Norway Terror Trial: Breivik Lashes Out at Eurovision

  Norway – I hesitated for a long time whether to talk about this or not, in order not to give Breivik even more publicity, but I think this is noteworthy. Mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik, who slaughtered 77 people in Oslo and on the island Utoya, had one hour to make closing arguments in his trial today. He used the time to present his twisted, racist view of the world and Norway. Among other popular culture products such as “Sex and the City” he also used the Eurovision Song Contest to establish why he thinks Norway and Europe are “culturally, collectively in a psychosis”.

In his rant he defames recent Norwegian Eurovision representatives Alexander Rybak, Stella Mwangi and Tooji by calling them “assylum seekers” from Belarus, Africa and Iran respectively. He claims they were only chosen so that Norway could present itself as a tolerant country. “A good example is the contribution to the Eurovision in recent years. Aided by the media, a Belarussian was selected, probably with tartar roots. But that was not enough: Later, we let a Kenyan asylum seeker represent Norway with a “bongo song,” Breivik said.  The prosecuter has called Breivik “mentally disordered” and has called for him to be sent to a closed psychiatry.

Alexander Rybak, child of Belarussian immigrants represented Norway in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest and achieved the countries’ third victory with the highest score ever.


18 thoughts on “Norway Terror Trial: Breivik Lashes Out at Eurovision

  1. “The prosecutor has called Breivik “mentally disordered” and has called for him to be sent to a closed psychiatry.”

    Mentally disordered?!!! Yeah…right. He is a fascist misanphropist terrorist and he should be treated as such. End of story.

    • But not being taken seriously and being categorised as “mentally disordered” is probably the worst possible verdict and punishment from B.’s own perspective.

      Anyway, he doesn’t deserve any space or attention.

      • I know what you mean togravus, but I think that Norway should be interested in how real justice will be done and not only in how to, let’s say…piss him off.

  2. I hope he rots in the deepest cell of the worst Norwegian prison..Finding him “mentally disordered” will be a triumph for him and his views.

    • Actually, he doesn’t want that at all! He wants to be seen as mentally sane .. that gives more value to his thesis..
      Also: I love Norway for the way they treated all of this.. give him a fair trial and then punish him accordingly. Other countries start wars and lose their principles after terror attacks others are Norway

      • After the attack the Norwegian prime minister said that “Democracy always fights its enemies with more democracy” or something with a similar meaning. It’s a phrase that has stayed in my mind ever since. I admire Norway as well for understanding in a profound way the meaning of the word “Democracy”, which shows best in times of crisis. Anyway, no more politics and attention to this creature..

  3. At least, in his warped mind, one can say that he was in fact, a ESCfan, but yes, less of his nonsense, I neveruinderstood why Norwegian TV wanted to show him and his fascist actions, let’s forget about him and his disturbed mind and MOVE ON…to better things..

  4. Congratulations to the Nationalmanschaft! deserved qualifier; the two teams play in a different league imho :)

  5. I just read this news in my country, New Zealand. Terrible man. I can’t believe that people like him still exist today.

    If he hates other races so much then why can’t he just go and live far away from those people that he doesn’t like?

  6. OK, so let’s say only send Norwegian artists in Eurovision and only Norwegian/western European style songs. Doesn’t it get boring? To me it’s the same as those Balkan countries especially Greece. It’s the same tune and melody year after year. European CITIES are multicultural but Europe as a whole is still pretty much white as snow. In a globalized world and Europe being the richest, most developed continent and falling birth rate, immigration is inevitable! I think minorities are being chosen to appeal to the eastern countries and immigrants throughout europe. Joan Franka is half Turkish so i think she was to appeal to Turkey and Azerbaijan.

  7. He also seems to forget Eurovision isn’t strictly a European contest. Any member of the EBU are allowed to participate. This includes many Arab countries, Israel, Turkey, Azerbaijan. Even Qatar is interested in participating.

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