Loreen: New Album ‘Heal’ Released

Loreen  – Swedish winner Loreen sees the release of her much awaited new album, Heal, this week. Last year’s winning ESC song “Euphoria” has become one of the most successful Eurovision singles in 20 years, topping charts around the world. Two singles have been released from the album so far; a remixed version of her 2011 hit “My Heart Is Refusing Me” and  “Crying Out Your Name”. The album has just been released in Ireland, with more countries following suit next week, with the album being released in Sweden on 24th October. The album is released by Warner Music and all tracks on the album were co-written and co-produced by the singer. Reviews so far have been positive.

” it’s half dance and half balladry. But that latter half is lush, electronic, epic balladry, at that.” – Scandipop

“Loreen does dance music to perfection, and despite the heavily produced instrumentation, her vocals remain stark and she remains in total control. When she strips it down on the slower songs, the result is epic.” – Wiwibloggs

You can listen to the album streaming online here.

Loreen has been nominated for Worldwide Act at the MTV European Music Awards. You can vote here: http://tv.mtvema.com/

Check out Loreen’s latest single here:

2 comments on “Loreen: New Album ‘Heal’ Released

  1. I really like her new album.Ι will definitely buy it.One of my favorite songs from “Heal”:

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