Loreen Meets Human Rights Activists in Belarus

  Sweden – The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012, Loreen, has performed at the government- supported music festival Slavianski Bazaar held inVitebsk, Belarus. Her performance was preceeded by an uproar in Sweden as the festival was opened by notorious dictator Alexandr Lukashenko. Amnesty International and several celebrities criticized Loreen and were concerned she could be exploited for political propaganda.

Her manager had inicially said that she would not speak out on the human rights issues in Belarus but would make a statement after returning to Sweden. However, Loreen has apparently changed that plan as she met Human rights activists in Minsk today. She met Natallya Pinchuk, the wife of imprisoned Belarusian human rights defender Ales Byalyatski, and with Byalyatski’s deputy in the human rights group Vyasna (Spring), Valyantsin Stefanovich. Pinchuck’s husband is serving a more than 5 year prison sentence due to tax evasion claims, which observers have called politically motivated.

“I think things will work out fine. I really hope so,” Loreen said about the couple. “Because it breaks my heart that such a wonderful family is separated like this – where the son is in one place and the mother in another, and the father in prison and fighting for the right things.”

Loreen told the press present at the meeting, that she had learned much about the family’s situation and the general human right’s situation in Belarus by her fans on social networks. She added that she hesitated about whether to go and perform at the festival or not. “I have people that like my music here. And people have a right to culture. And me not coming is a disrespect to them,” she said. “I’m not here for anybody else but the people that like culture and music. And that’s the only reason I stand on that stage — to share something that I have. That’s one thing. And two, to speak my mind, because I’m free, basically. That’s what I do.”

Stefanovich called Loreen’s interest in the situation “genuine” and thanked her for the support. “I think this is her personal civic position and not only with regard to Belarus,” Stefanovich said. “We know that during Eurovision in Baku, Loreen met with Azerbaijani human rights defenders and expressed her support for their work. We’re happy she wanted to meet with us. It was her idea.”

Source= Radio Free Europe

27 comments on “Loreen Meets Human Rights Activists in Belarus

  1. I genuinely love this woman! Go Loreen!

  2. Well done!

    • Nice alliteraion. :)

      • guys.. how do you call it when you say t’as or j’sais pas instead of tu as or je sais pas? In French preferably ^^

          • That link uses the German term ‘Schmelzwörter’ which I have never heard before … ‘Schmelzwörter’ sounds pretty lewd too or is that just me?

            • Two of my former German teachers at secondary school did know it either. When another student and I suggested it respectively used it within a comment they both accentuated its usefulness. Why do you think it is lewd?

            • Well, it reminds me of either sex (verschmelzen … LOL) or sth very cheap (Schmelzkäse …). Perhaps it is just my weird imagination …
              One thing is for sure. You do not learn this word in classes at German universities. I both studied and taught German at university and I had never heard of it before. It is not a common phenomenon in the German language anyway, in contrast to English f. e.

            • I never had this association. If I remember correctly we were talking about Prepositions followed by dative cases (von dem –> vom; an dem –> am; etc.), so I would dissent from your statement and say it appears frequently.

            • And so what? What are two or three prepositions? Anyway, it is basically only used by yobbos anyway, and since I don’t mix with those, I couldn’t care less …

            • Yobbos.. haha. Anyway, I sure do not intend to study German philology. At school it bored me to death consequently I spent a lot of time in the hallway and later, in the Oberstufe, at home. Always felt the required ‘way of thinking’ was a very, very lame and shallow variant of what you need for Philosophy lessons which were my best subject. But probably I just did not get it.

            • as for the German, I think it’s possible that the word “‘Schmelzwörter” is a very old-grammar reference, used only by the grammar-bullies and old-fashioned teachers when “Auslassung” is more properly used without i being the absolute grammar definition… i don’t know, in French the “contraction” is ONE form of “ellipse” so maybe that could be the reason you also have two words?

              I did notice that, in the Uk, US or Germany, people were not as crazyon grammar as in France, where grammar is a discipline on its own and a test you need to pass to get the “agrégation”

            • Unfortunately, many Germans think that grammar is boring and uncool which is just another sign of how superficial our culture has become. And it is very silly too because the knowledge of grammar is a necessary prerequisite for any other academic discipline, and philosophy in particular. How do people expect to be able to talk about things philosophocal if they have not understood the medium they use in order to shape their thoughts? They won’t be precise, and what they intend to be profound will necessarily only be little more than senseless jabber.
              Doing literary history, philosophy, theology and many other subjets without a proper qualification in grammar equals reading physics without a proper knowledge of mathematics imho. It is a complete farce! Unfortunately the academic standards at German universities have been lowered a lot over the last decade. Sometimes I get essays written in some sort of German pidgin or 20 pages without a single genitive etc. And I ask myself, how for Christ’s sake did these people get their Abitur (German A levels)?

            • Well I can’t say I disagree with you. Fortunately, grammar is still super hyped here, which bugs a lot of students but make us proud. However, the anglo-saxon ways of life are spreading more and more and I fear a lot for French grammar studies. But so far, every literary or philosophy studies pass by grammar necessarly. Phew!

        • In German it is called Auslassung (but not in the sense of a grammatical omission but referring to the omission of single letters: mir reicht’s or mir reichts instead of mir reicht es etc.).
          I have no idea what it is called in French. I only had French at school … and one of my grannies was 50 % French native speaker … but she never bothered too much about grammar … or rules in general, thinking of it …

        • C’est “you’ve” pour t’as et “I don’t know” pour je sais pas.

          • I do not know French but I always wondered if it was possible to write and “Je te aime” (I love thee) instead of “Je t’aime”. The former should be the full (therefore ‘normal’) form, shouldn’t it? Though strangely I have never seen it used that way, always it was the contraction.
            And what about the last ‘e’ in ‘aime’? Is it spoken at all?

            • no “je te aime” is absolutely impossible… the “contraction” is ONLY used with strong voyels which are SUPPOSED to stand “Tu as” is correct, “T’as” is familiar tone, not correct when writing or talking to a superior. On the other hand, the “e” is the weakest of all voyels, and it NEVER stands in front of anothe voyel if it starts the next sentence… for instance in the negative form “Ne” is alway “N'” in front of a verm starting with any voyel as all of them are stronger than the “e”… so it will always be “Je t’aime”… and almost all French words have standing letters at the end which are not pronounced… the city I live in, near Paris, is called “Meaux” pronounced “Mo” :p

            • Meaux is a nice place. I visited the Cathedral and the Musée Bossuet in 2008. :)

  3. Oh, well – as long as she didn’t go political…

  4. I guess politics goes back a long way in ESC,even before first ESC videos that were ever shown (1971), Austrian video was “reedited”in UK as I heard from the BBC, as “inciting drug addiction” or something, hey, she had taken a few drags of something and was clearly a bit high, nothing that ever happened in UK, Austrian video in full: sure she was smoking something but who cares?, great song IMO…hope juries didn’t penalize her for it (guess they did!)

  5. good for het, at least she is consistent.

  6. Just FYI, nothing of this is true. :D The tabloid Aftonbladet have periods when all stories are just twisted crap of nothing. The other tabloid Expressen is forced to follow up with another angel of the same lie. There you have it. :D To make it perfect, they add some true stories as well. :D

    The truth is:
    Loreen performed in Belarus. 9,000 EUR (75,000 SEK) of the payment was given to:

    A meeting was arranged

  7. Even if Loreen is a little crazy, she is a wonderful Person:)

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