Eurovision 2012: Split Jury / Televote Revealed

  Eurovision 2012 – The EBU has not finally revealed the split jury and televote results of the final and both semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012. As expected after their landslide win, Sweden won the jury and the televote. Here is the full split result:


Points Place TELEVOTE: Points
1 Sweden 296 1 Sweden 343
2 Serbia 173 2 Russia 332
3   Albania 157 3 Serbia 211
4 Italy 157 4 Turkey 176
5 Spain 154 5 Azerbaijan 151
6 Estonia 152 6 Germany 125
7   Ukraine 125 7 Romania 117
8 Azerbaijan 118 8 Albania 106
9   Moldova 104 9 Greece 89
10 Germany 98 10 Ireland 89
11 Russia 94 11 Macedonia 79
12 Cyprus 85 12 Estonia 78
13   France 85 13 Moldova 75
14   Lithuania 82 14 Lithuania 68
15 Bosnia-Herzegovina 71 15 Cyprus 63
16 Malta 70 16 Bosnia-Herzegovina 57
17 Macedonia 69 17 Italy 56
18 Greece 60 18 Spain 45
19   Iceland 53 19 Iceland 39
20   Romania 53 20 Ukraine 37
21 Denmark 51 21 United Kingdom 36
22   Turkey 50 22 Hungary 20
23 Hungary 30 23 Denmark 18
24   Norway 24 24 Norway 16
25   Ireland 14 25 Malta 10
26   United Kingdom 11 26 France 0

Sweden would have won under both systems, however, in televoting Russia is quite close behind them. The biggest disagreements between the two systems were Russia (Televote: 2. , Jury: 11.), Ireland (Televote: 10., Jury: 25) and Turkey (Televote: 4. ; Jury: 22.) , who were favored by the televote, while France (Televote: 26., Jury: 13.), Spain (Televote: 18, Jury: 5.), Italy (Televote: 17.; Jury: 4.) and surprisingly Ukraine (Televote: 20. , Jury: 7.). If only televoting had been used, France would’ve come last for the first time with “nul points”. The UK’s Engelbert Humperdink was more popular with televoters than with the juries.

First Semi-Final:

Points Place TELEVOTE: Points
1 Albania 131 1 Russia 189
2 Moldova 107 2 Romania 132
3 Greece 103 3 Albania 131
4 Cyprus 90 4 Ireland 116
5 Romania 87 5 Greece 110
6 Denmark 81 6 Cyprus 99
7 Hungary 71 7 Moldova 85
8 Russia 75 8 Iceland 79
9 Israel 72 9 Denmark 53
10 Ireland 72 10 Switzerland 49
11 Iceland 70 11 Hungary 39
12 Finland 57 12 Finland 36
13 Switzerland 45 13 San Marino 25
14 San Marino 42 14 Montenegro 24
15 Belgium 38 15 Latvia 18
16 Montenegro 28 16 Israel 16
17 Austria 27 17 Austria 15
18 Latvia 17 18 Belgium 2

The juries saw Israel and Hungary in the final, while the televoters favored Switzerland and Iceland.


Second  Semi-Final:

Points Place TELEVOTE: Points
1 Sweden 145 1  Sweden 180
2 Serbia 141 2  Serbia 148
3   Ukraine 109 3  Lithuania 128
4   Estonia 102 4  Turkey 114
5   Malta 97 5  Estonia 88
6 Bosnia-Herzegovina 77 6  Norway 72
7 Croatia 66 7  Bosnia-Herzegovina 70
8 Georgia 62 8  Macedonia 63
9   Macedonia 58 9  Bulgaria 59
10   Lithuania 55 10  The Netherlands 51
11 Belarus 52 11  Malta 39
12 Portugal 49 12  Belarus 37
13 Turkey 42 13  Portugal 37
14 Slovenia 40 14  Croatia 34
15 Slovakia 40 15  Slovakia 32
16 The Netherlands 31 16  Slovenia 27
17 Bulgaria 27 17  Ukraine 24
18  Norway 25 18  Georgia 15

The televoters would have sent the Netherlands and Bulgaria to the final. The juries wanted to see Georgia (==) and Croatia in the final.


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72 comments on “Eurovision 2012: Split Jury / Televote Revealed

  1. I am surprised that so many people are surprised that the juries killed Joan Franka. I like the song too but it was a terrible mess live, both vocally and visually. As a consequence, the Netherlands dropped from 18th to 35th place on my list too.

    • I loved the song as well but her performance at Eurovision was below my expectations. The slight change of outfit and replacing the dancers with a band added nothing special to the meaning of the song. So I wasn’t surprised that it didn’t reach the final.

  2. I , on the other hand , am surprised that so many fans considered Italy will do great in televoting and even better than last year !As expected , Italy scored nowhere near televoting’s top 10 and the reason is that neither the song nor the performance were anything to write home about…I guess we will never learn how “Per sempre” would have scored …

    PS : I can’t see why the moment juries voted for vocals like Cyprus/Greece/Russia in semi , they wouldn’t vote for Joan’s honest tune despite vocals not being exactly spot on!

