FAQ: Why Doesn’t Kosovo Participate in Eurovision?

  FAQ – We regularly get mails with questions concerning the Eurovision Song Contest. In the new category FAQ we will try to answer these questions. Today we deal with the participation of Europe’s newest country: Kosovo.

After Kosovo’s independence in 2008, the national broadcaster Radio Televizioni i Kosovës (RTK) applied for membership in the EBU (European Broadcasting Union). Membership of the national broadcaster in the EBU is the prerequesite for a Eurovision participation. However, in order to become a member of the EBU, the broadcaster first needs to be a member of the International Telecomunications Union (ITU). And there we have the problem: In order to become a member of the ITU, the country needs to be a member of the United Nations. As Kosovo is still not recognised as an independent country by many countries, for instance Russia, Serbia and Spain, it is not a member of the UN.

Nevertheless, RTK and the EBU have signed a cooperation agreement and the EBU supports Kosovo’s application for membership. As long as Kosovo is not recognized by more countries, participation in the Eurovision Song Contest is not possible. Here you can see the current standing of the recogintion of Kosovo as an independent country:

According to the Kosovan newspaper Koha Ditore, a possible entry would be selected via a national final called Akordet e Kosovës, a former pop show that had been taken off the air some years ago. Other than broadcasters in the Czech Republic and Luxembourg, RTK is more than eager to start participating.




35 comments on “FAQ: Why Doesn’t Kosovo Participate in Eurovision?

  1. Should Kosovo participate, who else would like to see Rona Nishliu represent them? :D

  2. Well, I doubt we will see them participating anytime soon.

  3. “…And there we have the problem”

    I wouldn’t call it exactly a “problem”.

  4. kosovo is serbia

  5. Kosovo is under occupation of criminal commie-nazi mafia. Why we should become a part of mafia? I’m not serb, i’m ukrainian, but Kosovo je Srbija!

  6. More ex-yugoslav fake votes ? No, thanks.

  7. If they join, Serbia will withdraw..

    YAAY first medal for Cyprus at Olympics EVER..silver in sailing! :)

  8. YAAY and now first medal for Kuwait! :)

    Estonia is in final of wrestling, so it will be first medal for Estonia too! :)

  9. I don’t recognize them and I do not wish them to participate either!

  10. If they join, it will form a voting block with Albania – as strong as Greece/Cyprus and Turkey/Azerbaijan.

  11. I hope that they will not join to ESC!!! KOSOVO IS SERBIA!!! :/

  12. It’s funny, that some People say, Kosovo is Serbia, while Scotland isn’t Britain;)

    • Kosovo is Serbia, Scotland is Britain, Basque is Spain, Macedonia is Greece, Greenland is Denmark. Moreover, I consider that Carthage must be destroyed. ;)

    • Nobody says that Scotland isn’t in Britain. Scotland is in Britain, but it should be an independent country rather than a part of the UK, because there are some key cultural differences between them and England. Also, I’m pretty sure that, unlike Kosovo, Scotland is capable of seceding in a peaceful way.

  13. If it joins, there will be even more political problems in the ESC than just Armenia/Azerbaijan….

  14. It’s not yet a country for the international community, the ONU does not recognize it as such, fullstop.

  15. No, they can’t participate. THey should stick to either Serbia or Albania.

  16. But Kosovo participate in Eurovision beacuse Kosovo is Serbia’s region. So they participate under Serbia’s flag .

  17. Please, next time that it’s used a map from Wikimedia Commons indicate it: it’s the only obbligation of the GFDL license…

  18. i’m pretty sure that Kosovo would give a new Flair to the Eurovision…

  19. If they take part, why don’t let South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Northen Cyprus, Nargomo-Karabakh, Catalonia, etc… take part ??? Could be fair turn Eurovision at farce at the votings….

  20. All I have to say is Kosovo has amazing talent and should be given the right to be in eurovison. countries that are not even in Europe are in it and this is very bad when Kosovo is in the heart if Europe. we shouldn’t block off Albania from voting for Kosovo that’s like saying stop Greece and Cyprus or Germany and Austria!! Kosovo is free and independent!!

  21. You are afraid of how it can be a good participation of Kosovo?
    Better read the article, in the first lines says it is an independent state since 2008

  22. […] have a look at Kosovo and Eurovision. Fortunately, The Eurovision Times has written an FAQ on this […]

  23. hey doesn’t matter if you are against Kosovo competing in ESC, they are moving forward as a nation and will continue to do so. They are already accepted in the next Olympics and are aloud to play official FIFA international friendlies (football), so end of the day they will eventually compete in ESC whether you are on for them competing or against. lets all just accept each other :)

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