BLP #5: Andy Abraham – Even If

  Best Last Place – 90 songs have come last or shared last at the Eurovision Song Contest. Over the last weeks hundreds of our readers have voted for their favorites. Each voter submitted his personal Top 5. In the next days we will reveal your Top 15. Today, we continue with the second last place ever for a big Eurovision nation: The United Kingdom!

The UK representative in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 in Belgrade was Andy Abraham. The former garbage man had come second in the second series of X-Factor in the UK. He went on to win the British national final with the Mowtown-sounding soul-pop song “Even if”. Abraham became the first British entrant since 1989 not to hit the top 40 singles chart, peaking at number 67. Apart from this disappointment, the entry also didn’t fare very well with Eurovision viewers. Only 14 points (from Ireland and San Marino) were not enough to avoid the second ever last place for the United Kingdom.

53 comments on “BLP #5: Andy Abraham – Even If

  1. Ok, that is a very positive surprise. I was really afraid it didn’t make it to the list. But I’m also a sucker for Motown ;-)

  2. Undeserved in my opinion. There was absolutely nothing special about the song, and I actually expected it to come last that year.

  3. Surprised that’s on the top 5. It’s an ok song, but there are better last place songs.

    I wonder where’s Finland 2009 & Norway 2012

  4. Very boring song. Perhaps not for last place, but doesn’t deserve to be on this list. This high even!

  5. Not at all a bad song, and a decent performance. Out of all disasters that came last over these decades, I’m quite satisfied it’s on this list. And now it becomes very interesting to predict the top three!

    • I guess Norway 2012 will appear in the top 4 as it is the most recent last place. Finland 2009 is also likely. None of these are really my cup of tea, though.

      • Yes, I’d say Norway 2012 (not that bad but not my cup of tea either), Finland 2009 almost certainly (good but totally unsuitable for stage performance – at least to such one). We’re in for some surprises in top 4 – my guess is also Switzerland 2011 (not that I think it should be on the list), San Marino 2008 (quite good, and recent enough), and just possibly Switzerland 1998.

        Sweden 1963 was my favourite for the top of this list, but I should be happy it’s in it at all!

  6. I also always thought it was an ok song, underwhelming for its genre, but the singer was fine and the performance rather cool! I really wished it had done better, to prevent UK to go to Josh, Blue… But then in 2008 it’s far from my top 20 and without deserving the last place (Poland and Germany deserved it so much more) it wasnt that a crime either. Shouldn’t be in this top 5. Poland 2011 and Norway 2012 will fight for the title, Finland 2009… who else? Malta 2006?

  7. I feel a bit sorry for Andy. He’s a good singer and deserved a better result. Or at least a better song. “Even if” is not that bad, it’s just streamlined. It lacks a chorus imo, it’s just a three minutes long verse.

  8. It definately didn’t deserve last place; Latvia and Poland were miles worse imho (in fact I think there is no comparison between them and UK08). But #5 on this list? I think it’s too high.

    • oh yeah Latvia of course, right up there with Poland and Germany in the pile of… of 2008! thumbs me down people :p

      • Tbh, 2008 is a rather peculiar case in my books; there are so many songs that I love that year: Serbia, Portugal, France,Turkey, Albania, Finland, San Marino, Bosnia & Herzegovina, but at the same time, so many ones that I strongly dislike: Slovenia, Poland, Latvia, Andorra, Estonia, Malta, Czech republic.

        • I agree with you, but thanks to the songs I love, 2008 was a great improvement from 2006 and from 2007 (which was already a bit better than 2006) so it gave me hope for the future, and then BiH-Est-Fra smashed 2009 and got me hooked once more (before 2010 exploded in amazingness of songs, Estonia, Turkey, Serbia, Israel, Belgium…)

          For 2008, songs I love: Serbia, Portugal, Finland, Bosnia & Herzegovina, France, Turkey, Iceland, Israel, San Marino, Georgia, Albania (my top 11) and I also like Croatia or Moldova… and the songs I hate: Czech Republic, Spain, Estonia, Latvia, Poland and Germany for me… all 6 are in my bottom 50 of all time!

  9. Imho, 2007, 2008 and 2009 (with the latter being one of the greatest years of all time), were three awesome years, song-wise, in a row.
    On the other hand I always considered 2010 a quite weak year. It is rather recent though, so maybe I have to give the 2010 entries more time to grow on me even more.

    Btw, am I the only esc fan who doesn’t think much of Israel 2008?! :0

    • I have it lower than most fans, in the lower half of my top 10 for 2008 but it does knock Albania out of the top 10 (Albania’s second best ever, behind you-know-who)… it’s really well sung and the melody is quite uplifting, but the “Butterfly” song in the NF was much stronger, however, you just can’t beat Dana in an open NF in Israel :(

      • Tbh, I’ve never been a fan of NFs, never been following them closely (with only a few exceptions), so, I’ve never heard of the “Butterfly” song.

        As for “the fire in your eyes”, I find it rather pretentious and, tbh, Boaz’s voice sounds kinda irritating to my ears. Maybe I’m being unfair to him; don’t really know.

        Re: Albania 08 (in a tie with…you-know-who ;) LOL) it’s my most favourite albanian entry ever.

      • I remember that, Butterflies was my favorite, and I also remember that i thought it was sold out for Dana, everybody on the show said “Take Dana’s one! she knows how to do it” (with the exception of Carola and Svika Pick who sided with Butterflies) by the event of the Crowed voting, it was almost inevitable that Butterflies will lose to “The Fire in your Eyes”.
        BTW, am I the only one who thought that sending Dana again to the ESC would be a disaster and that she won’t qualify?

