DR Wants New EBU Rules on Song Publishing

  EBU -The Danish national broadcaster DR has asked the EBU (see pic for new logo) to review their tough rules for the date Eurovision songs may be published. The current EBU rules state that a song that participates in the Eurovision Song Contest can not have been published or performed publicly before September 1 of the preceding year.

This year one of the songs in the Danish final, Nowhere by Tine Lyngaard had to be disqualified before the show, as the song had been available on YouTube and Facebook in July 2011. DR has now changed its own rules and now will only disqualify songs if they have gained an unfair advantage from being published earlier. As that prevents such a song to be disqualified from Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, it would still not be able to take part in Eurovision should it win the Danish selection.

That is probably why DR has called on the EBU to change their rules as well and apparently fell on sympathetic ears: “We don’t believe EBU’s rules are up to date. Nowadays songwriters often exchange demo-versions of their songs online. They have listened to us, but it is too late to change for 2013, so they probably won’t be able to change the rules before 2014“, says DR’s entertainment boss Jan Lagermand Lundme.

Source= eurovisionary.com, DR.dk

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25 comments on “DR Wants New EBU Rules on Song Publishing

  1. So, if i get this right, they want a song to be allowed to be published even earlier? Summer of the preceding year f.e.?
    In that case i totally disagree; imho, it is not good for the song itself to have to compete 9-10 months after it will have been published (it is a way too long period of time).

    • I think they talk more about uploading songs so other songwriters can listen to them… But honestly. do they have to do that via youtube? … Otherwise, I think if a band performs a song at a local Bierfest it’s not a reason for disqualification. I mean if 1000 people know the song beforehand that’s not an advantage…

    • I also disagree. It should be original songs. Even the 1st of September rule doesn’t sound good to me. They should make it November!

  2. rules are rules, the idea behind “not much advantage” is not clear, i don’t get what that “implies” and everyone will bring its own theories to defend a song to not get disqualified… 1st september, period. now that’s a clear rule everyone can understand, and accept!

  3. Come on DR, Denmark is not the only Country that had do disqualify Songs because of this Rule. If I want to take Part in ESC, I have to keep my Song secret until September, that’s an easy & logic Rule. When the Date was October, this was a Problem, since most Singers publish their new Album in September, but now, it isn’t….

    If this Rule were really expandet, I suggest for Germany, to send “Hör den Kindern einfach zu” to Malmö;)

  4. How ridiculous. Does that mean that technically a country could send the same song to Eurovision two years in a row?

  5. When I first read the title I thought they would be advocating to allow cover songs.

  6. I want the october rule back.

  7. On a simular theme
    I don’t think that countries should be allowed to pick their entries in a different year from the contest the song will represent them in.I refere to Switzerland /Albania who will pick their songs in December 2012 for the 2013 contest.In one year these countries have 2 ESC songs

    • Well, the Festival I Kenges is traditionally around Christmas in December… And what is the problem with them having the song in the year before? The Eurovision year is from May to May anyway…

  8. well,technically no,since their songs for esc 12 were selected on December 11.
    I like that fact by the way because the esc season begins earlier and we have more time to watch the national finals,listen to songs etc.We already have too many finals between February 1 and March 15 every year.

  9. @ Toggie

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  11. technically yes,as there is 2 song in one year

  12. Personally I think the 1st of September is too early, and there should be a rule for when national selection proceses take place, if an entry is selected early in December for example is means it will have a n unfair advantage and why the heck does it need to be so early, National Finals and entries should be chosen as from the 1st of February till the end of March not all the way in December when the contest is like in the middle of May.

    • considering the results of Albania 2011 or Switzerland 2012 I doubt it’s that much an advantage really… apart for esc fans, most people still today discover esc songs on the night, same for juries… relax

      • Still where is the sense selecting the entry like 4 or 5 months before the actual contest its silly! I suppose its more of a disadvantage as we get bored as fans of some of the earlier selected entrys unless they are really good or catchy.

  13. Scott Hirst,
    Totally agree with you

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