Czech Republic: ČT Not Interested in Eurovision

  Czech Republic – It’s not a surprise at all: The Czech national broadcaster ČT has no plans to return to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013 or even in the near future. They do not even plan to broadcast the contest next year. The country has only participated in Eurovision 3 times. Both the results of their entries (last with 0 points, second to last and last in the semi-finals) and the media coverage as well as the ratings were far from satisfactory. Furthermore, the neighbouring country Slovakia has not yet decided whether to participate or not. The Slovak national broadcaster suffers financial difficulties and the country was not able to qualify from the semi-finals, yet. Stay tuned for more information.

Sources: ESCportal.cz, eurofire.blog.de



29 comments on “Czech Republic: ČT Not Interested in Eurovision

  1. No suprise. I do not expect the Czech Rep. to return anytime soon and thus CR will remain the least successful ESC country ever.
    I hope that Slovakia will stay and that Poland will return. But please Poland, return to the excellent quality of the mid-90s. If you keep sending shit (sorry) like the 2006 to 2011 songs again, do not expect to get anywhere in 2013.

    • Agreed and signed.

      But unfortunately, Poland did never get the places they deserved in the 90’s either. I mean, in which fair universe can a song like “Sama” be put in 18th place? :(

      • Re: Poland during the 90’s:
        1994: totally overrated
        1995: never understood the fuss over it; I simply can’t stand it; for me it’s a pure musical mess.
        1996: ok
        1997-1999: average

        • Except for 1994 I could not disagree more, in particular on 1995 and 1996.The latter is in my top 3 of all ESC songs and the former in my top 50. Such daring and unconventional efforts! :)

          • I think Polands entry in 2006 was very nice, especially the first version

          • Hello togravus,
            Yes, I know it may be considered as daring and unconventional; I usually tend to like music stuff that falls in that particular category: Spain 83, Greece 83, France 08, Estonia 10, to name but a few, but Poland 95? I don’t really know; I never liked it :(

            Btw, you got mail ;) :)

            • “Sama” is imo one of the best ever songs in Eurovision. Such a haunting melody with a build up from introvert to extravert in only 3 minutes. Yes, I think it is a masterpiece. Even back then I instantly loved it. A great opening of a great contest.

            • I agree absolutely – the bravest effort ever – and the most shocking opener. I’ve listened to it hundreds of times since.

            • Poland in ESC in a nutshell: When Poland entered ESC, they obviously thought that it was a serious song contest (sth like their own Sopot Festival) and sent the best they could find. After their 1995 to 1997 songs, which are among the most sophisticated and artistically credible acts ESC has ever seen and thus were miles above the heads of ESC juries in the 90s, had failed miserably, they obviously changed their attitude. If Europe wants shit in ESC, send them shit. However, there were some decent or semi-decent efforts later too, like their 1999, 2004 and 2005 songs … but even those songs did not get anywhere near thei fantastic quality they sent in the mid-90s.
              At least that is how I see it.

            • I so much agree. Poland in the ’90s sent excellent songs!

  2. I hope that they reconsider. Their 2007 and 2009 efforts were not that bad (in fact I sort of liked them both). But their 2008 entry is one of the ugliest things, both in terms of musical composition and stage performance, I’ve ever seen on the eurovision stage.

    • Here we agree again. I like CZ 07 and 09 too whereas CZ 08 is in last place on my ESC list 1956 to 2012 if I ignore entries that were supposed to be funny but ended up being just silly and embarrassing (like LV + EE 08 or UK 07 etc.).

    • I can somewhat like their 2007 song, which on one hand was just this “follow last year’s winning concept”, the belief that now it is hard rock that counts. But the song wasn’t that bad and did deserve better than last place. But “Aven romale” got what it deserved, a big fat zero.

  3. Je never found their entries THAT bad to be honest. 2007 and 2009 definitely deserved more than one and zero points respectively. Though I cannot say I listen to any on a regular basis either.

  4. Czech tv repeatedly state that there is a lack of interest for Eurovision within the country. However how is that supposed to change anytime soon if they repeatedly year after year refuse to participate. The ultimate fact of the matter isthat within their 3 three participations they have always ended in the bottom 2 because their entries are absolutely rubbish and this negatively reflects on the Czech music industry which does not produce nowhere near as rubbish and tasteless music. Furthermore since withdrawing from 2009 the rule of 50-50 televoting and jury has been introduced and that is supposedly likely to be in the Czech republics favour but they probably have not considered that as this contest is such a low priority for them and they aren’t slightly bothered about the international platform it can bring to artists with the prime and current example being Loreen who has topped charts in vast numbers of European countries. Overrall I just find the Czechs attitude to Eurovision very old fashioned and ignorant and actually just really pathetic too.

