Asia: Finalists of ABU Radio Song Festival Announced

  ABU – It is the closest we will get to an Asiavision Song Contest and we shall take it. The Asian pendant to the EBU, the ABU will hold a Radio Song Festival this October in Seoul. Artists from many Asian and Pacific nations were submitted for the festival by their national broadcasters. Now 15 finalists from 13 countries (each country could submit several entries) have been announced that will perform during the ABU General Assembly in South Korea. A committee will award the Top 3 songs “based on the originality, uniqueness, vocal quality and imaging.”

Here are the 15 songs that were selected for the final:

1 Australia Danielle Blakey Fearless
2 Brunei Maria Aires The Sweetest Memory (Yang Terindah)
3 Buthan Dechen Wangmo Black As Snow
4 Fidji Sevanai Yacalevu Time For a Change
5 Indonesia Rando Sembiring Menunggu
6 Iran Man Brothers Iran
7 Malaysia K-Town Clan Party Animal
8 Malaysia Sabhi Saddi Waktu
9   Pakistan Bilal Ahmed Wada
10   Singapore Jae Ang Promise Me
11 South Korea Afrodino Pepperoni
12 South Korea Bily Acoustie For a Rest
13   Sri Lanka Surendra Perera Wahi Pabalo Sali
14   Vanuatu Sammy Ray Jones Rinet
15   Vietnam Van Chuong Que huong on bac

You can listen to the songs on ABU’s Official website

Poll: Who should win the first ABU Song Festival?


31 comments on “Asia: Finalists of ABU Radio Song Festival Announced

  1. What a disappointment, it would be much better to just take an existing Eurovision format and apply it for Asia (it could work just as well). Instead, they came up to their own thing and their idea sucks big time.
    However, the first Eurovision in 1956 had it’s flaws too, so there is hope.

    I am going to listen to songs in the morning (it’s night here in the US) and maybe discover something hit-like.

  2. It’s just a RADIO contest, isn’t it? So no show, no live performance, nothing?
    It’s a little disappointing but 56 years ago our Eurovision was something like this…

  3. No wait according to Wikipedia there will be 2 festivals: the radio one and the “ABU TV Song Festival”, with different song and others countries partecipating (Japan)!

  4. Australia has the best song. I also like songs from Singapore and South Korea (Afrodine).

  5. I like Australia’s entry the most. Singapore is also not bad… I’m surprised with Malaysia’s entry from K-town clan. did NOT expect that. the ballad from Malaysia is also not bad. I also like the one from Brunei.

  6. I’m surprised that they are allowed more than one song

  7. Iran??? but calling the ESC a gay pride, freeze the relations to Azerbaijan and try to make terrorist attacks…
    gosh buy urself a brain, instead of trying to make a nuclear weapon!

  8. Bhutan has a gorgeous song. Easily my favorite of the bunch. Other really good songs include the songs from Iran and Sri Lanka. Vietnam and both songs from South Korea aren’t bad but are a tad average and forgettable. Singapore’s song is okay. The only entries I didn’t really tolerate were Vanuatu and Fiji (Fiji’s could be okay, but something about it turned me off completely). Australia’s is the definition of nothing special though.

  9. Australia is really good! This would’ve done well in Eurovision too!

  10. Finally, Asia and the surrounding areas seem to be getting their act together in putting together some form of song contest, about time. Some of the entries are quite interesting, I like the Sri Lanka entry (Surendra Perera) , Billy Acoustie’s (one of the South Korean’s) song and Singapore’s, Jae Ang. Malaysia’s K-Town Clan wipes the floor with every Eurovision attempt at this style of music and I’m usually not a fan of this type but am liking this. Not fussed about the Australian entry, heard it all before and better, it’s certainly not bad but I don’t think it sounds out of place here. Bhutan’s Dechen is really lovely, Bruniei’s Maria is sweet but I think I like Indonesia’s Rando best. (Also liked Kyrgystan from the non finalists along with India’s Bimblotica) Still, I shall follow this with interest.

  11. INDONESIA IS AMAZING HERE. Rando did excellent. And this is coming from someone from Malaysiaaaaa

  12. This is where Azerbaijan and Russia need to move to instead of the main ESC!

    • if u refer to the geograpgical issue again, then they have to take morocco, armenia, georgia, cyprus and israel as well.
      if u refer to the section ”fucked up human rights” then yes, and belarus and ukraine are welcome too

  13. Ok here I am, just got some time to listen to songs.
    1 Australia Danielle Blakey Fearless
    Nothing special, don’t know how it would appeal to Asian audiences.
    2 Brunei Maria Aires The Sweetest Memory (Yang Terindah)
    Again, nothing special, one of those songs that you listen and instantly forget.
    3 Bhutan Dechen Wangmo Black As Snow
    This is a beautiful song, haunting vocals, I think it could do well on Eurovision.
    4 Fiji Sevanai Yacalevu Time For a Change
    One of those tropical feel-good songs, how can it go wrong? One of the best songs here imo.
    5 Indonesia Rando Sembiring Menunggu
    Similar to Brunei, maybe a little better. But doesn’t pull my heartstrings, very formulatic kind of song
    6 Iran Man Brothers Iran
    Very powerful feel to the song, reminds me of “OPA”. A contender I think.
    7 Malaysia K-Town Clan Party Animal
    Trash, the worst so far. I hope Eurovision will not have songs like that.
    8 Malaysia Sabhi Saddi Waktu
    I like that it’s live, has more “real” feel but overall the song is just like from Brunei and Indonesia.
    9 Pakistan Bilal Ahmed Wada
    Lovely but not sure if it could appeal across Asia.
    10 Singapore Jae Ang Promise Me
    Will they give 12 points to Malaysia or Indonesia? Similar formulatic stuff. And “Waktu” was better.
    11 South Korea Afrodino Pepperoni
    Great song, very feel-good sing along, this could be top 10 in Eurovision.
    12 South Korea Bily Acoustie For a Rest
    Not bad but one of those “nothing special” songs.
    13 Sri Lanka Surendra Perera Wahi Pabalo Sali
    Looks like this song that may be only appreciated only by people of this culture.
    14 Vanuatu Sammy Ray Jones Rinet
    I liked Fiji better, this one doesn’t grab me.
    15 Vietnam Van Chuong Que huong on bac
    Another ethnic song that may struggle to come across well to international audience.

