The Worst Eurovision Winner Is: Dima Bilan

  Worst Eurovision Winners Ever – Hundreds of people have voted for their personal Top 5 of the Worst Eurovision winners ever. The 5th place of each voter got one point, the 4th place 2 points and so on, the first place thus getting 5 points. The result is a ranking of all 60 Eurovision winners. In the coming days we will reveal the Top 15 of your voting. Today, our ranking comes to an end and we reveal your ‘winner’ ! It is Dima Bilan from Russia!

Russia did everything it had to do to bring the Eurovision Song Contest to Moscow. Take the runner-up of 2006, Dima Bilan, add a world-renowned team of producers (Timbaland productions) and add an Olympic gold medalist and three time world champion in figure skating (Evgeni Plushenko) and a renowned violinist (Edvin Marton) with a real Stradivarius and you claim the Eurovision crown. This systematic plan may be one of the reasons Russia is your worst Eurovision winner ever. The German commentator said: “Russia almost wants too much”. Bilan also felt the need to rip open his shirt and show his bare chest. Bilan claimed the Eurovision crown with 272 points and was congratulated by Russia’s new president Dimitri Medvedev right away.

Here is the winning performance:

56 thoughts on “The Worst Eurovision Winner Is: Dima Bilan

  1. Really? he was the worst? I disagree. This is my favorite out of all :-(

    But you know the saying..”Different strokes for different folks” yeah.

    BTW the studio version was better than his performance. I listen to that more than this. I only watch the performance to see the figure skater lolz

  2. We all have different music tastes and not just ESC music.Take me, I absolutely hate Israel’s 1978 winning song and have it 20th out of 20 in the 78 contest and know many people love the song.

  3. The Eurosong Music Contest is back!! After a few months break, the EMC has returned and is looking for participants from all over Europe!

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  4. Det som står i texten är rent lappri!
    Bilan vann för att en majoritet av de röstande länderna tyckte den var bäst. Vare sig Plusjenkos medaljer eller äktheten i Stradivariusen spelade någon roll i sammanhanget. Det är bara löjligt att påstå något sådant.
    Ville Ryssland för mycket? Hur mycket får ett annat land vilja villa utan att er svenska avundsjuka slår till? Jag menar, det var ju inte riktigt så att svenska delegationen inte var ute och “promotade” – fiskade röster – samma år som Bilan vann…
    Klirrar lite för mycket i glashuset om detta inlägg…

  5. I’m actually kinda surprised! I would’ve thought that Lordi would’ve been one of the few on here. I didn’t really like this song myself but I didn’t think it would get on this list (or My Number One for that matter).

  6. the song itself is completely brilliant. It has a great message . But we already know that Dima’s live performance was awful.

  7. Personally, for me ‘Fairytale’ from 2009, was far worse than this, for me, that was really the worst eurovision winner ever, to think that Ioanna could have won if it wasn’t for that dull, boring and uninspiring song.
    Also ‘Running Scared’ wasn’t that great, either, no bad, but nothing really memorable.
    And i think ‘Rock & Roll Kids’ from 1994 stole unfairly the crown that should go to Edyta Gornyak with ‘To Ne Ja’, Poland could have had their first victory ever and in its debut in ESC, i’m not saying ‘Rock & Roll Kids’ is a bad song, far from it, but it was an unfair victory in my opinion, ‘To Ne Ja’ should have won in that year, for me.

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