Sweden: First Melodifestivalen Entrant to Be Revealed

  Sweden – The Eurovision season seems to start earlier every year. This time, the 2013 host country Sweden will kick off the season. The first entrant of the immensely popular Swedish national final Melodifestivalen will be revealed Sunday, August 26. The radio channel P4 will hold the Svensktoppen nästa contest. The winner will get the right to perform in one of the semi-finals of Melodifestivalen. These are the competitors:

  • Vapenbröder – Vapenbröder
  • Clara Kingenström – It makes me crazy
  • Adam Sagström – Alla broar som jag bränt
  • Tezza Ericsson – I wanna go
  • Kalle Nilsson – Minnen från igår
  • Therese Fredenwall – Drop the fight
  • Elvria Fisk – Real life fairytale
  • Chris Michols – From the start

As the radio contest is held before September 1st, the songs would not be eligible to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest. It is thus only the artist that will be chosen this Sunday. The winner will have to find a new song for Melodifestivalen.

10 comments on “Sweden: First Melodifestivalen Entrant to Be Revealed

  1. My favorite song is Therese Fredenwall with “Drop the Fight”. I love the melody and it’s increadibly beautiful. Let’s hope that if she’s chosen Therese can pull off the song live.

    • It wont matter if she pull off this specific song live as It wont feature in melodifestivalen

      • That being said, I just looked up some of Therese Fredenwall’s live performances, and she can indeed pull off a song live. If she can create a good song, she wouldn’t be a bad choice at all.

  2. My expectations from MF are very high every year in terms of musical quality, contemporary tunes and diversity (and I am rarely dissapointed) but this year especially I expect one of the best editions. I hope the swedes won’t let me down.

  3. Good luck to everyone. :)

  4. My favorites here are Tezza Ericsson and Elvira Fisk

  5. Hmm… my favourite from this bunch would probably be Vapenbröder, although Clara Klingenström and Chris Michols weren’t too bad either.

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