Ireland: RTÉ Spends 254.000€ on Eurovision

  Ireland – The Irish newspaper “Mirror” has reported that the Irish national broadcaster RTÉ has spent a total of 254.000€ on its participation in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. The channel has to face criticism for the expenses as it has financial difficulties and a big debt. 70.000€ were spent for the participation fee to the EBU, while the Irish delegation needed 76.000€ for accommodation and nutrition.

The flights for the 19 members of the delegation cost 16.000€ and 32.000€ were spent on promotion. The national final this year cost about 60.000€. A member of Sinn Fein’s told the newspaper that the expenses paid by RTE  are “inexcusable”, and added that the 60.000 € for hotel rooms is “more than most people’s yearly wage.” He also asked: “Do they really need 19 people to go?”. RTÉ defended itself, saying that the demand for Eurovision is always high in Ireland and that each of the 7 hours of entertainment Eurovision provided only cost 37.000€ which is less than most other television programs.

EDIT: In this article we stated early today that Ireland had spent 554.000 n Eurovision. That was not correct. The right amount spent is 254.000. We are sincerely sorry for the mix-up

Source= The Mirror, esctoday.com

11 comments on “Ireland: RTÉ Spends 254.000€ on Eurovision

  1. I’m sure RTE are trying to reduce costs all over the place. They more than likely could have spent an awful lot more.

    Lets not get to begrudging and make easy political swipes.

  2. Considering that ESC is a prime time tv show this is not expensive. Sinn Fein and others should stop making a fuss!

    • I think the problem is that people don’t know how much a regular tv show costs… All these moaners saying “we pay for the whole thing” in the Big 5 countries don’t get that a normal Saturday night show costs just as much if not more and has sometimes lower ratings…

  3. honestly. RTE is a fucking joke. Im originally from Irish republic and the national broadcaster has went downhill in last 5 years.
    RTE Say theY couldn’t afford to host it if the ever won but the spend so much on just participating.
    No way did the cheaply produced national final which was staged on a regular friday night chat show (the late late show) cost 60.000euro.
    The problem with RTE is that their presenters an staff are way too overpaid yet rubbish at the job. Most of them earn more than anyone working on most American broadcasters..

    • The cost of the national final I persume went towards the mentor system. Do you think Linda Martin and Co. did that work for free???
      Also if the national final was a stand alone programme it would cost more. Having it as part of the Late Late Show is bad for giving it Eurovision significance but good for reducing RTE’s costs.

  4. oh yea i guess linda martin an co were overpaid. what a waste on that dirt such as linda an the all the people involved in Irish eurovision selections in recent years

  5. €70,000 spent as a fee to the EBU by a small country like Ireland makes you wonder how much those big countries including the big 5 have to spend.
    The big five must be spending well over €500,000 to have the privilage of automatic qualification. It would be very anoying to be the 6th biggest contributor. Maybe their should be a bidding war every year to see who can contribute the most. What do you think, Azerbijan in the big 5. Why limit it to 5 why not seven???????? Sure why not just have the top 25 contributors participate every year??? Joke of course.

  6. Your reporting is totally inaccurate. RTE spent €254,000 on this year’s Eurovision.

  7. Dear Eurovision Times – Am not sure if you know but the Irish viewing figures have now been released for this year’s contests.
    The first semi final on Tuesday featuring Jedward was 527,000 topping RTE 2′s rankings for that week, while the second semi final on Thursday was watched by 144,000 people ranking 5th for the week’s viewing figures.
    The Grand Final on the Saturday was watched by 724,000 people topping the rankings for RTE 1 for that week.
    Although down on last year’s 15 year high viewing figures, they are still very good for RTE (advertising revenue will have been very good for the station over the three shows) and prove once again that it was money well spent.


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