FAQ: Can the Vatican Participate in the Eurovision Song Contest?

  FAQ – We regularly get mails with questions concerning the Eurovision Song Contest. In the new category FAQ we will try to answer these questions. One of the most recent inquiries we got was: Can the Vatican participate in the Eurovision Song Contest? The answer is: yes, it can!

In order to take part in Eurovision, a country needs to have its own broadcaster, which has to be a member of the EBU. The Vatican has a regularly broadcasting television channel since 1990: Radio Vaticana. The channel is also a member of the EBU and could thus submit an application to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. However, the nature of the program (just as the nature of the country) is of course 100%  religious (Catholic). It seems very unlikely that such a broadcaster would be interested in sending an entry to the biggest music contest in the world.

Another problem would be the national jury. Each country participating in Eurovision needs a 5 member jury, which assesses the entries from all other countries. Five cardinals watching and judging Verka Serdutschka, Trackshittaz or Ani Lorak seems like an episode of Saturday Night Live, no?

25 thoughts on “FAQ: Can the Vatican Participate in the Eurovision Song Contest?

  1. Yes, five nunnies and the persons asking this question in rotation each year…I am looking forward to it.

  2. I bet they would’ve given 12 points to “Hard Rock Halleluja”.
    I want them to compete, that would be AMAZING.

  3. The Vatican City, Pope and Catholics are always trying to find new young members to join their religion. Wouldn’t the Eurovision be a great way for them to advertise?

    I would love to see Vatican City participate, I think they would help return a bit of sanity, safety, morality and tradition to the competition. I would also love to listen to some nice peaceful religious music at the Eurovision because there seems to be a lack of it.

    People say that the Vatican City will never participate because they are a 100% religious country. Well Israel compete in the Eurovision and they are 100% religious. Ireland are about 60% Catholic religion and they compete. So in my opinion religion has nothing to do in the matter of attendance at the Eurovision.

    I suspect Vatican City voting would usually go like this;
    12pts, 10pts, 8pts – Ireland, Italy, San Marino.

    I can’t see countries like Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Turkey or Israel ever receiving any points off Vatican City.

    • What in the name of arse gave you the impression that Israel is a 100 percent religious country? It is a secular parliamentary democracy, not an ultra-orthodox Yeshiva.

      I recommend knowing before speaking.

  4. That would be great:)

    Before Lordi, I always thought, we will have a Vatican Participation 1 Day (Okay, I was 15 at that Time;). But I remember an Interview with a Nun after their Win & she was very interested in the Lyrics. But she didn’t like the Masks of Course;)

    There is still Hope, I think. The Vatican tries more & more to be modern. Religion has always been a Stage for Music (Even the Pope himself has already released an Album). ESC could be a great Way to show Religion & destroy Prejudice.

    I think, the Jury would be the smallest Problem, since in Vatican City, there live Teacher, Pupils & Worker, too. If they had to judge Something like Trackshittaz & Verka, they simply could give 0 Points & there would be no Problem at all. I too don’t think, that they would ignore non-catholic Countries, since the Pope has already visited Jordan, United Kingdom & Israel, which are not really catholic Countries.

    The biggest Problem would be the Costs, I think. Yes, we all know, that the Vatican is rich, but they had to legitimate them in Front of some Old-Fashioned Cardinals. There would be almost no Viewing Figures as well & yes, Vatikan City is really the ONLY Country, that were never able to host an ESC, so their Participation would only be a Matter of Prestige.

    But never say never:)

  5. I find it HIGHLY unlikely that Vatican City will participate: 1. No public interest 2. Conservative issues e.g. gay community, etc. 3. Quality of songs – Czech Republic, cry no more! Thy shalt not be worst country in Eurovision Song Contest any longer! But, if they send something fun and upbeat (HIGHLY UNLIKELY) they have a chance…

  6. It would be fun to see the Pope singing: ”Do you wanna play cybersex again, if you wanna come to my house, click me with your mouse!, Facebook, uh, oh, ohhhh!”
    12 points from the UK

  7. IMO, Vatican City and its secret society has a lot to answer for regarding troubles in the world, so I for one wouldn’t want them in ESC (not that it would ever happen so this question is pure conjecture..)

  8. Lol this article is quite amusing.

    Imagine for their entry a group a singing of nuns, or even priests, a la Babushki/Sister Act mash-up!

  9. Can’t they just ask Italians across town or Swiss people to do the jury thing for them? I would love to see some Gospel songs debut in Eurovision Song Contest ;-)
    Any music is good. Good, bad, strange and different seems to be welcome to this contest. 2012 proved it!

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