Slovakia: Interest in Eurovision Participation in 2013

Slovakia – The German Eurovision blog Eurofire reports that the general director of the Slovak national broadcaster, Vaclav Mika, went on record saying that his channel is still interested in participating in the Eurovision Song Contest. This comes as a small surprise as most observers thought Slovakia was likely to withdraw next year.

“Eurovision is one of the formats RSTV is interested in. At this point we do not know about the conditions for next year. As soon as they are clear we will decide on how to proceed,” said Mika in a chat at aktualne.sk. In the last years Slovakia was always ambiguous about its participation in Eurovision, often announcing withdrawal before ultimately changing their mind. The central European country has yet to make it past the semi-final.

Source= eurofire.blog.de

15 comments on “Slovakia: Interest in Eurovision Participation in 2013

  1. so, they are going to participate next year

  2. …And the annual in/out Slovakian esc drama kicks off…

  3. I hope that if they participate they select a song that is representative of Slovak culture rather than a cheap American wannabe like in 2011 and 2012.

  4. I hope they will not lose hope!Internal selection hasn’t worked for them till now so maybe they should go back to the standard national final.

    • I think the reason they went for internal was for the station to save money. Last year they did that and this year they only paid the entrance fee and Max had to finance everything else himself (he sold his car to fly out and record the two songs RSTV had to choose from). I believe Slovakia will continue participating if they can find people willing to fund their own act.

      • for that enough Max was a deserving guy… i did not like his song and understand his performance was tacky and only a pale copy of actual rockish lives, but he was honnestly all out there and deserved a bit more help

        anyway Slovakia got better results the last two entries, in English and with mainstream tunes than in Slovakian, sadly… I fear if they stay they’ll keep that route :(

        • Poor Max, he fell victim to the combined score rule:
          15th under individual systems, but 18th overall…

          How about they mix both styles and make a mainstream song in Slovak? :P

      • Yes you are right.I forgot that.So,let’s hope they will find an artist willing to pay for their entry.

  5. Certainly, they must be masochist, not to say the naive singer who is going to pay another nonsense entry…

  6. Good news. I want everyone to keep participating. Unfortunately, Slovakia deserved to qualify to the final only once in my opinion but at the same time I understand that their great 2009 song (plus fantastic live performance) was too lugubrious and demanding for a contest most people think of as a Saturday night entertainment show.

    Kudos to Max for financing his Baku experience. Unfortunately, that laudable effort did not improve the song he performed last May.

  7. slovakia please call your neighbour Czech Republic to participate next year..

  8. I am glad they are still interested ! Slovakia has to continue on the 2011 and 2012 way imo, they have set a track of good entries the last couple of years. Both were very well made entries that apart from the lack of regional support lacked some slight elements that woud make them perfect (a better singing duo in 2011 – although the girls did surprise the night of the semi, I feared they could be much worse – and a more authentic and vocally better performance in 2012 – but they were both songs with potential). 2009 IMO was overdramatic, with dated aesthetics and really went nowhere as a song..When you thought it was about to peak it just fell apart..The english version has some beautiful lyrics though (and Nela is a great singer imo that should try again with a better song) but it was better than the 2010 entry which qualifies as the most unfortunate one in the recent years.

  9. I hope they will. Their song was definitely among the better ones this year and it deserved to qualify… Too many undeserving results this year – especially by the jury!

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