there are far too many national final songs that have fallen into the shadows. There is no intention to drown this forum with music videos, I’m just gonna pick up one in two-three days.

    The first one: MFÖ – No problem (Turkey 1987)

    MFÖ has participated in ESC twice and while their 1985 entry Didai didai dai was a rather unispired story, their second song Sufi from 1988 belongs to my Top 3 of Turkish entries ever. Between those two songs, MFÖ had this one in the 1987 final. While “Sufi” was a song with clear oriental influences, this is more western in its style. I think it is a groovy, enjoyable song, and MFÖ are always good performers. Very 80’s, and it would probably have given Turkey a more decent result than the cheesy and hysterical “Sarkim sevgi üstüne” (which I still somehow like in all its campness). The result was given by a 16 men strong jury, and no one voted for MFÖ.

    Sad that it doesn’t seem to be any video from the final. This is one of the problems with my momentary series; I might be too narrow when it comes to countries, because far from all of the ESC countries has their national final songs on YouTube.

    • I like it a lot but then I have always liked the very special MFÖ sound. Those guys’ voices blend in with each other quite beautifully, don’t they?

      • Definitely. A great harmony between them. But I would also like to add their great costumes to the positive list. It’s such a pity they didn’t stay with the sailor outfit they had at the rehearsal in 1988. :)

    • I like it too. It’s hard not to like these guys.

      P.S.: I’ve just had the most delicious African desert called quindim and I am looking forward to listening to the 2013 hopefuls. :)

  14. Kenga Magjike festival in Albania started, it’s always before FIK, and it’s much better and modern than FIK..I wish it was their preselection festival instead of FIK! :(

    Kejsi Tola – GREAT ballad:

    Blerta Gace – would be great for ESC:

    Xhensila Myrtezai – she had the best song in last year FIK, but that shit won, she is the best again in Kenga Magjike, but I doubt she will partcipate in horrible FIK, in FIK always selection is horrible and ultra oldfashioned:

    And Adrian Gaxha who participated for Macedonia in Belgrade (2008) feat. Floriani!! :)

    • I could only listen to Kejsi Tola’s song which is a nice ballad indeed. However, Kejsi is still very unfortunate when it comes to choosing dresses. Plus I wish that she had had a better song for ESC, not that cheap europop cum schlager concoction …

    • Xhensila does have a nice voice, but whenever her songs are in studio version, they just sound so overproduced. I wish she’d let her natural voice shine more. It’s a good song (not as good as her FiK 2012 entry). She’s also not participating in FiK 51, which I think is a bit of a shame because there are quite a few Albanian singers participating this year that please me greatly.

  15. Off topic but i wanted to share 2 songs from Greta Salome’s upcoming album.I really like both of them

    • Thanks for the links, Dimitri. Due to the current workload I find it pretty hard to catch up on things. :( If things at work do not change soon, I will have to rely on all you guys to keep me up to date during the NF season.

      Both Greta Salome songs are nice enough but a tad too conventional for my taste.

      • we’ll do our best to keep you posted. I hope you’ll have a more relaxed schedule,come December.

        • Thanks! That’s what ESC buddies are for. :)
          I only hope that we will have a space to discuss everything once the season kicks off …

  16. Happy Halloween / All Hallow’s Eve all ye ESC fans out there! Not that I’m celebrating it myself but still. :)

    I think I’m gonna follow up my Song of the Day tonight.

    Ainda é tempo – Pedro Miguéis (Portugal 1995)

    This song is a typical Portuguese fado ballad which appeared in the mid-90’s when ethnic music became a strong part of the Eurovision. And this one is a real gem in its genre, dark and poetic and with a really memorable hook. It is also well-sung by Pedro, eventhough I’m not so sure about his choice of clothes. It was written by the song writing duo Jan van Dijck and Nuno Gomes dos Santos, who tried many times in the 90’s but never won. The song was the favourite of the televoters and the Porto jury, but in the end it did only finish fourth. The winner was “Baunilha e chocolate”, a gospel attempt by Tó Cruz, and though I’ve expressed my worshipping of great Rosa Lobato de Faria before on this thread, I can’t really explain her success that time. The winning song was just bland and dull, while this could have been one more top song for the great ESC edition of 1995. Pedro tried to win Festival RTP in 1994 and 1996 too, but those songs were just good. This was great.

    • Why you post these prehistoric and boring NF entries, I’d like to see smth new and fresh from NFs, for example this is GREAT:

      I hope smth like that will be for Sweden in Malmo, it’s much better than Loreen!

      • I am a musical dinosaur, dear Marko. Traditional ethnic ballads or chansons will always be first in line when it comes to me. ;)

        “Human frontier” was a good, though a bit light, song. I was at the rehearsal in Malmö 2010 and that song was the clear favourite of the audience. I did never understood how it could be so hyped, since I personally did only find it OK/good. I think it was fair and square that is surpassed to Andra Chansen, where it was eliminated by Kalle Moraeus. Again, fair and square. :)

        You ask me about the best MF song ever?! Well, that’s a tricky one. I can give you the Top 10 I feel right now (ask me tomorrow and I have probably changed my mind).

        1. Den vilda – One More Time (1996)
        2. Ett liv med dig – Towe Jaarnek (1991)
        3. Stad i ljus – Tommy Körberg (1988)
        4. Om igen – Lena Philipsson (1988)
        5. Nygammal vals – Lill Lindfors & Svante Thuresson (1966)
        6. Annorstädes vals – Ingvar Wixell (1965)
        7. Som av is – Roger Pontare (1999)
        8. Där en ängel hälsat på – N-Mix (1997)
        9. Alla har glömt – Towa Carson (1967)
        10. En gång ska han gråta – Garmarna (1997)

    • Yes, I forgot few days ago I had a dream that Shirley Clamp finally represents Sweden in Malmo next year, after many attempts, she performed with Shirley’s Angels like in last MF where she took part, and it was great, they sang both in Swedish and English! :D That would be GREAT! Or Anna Book with “Samba sambero”!! :D I love “Samba sambero”!

      Samba sambero, samba samberio!! :D :D

    • What is your favorite MF entry EVER? Mine is 2007 Verona – “La musica”!!!

    • This one is indeed way better than the one chosen to represent them in 1995 which imo is one of the weakest Portuguese esc contrbutions ( of course nothing beats 2006 )

    • I agree that this one is a real gem. In fact, I consider it among the best 100 songs ever to come near ESC. I like ‘Baunilha e chocolate’ too (unfortunately, Tó Cruz’ live vocals were far from perfect …) but I really, really love ‘Ainda é tempo’, which has been in my ESC playlist ever since I discovered it in 2005. :)

      • It’s an above average song, but it’ a tad dry, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

        Marko, I am answering your comments here: thanks for the links. I also like Kejsi’ song, but Juliana Pasha’s is my favourite among the few that I’ve heard. I love ‘Diamant’ very much.

      • “Among the best 100 songs”

        Wow, you have obviously rooted in the national finals more than I have. :)
        “Baunilha e chocolate” is just too anonymous and dull for me. I can never catch the song, and than it doesn’t matter that the lyrics are great as usual. Portugal seemed to start a little trend in 1995-1996, singing about the world wideness of the Portuguese Empire, but they dropped it then.

  17. I’d like Anna Book to represent Serbia in Malmo! That would be AMAZING! :D

  18. The names of the songs in the first Lithuanian heat have been released. There’s one title that really piques my interest. It’s “Kate’s Morning at 10:08” by Valerija Iljinaite. I looked her up, and she’s got a nice voice but needs to work on her control a little more.

    I don’t know. That title is so specific that I can’t help but wanting to hear it.

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