BLP #4: Miodio – Complice

  Best Last Place – 90 songs have come last or shared last at the Eurovision Song Contest. Over the last weeks hundreds of our readers have voted for their favorites. Each voter submitted his personal Top 5. In the next days we will reveal your Top 15. Today, we continue with the debut of a microstate.

The microstate San Marino made its debut in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008. Out of over 50 submitted songs, the band Miodio and their song “Complice” (“Accomplice”) were selected to represent San Marino. The alternative rock band consists of three Italian and two San Marinese members. In the lyrics, they call a lover their accomplice: “I never would have thought of you as my accomplice. Capable of understanding my every joy or sorrow” and a keeper: “And feeling you as a part of me. Is like having an angel. Sustain my every uncertain step”. The song was performed in Italian. With only 5 points (2 from Andorra, 3 from Greece), San Marino failed to qualify for the final and actually came last with their debut entry.

34 comments on “BLP #4: Miodio – Complice

  1. Great song that should have qualified. 3rd on my list here. Now the only we need are Norway 2012, Switzerland 2011 and Finland 2009

  2. Well, that’s a nice surprise. I forgot about this song and i really like it.

  3. Agree! Norway 2012 and Switzerland 2011 are probably the most underrated songs in ESC. Worst-case-scenario they should have got 15th!

  4. Good song !!! I suppose it came last because it´s a bit fogottable.

  5. Here’s the 4 minute album version. This song was so underrated and when I saw it was beneath Leto Svet…no comment.

    This is a song I showed a high school friend of mine and she instantly fell for it. She has annual favorites, but this was one she told me she couldn’t stop listening to when I first gave her the mp3. She even checked out their album, Avantgarde, on her own.

    I hope San Marino will reach the final soon, they keep climbing up, up, up, up, up :P

  6. Morocco 1980 the most underrated

  7. One of my favorite eurovision songs EVER !!!
    Congratulations San Marino for one of the greatest debut entries.Unfortunately they lost their track afterwards ( Just compare this to San Marino 12…).
    My 2nd most underrated esc entry of all times !
    Seriously , I don’t know what went wrong that year…Was it the distracting choreography?

  8. I say: Hurrah to this!!! Simly love it. Pleasantly surprised to see it on this list.

  9. One of the best songs that year, by far the best entry from San Marino, and probably one of the most underrated songs ever. Deserved to be on the list, perhaps even a bit higher :)

  10. I’ll go for it. San Marino 2008 is and will forever be one of the most underrated entries of all time.

  11. I really want San Marino to qualify… This year they got their best result ever (14th) and I hope they’ll improve in 2013 :) Good luck!

  12. Nice surprise in the top 4 it’s in my top 10 for esc 2008 and definitely did not deserve to be last, and since we knew we were aiming at all 00s that’s a great surprise! How come it did not make the top 15 Best Semi-Final Non Qualifiers then? kss!

  13. Nice song and deserved place here… and thanks for who voted for it

  14. Not my cup of tea, but of course I can hear that it is a well-written song and I feel the creativity in it. Too bad, though, that it seems to be almost only songs from the 00’s on this list.

  15. Btw, I’m glad that one of the only two countries to give “Complice” any points, was Greece.

    Good night everyone.

  16. Great song,

  17. Well, deserved! Great song, but what were we thinking at the time, giving San Marino FIVE lousy points, should’ve qualified!!!

  18. Very well deserved. :) I love this song and the fact that it came last in the semi.final is one of the biggest injustices in the history of ESC ever. Another proof of the farce the voting in 2008 was … In fact, 2008 was the nadir of voting in the history in ESC which made it perfectly clear that ESC was destined to die with 100 % televoting.

  19. Yes i really like this song!It was criminally underrated back in 2008.The best Sammarinese entry to date.

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