    So, my favorite was Pepperoni from South Korea, followed by Fiji, Iran and then Bhutan. I also strongly liked the song “I stalked your profile”.

  14. Stop voting, Australians!

  15. Umm, it’s kinda unfair that countries may send than one song.
    Also, no Philippines :(

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    Reblogging for reference.

  17. I hope Malaysia didn’t do too bad! I kinda love the dance track, it definitely stands out from the crowd. It’s loud and kinda catchy and I’m pretty sure the performance soon would be flashy and stuff. Not sure the ballad one though. Could be drowned since there are plenty of other good ballads too.

  18. Take part in the first Song Festival and join the fun! Many countries are available.


  19. My thoughts on the songs. They’re arranged in preference order, by the way.

    Vanuatu: A simple song with a great laid-back, breezy tropical feeling. It also keeps my interest with the language switching and the second vocalist. A perfect song for relaxing. Love it to pieces.

    Australia: Very American, which isn’t necessarily bad (especially since most mainstream music has abandoned guitar), but it presents problems, the most evident of which is the repetition. Other than that, great song.

    Bhutan: Fun fact! The state university in my city has the largest concentration of Bhutanese-style buildings in the United States. Okay, now for the song. It’s certainly airy and classy, which are two great positives. Really like it.

    Iran: Certainly the best of the electro-influenced songs. It’s very energetic, however, even though I don’t understand Farsi, I can’t shake an air of propaganda, à la “I Love Belarus.” I still like it.

    Fiji: It would be so easy to hate on this for sounding cheap, silly or trite. However, it’s just so darn endearing and charming that I can’t help but like it, even with the worn-out “let’s change our place for the next generation” message.

    South Korea (For a Rest): In my opinion, the better of the two South Korean songs, as it seems more mature and coherent. Aside from that, there’s not much else to say. Nice guitar but a bit boring.

    Indonesia: The best of the big, dramatic, musty stuff that seems to make up a majority of the songs in this contest. It builds well and manages to stay simple. However, it continues for a bit too long, which is a common problem.

    Malaysia (Watku): Bonus points for a live performance! I like how this has more instrumentation, however, it actually ages the song a bit. Aside from that, I think it’s okay.

    Pakistan: Easily the most aged song in the competition, which is actually advantageous, in my opinion, because it gives the song a charm that’s unseen in the other entries. However, it’s too long.

    Vietnam: This is the only “stereotypically-Asian” song in the contest (Yay for diversity!) and I love those sounds. However, this song is just too long! Because of its length, it loses most of its impact and, consequently, my points.

    Singapore: Boring R&B filler. Next please.

    Sri Lanka: It’s certainly long, but at least it sounds like it comes from Sri Lanka.

    Brunei: I want to like this, but it’s just too generic. Moving on.

    South Korea (Pepperoni): It sounds like children’s music, but it’s not totally immature. Forgettable though.

    Malaysia (Party Animal): This was the only song that I didn’t listen to fully. I cannot stand this utter trash that has become so prevalent across the popular music scene, especially here in the States! It’s so stupid and so cheap that I’d rather be subjected to the continuous whine of a dog whistle for an hour than listen to this bilge. Awful! *completely ridiculous rant over.*

    All in all, I really like this new contest as a means of not only filling the Eurovision black hole from June to October (taking that place from the overrated JESC, which I don’t care for) but also for expanding the Eurovision concept to another part of the world. I’m excited to see where this will go. I hope that in the following years, the songs will get more pop-ish, but that probably won’t happen, mainly because it’s a radio contest and most of that stuff will enter the TV show.

  20. Hey everyone! Come and join my online contest, where you can participate as a country, compete against other nations, votes for your favourites and see if you can become victorious!


    • music has no boundaries, races vote for original music not for nation if voting are nation based then this is biased,,,, please unbiased and listen and vote

      • a song with the deep human feelings blended in music and ;WORDS; a voice of all who have sense of belonging, BILAL AHMED FROM PAKISTAN has a energy to share with plannet good luck hidden pod.

  21. Hmm, I am disappointed it’s only a radio contest, but hopefully there will be a TV contest as well in the future. I have been looking forward to an Asian version of ESC for a long time now. I am not surprised the Australian song seems to be the most “popular” here, but to me it is too boring and generic to be a favourite. I like the other Aussie one “rinet”, Fiji, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. I think Vietnam is the nicest. From the non-finalists I like Kyrgyzstan, Sudan (Africa, WTF?) and especially Indonesia (“aku rindu”). Those two should have been in the final.

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