  10. This is a very welcome surprise to me because I expected all the overhyped horrors with atrocious vocals to top this list. Andy Abraham is a fine singer at least even if (LOL …) “Even if” is a rather underwhelming song. It certainly did not deserve to come last imo.

    My 2008 pantheon:

    Turkey, Serbia, Portugal 12/12
    Macedonia, Israel, Iceland, France, Albania, San Marino 10/12

    And my bin:

    Armenia, Germany, Slovenia, Montenegro 2/12
    Ireland 1/12
    Lithuania, Spain, Czech Rep., Estonia, Latvia (the last 3 songs are in my all-time bottom 10)

    A strange year indeed … many great songs in very different genres but many songs that were little more than an insult to good taste too.

  11. Too repetitive song. Sorry, but it doesn´t deserve be too high.

  12. While ‘Even IF’ was hardly a great song it certainly did not deserve last place with so many other dross entries in 2007. Germany, Spain and Latvia did nothing for me nor did the very weak Swedish entry and don’t get me started on that over-hyped drivel that won for Russia. A shame for Andy Abraham because he actually can hold a tune but unfortunately that tune just wasn’t good enough. Serbia, Norway, Portugal, Ukraine and Armenia were my favourites from the final this year.

  13. Really? This i definitely one of the lowest moments of UK in esc…Probably being recent helped a lot !!!
    My ranking for the 2008 Final :

    1)Turkey , 2)Israel , 3)Albania , 4)Serbia , 5)Portugal
    6)Greece ( great stage performance )
    7)Armenia ( great song for this genre )
    8)BiH , 9)Norway , 10)Azerbaijan
    11)Denmark , 12)Iceland , 13)Ukraine , 14)Russia , 15)Sweden
    16)Croatia , 17)Finland , 18)France , 19)Georgia , 20)Poland
    21)Spain , 22)Germany , 23)Romania , 24)UK , 25)Latvia.

    Songs that deserved being in the Final : Moldova and San Marino , Cyprus and maybe Switzerland?
    True embarassements : Estonia , Czech R , Malta , Andorra , Latvia ,

    2008 Most overrated stuff :

    2008 most underrated stuff :
    1)San Marino

    PS : How much delighted I would be to see Finland 1996 popping up on this list ! :P

  14. My thoughts about Estonia 2008:

    “The awkward moment when you’re told that ‘Kaelakee hääl’ and ‘Leto svet’ are written by the same guy”. :o

    “Leto svet” is just so ridiculous and stupid that it goes the whole way around and actually becomes a bit amusing imo. Everything is just so random and bizarre; three middle-aged men in colourful suits doing a made-up dance while speaking phrases in incorrect tourist Serbian. I get more entertained by that song than the Irish and Spanish one (which doesn’t say much but still).

  15. Bleh. This is another song that absolutely does not deserve to be on here. Sure, Andy Abraham is a decent singer and didn’t deserve last in the final (that space belongs to Greece, but Sweden, Spain or Germany were also worthy contenders). That being said, he ranks 32nd on my 2008 list with a spectacular 4/12.

    2008, like 2007, was a great year on one end and had plenty of craps on the other.

    My 2008 loves:

    Bosnia & Herzegovina, Portugal, Israel, Georgia, Croatia, San Marino, Serbia

    Cyprus (because of the backing vocalists bringing Evdokia down)

    Latvia (I feel no shame for this), Armenia (again), Moldova

    Czech Republic, Greece, Sweden, Ireland, Andorra, Bulgaria, Germany, Spain

    It’s kind of funny that the one year (besides you-know-who) that everybody seems to like Albania is one of two years where I find the Albanian entry just… okay (6/12, so I like it).

  16. Finally there is a song that I can say should’ve not been last. I think we can blame slot of death #2.

  17. I wish at least one of the following showed on the top 4 :

    1)Finland 96 ( Why isn’t it mentioned among the 90 last places? ) – No chance , I guess !
    2)San Marino 08 – It wasn’t awarded as one of the BSNQ so probably no chance again…
    3)Switzerland 11 – I think it will be in.Being recent will help.
    4)Latvia 09 – Definitely no chance !
    5)Spain 99.Did eurovisiontimes voters remember that dress? :p
    6)Czech R. 07. Another one that will be ignored…
    7)Switzerland 98.
    8)Portugal 96

    Instead of the above , don’t be surprised to see Norway 12 , Finland 09 , Malta 06 or even UK 03 topping this list… :s

  18. I think we will see Malta 06, Finland 09, Switzerland 11 and Norway 12 in the top four. Well, 2 of these are ok with me…

    Btw. I’m a bit surprised to see this song on #5. For me this is an “i don’t care at all” song. Neither good nor really bad. Wasn’t a last place for me but i wouldn’t put it on this list.

  19. This was a shock win at the UK’s national final and everyone expected Michelle Gayle to win and she should have been the UK’s entry but this is typical of the UK where the song placed 2nd in their NF should have got through. 2007 was another example when Cindy was placed 2nd behind Scooch

  20. Way overrated!!! It wouldn’t take an idiot to realise how rubbish this is! Deserved last place, didn’t deserve to be on any list other than worst song ever! Only good entry that the UK have had recently were in 2009 and 2011.

  21. This is so boring and generic.It could be the b-side of a single from the 70’s and the singer lacked charisma thus i don’t agree with this 5th place.

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