Loreen: Tour Start Flops

  Sweden – Loreen won the 5th Eurovision victory for Sweden this May. At her tour start in Sweden she was booed by the public. Why? Loreen got mixed up about the town where she actually was. In her greetings she said hello to Karlskrona while she was actually in Karlskoga. She then performed for 28 minutes and left the stage. The public was wondering whether it was actually over… and it was. The performances were also criticized for being mumbled and autotuned. Source= ilkar.blogspot.com

26 thoughts on “Loreen: Tour Start Flops

  1. Wen wundert’s? She has not even released her debut album yet. Which stage experience and song material did they except? I do not think she will be successful it in the music business either.

  2. just to clear things out, she had two microphones. one ordinary, and one with an obvious auto tune-effect. she used the auto tuned one in special part of some songs, and there very never meant to sound like she didn’t use auto tune in those parts. Just so no one thinks that she doesn’t sing as good as she does ;)

    and the name of the city-issue, if you look at the video of the whole situation, I can clearly hear, and see in her expression and reaction that she only is joking around!

  3. Well, we all know that Sweden’s ESC victory was more about the perforamnce than the song or Loreen’s live singing abilities.

    P.S and off-topic: Congratulations to Italy. Unfortunately, my tip (2 – 1) was proven to be correct. :(

    • im sorry, but the defense was horrible. Spain-Italy are the two best defenses in the World and after the 1-1 earlier in the competition, it will be an interesting final to watch (Italy has not won the European Championships since 1980 and the introduction of the one-event competition). All in all, I remember that Croatia was extremely unlucky after an amazing tournament. They deserve semi, or at least quarter final in any other groups (even better than Portugal imo).

      • You do not have to be sorry because Italy had the better team. And the result wasn’t surprising at all if you consider the matches that had been played before. Italy drew against 2 of the strongest teams (Spain and Croatia), expectedly beat Ireland and was very unlucky to need a penatly shootout against the weak English team.

        Germany on the other hand …

        1. was very lucky to beat Portugal. Portugal had the better team but (as on so many occasions) failed to score.
        2. Then they beat a totally indisposed Dutch team but even lost control there in the last 20 minutes of the match.
        3. Then they were very lucky to beat the Danish team, which (like Portugal) has one major problem: scoring.
        4. Then they beat the Greek team, which isn’t top level for sure (sorry to all Greeks but it is the truth).

        All in all, the German defence was a terrible mess throughout the Euro 2012. :(

        Of course, the German media went all aflutter and dropped all objectivity nevertheless, claiming the German team to be the best by a mile. I wish that they had been a bit more objective because then people wouldn’t be that disappointed in Germany now. I just hate if people are emotional instead of intellectual when iot comes to football. After all, matches can be read in an intelligent way. If you are a fan of cultural studies, you might even call football matches texts … ;) (I am well aware that this must sound like sacrilege to a guy socialised within the framework of French literary studies …)

        • oh my god, I liked your comment until the end and I almost died swallowing my drink! But yes, I kept saying, two goals from Greece (on which both Boateng is responsible) was a bad sign, and they let both Denmark and Netherlands score… I still think Croatia should be up there! Sad! Apart from that, we did have the best teams in the semis (except the Croatian case) and now the two best in the final! Let’s hope we don’t need a penalty!

          • I won’t watch the final, I’m still in shock… it’s like a curse, everytime we play against Italy or Spain, we’re showing “coward”-soccer…
            and it’s not like Italy would have been so much better, they only were more effective… Germany wasn’t very lucky either – again against an Italian team, like in 2006 when Italy spoiled our “summer fairytale”…
            @ togravus
            You know how much I value your opinion, but if there’ll be once the occasion to watch soccer together, we really should think about it very carefully…;-)…
            When it comes to sports or more specifically Germany playing soccer, I love getting away with the crowd, in an enthusiastic way, cheering and partying euphoricly… all those people who are like “oh, the better team should win”, “I don’t care about the winner as long as there’s a tensive match” are kind of, well, not very suitable in that very moment… and we got a lot of people in Germany showing this over-the-top “fairplay”-behaviour – it’s like as if we’ve invented it ;-)…

            • LOL I just do not like to become emotional about anything for two reasons:

              1. understanding has always been my n° 1 idea of having fun
              2. being emotional is the biggest obstacle to understaning.

              I fully understand and respect that other people have a different idea of having a good time though. I have always been a strange guy …

    • Loreen is a great live singer! Com’on not many people can hit those notes when they are jumping around like that.

      Yes, the performance was a big part of it, but many people still buy the song, I don’t think its all about the performance…

  4. Isn’t it actually a 30 minutes gig,anyway?At least that is what i read.Off topic: Congratulations to Italy!Where was Germany today?

  5. Look, new Severina’s song “Italiana” goes very well with Italian success in Euro champs:

    :D :D :D

    P.S. Mario Balotelli is COOL, he scored 2 goals!! :-* :D

  6. Hi Marko
    I see that similarity too lol.
    Didn’t know she liked the whacky backy! Shes does have a tendency to mumble though. Hope it gets better for her though. Would be a pity after such a great win for it all to go down hill.

    Hurrah Italy made the final of Euro 2012, my winnings have just increased, now all they’ve got to do is beat Spain and I take the lot :) Shocked Nadal is out of Wimbledon, Rosol was amazing.

    • Yes, Rosol was such a typical old Wimbledon (grass court) school, service volley play!! :D

      Today 3 male tennis players from Serbia are on the court!! :D

      • Well done Ivanovic today. Pity Tipsarevic is out. The match up between Djokovic against Troicki will be interesting. Rosol seemingly a flash in the pan dumping out Nadal, he was poor today.

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