    • “Furthermore since withdrawing from 2009 the rule of 50-50 televoting and jury has been introduced and that is supposedly likely to be in the Czech republics favour […]”

      If that is the case, they better stay away.

  5. Nor will we suffer if they stay away.

  6. I believe that they never warmed up to the whole thing and their broadcaster obviously didn’t bother making esc popular there.Thus,i understand why they stay away.I never liked their entries tbh.I just find it odd how they don’t want to take part in something that so many other European countries embrace each and every year.

    • I guess that there are several countries who take part in Eurovision because it is a tradition. It is not so much that the public embraces the contest, it is just something that has to be done. Of course my country belongs in that list, but I guess also the UK, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria (that is why they keep coming back), Portugal, Spain. In fact all countries that are taking part since the fifties, sixties.

      • Yes.Maybe you are right but still in countries like Spain,France and U.K the ratings are more than satisfying.I guess,for Czech Rep. it’s not even a tradition so they don’t feel like they are missing out on a big European party or sth.

  7. I can only see Czech Republic return if Slovakia wins it :p

  8. Since I am from the German-Czech Border, I can understand their Attitude, even if I would like them to come back. They were not that disinterested while their Debuet. You see, in 2007 Preselection, they had more than 100.000 Votes & Kabát was 1 of their most popular Groups at this Time & for some, it seemed a good Choice after Lordis Win. I don’t really like it, but did it really deserve last Place with 1 single Point from Estonia? After this Result, it’s no Wonder to be angry, when you see other Countries getting 60 Points for free. But in new System, they tried it another Time. Again with Preselection. Tereza got 9 Points & became 3rd to Last (their best Result ever) after technical Struggling, where she couldn’t hear her own Voice anymore. The Song came from America & didn’t seem that bad Choice either, with modern Disco Tunes & repetitive Lyrics. How should they get national Recognition with such Results?
    But they still saw Light, when Slovakia returned in 2009. It looked like Gypsy.cz were the only Group that still wanted Eurovision, since they failed 2 Times in Preselection & so the last Czech Entry to Date became something very different in typical Gypsy Stile (maybe they expected Points from Hungary or Macedonia). While the Costumes were funny, the Music was really, maybe too, hight artistic Level. Without Slovakia in their Semifinal & even no Points from Macedonia they ended up Last with 0 Points (1st Time since Switzerland 2004), only to announce another 12 Points for Armenia at the End.
    I was in Prague at that Time & it was really hard to find a Place to watch the Czech Semifinal, in the Capital!?! I finally discovered 2 Gypsy-Fans in a Bar & so we watched it there (1 of them was the Barkeeper).
    But, what I wanted to say: you can hate their Entries, or love it, but they were very different Styles, 3 different Languages, they all together got 10 Points, 2 less than Greece gets every Year from Cyprus for free. They saw all their Neighbours fail, too, while 3 Times a Country from a big Voting-Block won (I know, they were deserved, but they are from big Voting-Blocks) & 46 out of possible 48 Czech Points going to Armenia. No Surprise, that Interest is not gaining & ESC is very expensive, so why paying without Interest?

    I think, there are 2 Possibilities:
    1 – Czechia will come back, when Slovakia reaches the Final or another County from underrated Central-Europe (Poland, Austria, Hungary, maybe Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro) wins
    2 – Slovakia will withdraw, too, because of bad Results & high Costs. Then, both will stay away for undefined Time

    • It looks like “They had made no Decision yet”. It’s still not probably that Czechia will come back, but Hopes are still allowed;)

  9. I visited Prague once for just a day when I had a change of flights between NYC and Riga. I was very impressed by the city, architecture, people, food, you name it, was great. Certainly, such a great country can send something decent, something unlike they sent before? I’m sure they have talents who can write a decent song. Maybe they will not get a good result but at least give 3 minutes of enjoyable sound?

  10. Why am I not surprised ? Their musical contribution to the contest has been close to null up to now anyway so..I hope they will change their mind sometime in the future and get their act together !

  11. Seriously ! Did they expect to go anywhere in the contest with stuff like their 2008 entry?
    2007 , 2009 were nothing to write home about either…
    I wish they would return with something REALLY amazing and get through the FINAL !

  12. maybe Czech Rep needs another broadcaster , and i’m sure that czech ppl want their country back to eurovision…

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