    • I think fans were impressed because of the music video.

    • “not being exactly spot on”

      Joan had an honest and serious song whereas EE and Ivi had cr*ps where vocals are more or less irrelevant to begin with. Joan’s vocals were abysmal and embarrassing to listen to. Gosh! Why can’t some people be objective at least only once when it comes to the live performance of songs they love? … It’s ludicrous and sad at the same time.

      • You got it wrong you sad elitist. He says that he did not expect Cyprus and Greece to do well with juries while Netherlands with a better song did very bad…I

      • Thank you for being the only objective person on this blog !
        Seriously your arrogance is getting over the roof ! I advice you to take some holidays.
        All I just wanted to say was that juries could have given Netherlands some chance for the first time this year…Juries voted for equally weak vocals ( like Greece or Russia in semi ).Some little support to Netherlands wouldn’t have bothered , especially the moment the song was good and we are not talking about a singing contest nor vocals were THAT abysmal as you seem to claim all the time.

  3. And who was the one preaching that Loreen wouldn’t win one way or another?

    Interesting to see Iceland getting through because of televote. I thought this kind of music with a poor draw would appeal to juries more.
    More surprises here. Ukraine wasn’t at all appreciated by televoters which is strange, could it be that neighbors didn’t want to vote for a black singer? Just saying… And Georgia – how could this song be in jury top 10 and in the bottom with voting public? Very surprising. Lithuania was better appreciated by televoters, proves that televoters do vote for a good song sang by good singer.
    Netherlands did well in televote, another major surprise. Perhaps, the voting public doesn’t always support it’s neighbors?
    I was hoping juries would help poor Hump but they in fact hammered a few nails in his coffin. I wanted him to do better, 21st position would be exactly right for this kind of songs. France – nul points with public? That’s a bit unfair to Anggun, it wasn’t a masterpiece song but nul points is a bit too much (or rather, too little). Juries also did a good job again with getting Gaitana up the scoreboard but pity they didn’t like Turkey more. About Russia – I did not expect juries to vote for it in droves and respectable 11th place is not bad. But grannies came close to winning with televoters, it would be exciting to watch Sweden and Russia fighting for the victory if only public is consulted. Both songs deserve the victory, I think.

    Overall, I think we don’t really need juries, maybe change the proportion to 75% televoters/ 25% juries?

    • I believe Russia got lots of televotes because they were cute. Their vocals was terrible, they had no good sound whatsoever and the song was a catastrophy…..

      They got pityvotes.
      Not a chance that they were better than Sweden in any way (no matter if you like swedens song or not, atleast Loreen had a song and the capability of singing. She did not make the contest into a joke like those grannies did with baking bread on stage).

      Just sayin

      • OMG really? Thank u, C.O., you just opened our eyes! We all were considered that people have voted for the grannies because of strong song and extremely great vocals…

  5. Not surprised that Ireland was 2nd to last at jury votes. The outfits that Jedward wore were horrendous during the dress rehearsal. Their red outfit in 2011 fitted well with the theme of “Lipstick” but this year, they wore a white vest shirt with all the flags of European countries. Had nothing to do with their song “Waterline”.

  6. OMG

    Jury vote 11th France? I expected Turkey to do bad with juries though. Russia 9th and Ukraine 7th?

    SF1: Also Iceland missing with juries it was smth I never expected this one.

    SF2: OMG Georgia did well with juries! Porr NETHERLANDS!!!!!

    OK this year juries are responsible for some extremities! Georgia, Ukraine and Russia to some extent. On the other hand no points to Turkey at all and no support it Iceland was insane!

    Poor Cyprus. 15th only with tele-voting?

  7. Ukraine did second last with tele-vote. So some moaners should s””” up. Goergia was last as well. Therefore the results are 100% fair!

    Juries got it wrong this year!

  8. ALSO someone here lied to us with regards to the results of SF1.

    1st: there was not a run-away winner of juries that did not score top10 with public tele-vote.
    2nd: there was not any song that did very well with tele-vote missing but missed top10 with juries.

    Overall you completely got it WRONG!

    • 2nd: yes there was… NORWAY
      1st: I guess they meant Hungary or Israel… it was information by the EBU press conference…


      • I am talking about the 1st semi. You talked about ”strong” favorites either in tele-voting or jury vote that missed top10 in one of the two cateogries. According to the results there is not such a thing. The countries that made it or missed the whole thing were just around 10th place in each category…

        Only 2nd semi had such discrepancies (Georgia, Ukraine, Turkey, Norway) whic anyway you did not even report.

        What I trying to tell you is to cross-check your info before you publish them…I remember that in 2005 a leaked ”ebu” info said that Norway won the semi wiht ober 300 points. You should have learned from this…

        • They just published what they said on ebu’s official press conference. What is your problem and who do you think you are? I think that the people running this blog does a fantastic job and that people like you should stop being rune to them

    • This site becomes more and more like ESCToday. All hate, foul language, twisting and attacks … Yuck!

      I will do my best to ignore certain users’ comments in the future. :(

      • You attacked first sad elitist. So you wholly deserve it!

