Luxembourg Government: Eurovision Is RTL’s Responsibility

  Luxembourg – Luxembourg’s cultural minister Octavie Modert had to answer a parliamentary question concerning the Grand Duchy’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. Modert explained that the government has no say in this issue as the responsibility for a Eurovision participation lies exclusively with the national broadcasters – in this case RTL.

In order to participate, a national broadcaster must be a full member of the EBU. According to the newspaper “Wort” RTL has scaled back membership for financial reasons. Modert explains: “Why RTL isn’t taking part is something only they can answer but it’s known that active membership of the UER costs a lot of money and of course this initiative hasn’t proven successful in the past for Luxembourg.”

Luxembourg last participated in the contest in 1993. The withdrawal came after a host of disappointing placings in the early 90s. Modert went on saying that instead of sending Luxembourgian entries to Eurovision again, Luxembourg’s music reputation abroad would be served better by the export office for Luxembourg music Music: LX, which is a non-profit organisation created in 2009 to develop Luxembourg music of all genres around the world.

“This has contributed quite remarkable to promotion and visibility of our artists abroad,” the minister said, adding: “Within a few months of existence, more 470 than concerts abroad were recorded, over 20 albums distributed and more than 200 articles were published in the international press relating to specialised artist-musicians from Luxembourg,” Modert explained.

In recent years Eurovision winners Lena Meyer-Landrut and Loreen had massive hits with their winning entries in Luxembourg. Interest in the contest in the little country is rather high and thus participation in Eurovision would be a logical next step. The comments by Modert and RTL in the past seem less enthusiastic, however.

Source=, esctoday

7 thoughts on “Luxembourg Government: Eurovision Is RTL’s Responsibility

  1. ”The comments by Modert and RTL in the past seem less enthusiastic, however.”

    Quite the opposite…I don’t know how you made up this conclusion…loll

  2. It’s true. The money excuse can work for micro states but Luxembourg is not actually a micro state. Small population yes, but tons of money and a huge interest and a big history with the contest. Not participating just makes me angry at them!

  3. I hope they will come back, it’s interesting to see what would they sound like now. Even more interesting is to know how will their new or old sound appeal to modern Eurovision viewers.

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