      • Allow me to tell you that you have been ironic, twisting and above all ”prosaic moaner”. Your language has been foul as well…

        • Please read the articles again and notice words like “apparently” and “the EBU revealed”,,, I wrote what the EBU reported… How am I supposed to cross check something only the EBU can know? I will keep reporting on rumors and stuff that can only be secured through one source, AND I will keep saying what I think about entries like Cyprus or Greece 12, because that is half the stuff a blog is about (and it is doing pretty well for that matter). If you don’t like that I suppose you move on to other websites…

          and PS: You could at least admit that you were wrong about SF2…

          • ^ Coming from the same guy which kept claiming Sweden wasn’t the runaway winner and EBU refuses to show us split results.

          • Are you naive or smth? Did I say anything about SF2? I was talking about SF1 ONLY. Also why are you mixing Greece and Cyprus in this? You tend to miseunderstand things very easily…i was not pointing to you but to the elitist….get it!

  9. Yet again we see that overall the juries give a more balanced result, not just the same group of countries doing well. They are not perfect and some are just as biased in their voting as the televoters, but overall it serves the many rather than the few. It’s a joke to see some countries doing so well in the televote yet again, when they were so much lower in the jury vote.

    Ukraine lost more ground in the televote, with two more of their biggest supporters missing (Armenia and Poland), they had already lost a little ground when the Czech Republic departed.

    The jury vote for Georgia is a bit mysterious, we know that there were 5 points from Portugal and 3 from Slovenia, while B & H and Germany didn’t vote for them. I think some people are missing the point a bit with Georgia though, they missed the final because many of their biggest supporters were absent from their semifinal, but those that were in that semifinal did vote for them. Their biggest supporters in order with the points given are:

    Lithuania: 12
    Armenia: Absent
    Ukraine: 10
    Belarus: 6
    Russia: Other semi
    Azerbaijan: Other semi
    Turkey: 3
    Estonia: 4
    Greece: Other semi
    Moldova: Other semi
    Poland: Absent

  10. My only wish for the jurie vote is to apply a somewhat different prespective when it comes to their criteria. They were spot on till now and were able to balance the results accordingly but this year there were unfortunate choices that focused only on good live vocals (which obviously may please some people around here but that’s not what music is all about) and vocal gimmicks while when they wanted to provide diversity with different songs and performances they also made some unfortunate choices. Russia (despite it was held back) should have been lower definately and ireland way higher (the difference between an opinionated act and a novelty should be clear with the jurors) while voting for Greece in the first semi (fortunately they made up in the final) and ignoring a much more fresh and dunamic tune from Switzerland is dissapointing. Of course in the 2nd semi they saw how cheap the Bulgarian act was but still ranked it higher that a professional pop act like Norway, which never was jury material but it was definately better than Georgia.
    The televoting failure of Ukraine could have been the result of a racist approach towards Gaitana from their neighbours as well I guess as I read above.

    • oh lol, seems you do not need easy answers. Actually Ukraine’s low place in televoting can means that neighbours voting is just a myth.

  11. Thanks for posting the split results. It seems that something that I have been suspecting for a while is absolutely true – the juries where just dumb. Whoever chooses them is doing a horrible job.
    Those “professionals” apparenly thought that Russia and Cyprus were far more classy than Iceland’s masterpiece or Macedonia’s exquisite voice, not the mention UK’s ballad which wasn’t worth anything to them… *sigh*
    Perhaps we would be better off without juries after all.

  12. Comments like the majority around here proves exactly my point of why these split results should never be published since they add nothing to the contest or the result other than degrading the current voting system. No, the juries are staying, I am sorry.

  13. In the case of the UK’s last place in jury voting I do not think that it was the juries’ least favourite song. I guess that most juries agreed that it was a pleasant effort but found 10 songs they liked more. After all, nice songs tend to end up near the bottom of the pile on most occasions whereas the really bad ones always get the support of some weirdos at least.

  14. The proportion needs to b something like 75% televote 25% juries because ot b quite frank, their taste in music is shite. Albania and Moldova had AWFUL songs and, I don’t care how much criticism they get, Cyprus and Greece both deserved to do much better (although i do admit that the juries did support Cyprus-ish). However once again i will continue to say what i say every year…get rid of the juries please…get Eurovision back to what it was like…i’d much rather block voting then this nonsense.

    • Albania and Moldova had awful songs? How objective. And as for Greece and Cyprus – Cyprus was very highly rated until people heard it live, and Greece – well, you cannot shake your booty EVERY year.
      And – do you really think Russia winning the contest would have been a good thing?

      • Albania and Moldova WERE awful. End of. Greece DON’T shake their booty every year. 2005,2008 and 2012 is not every year. Cyprus were gr8 and not overrated at all and i alredy sed (If you had actually took time to read my previous post properly) that i admit that Cyprus would have done ever so slightly better with the juries but that still does not change my decision. And actually a jump from 17th to 9th is a huge jump Patrick P and it’s much better.

    • I don’t see your point.
      The system you ask for there would only place Albania 6th or 7th and Moldova between 10th and 12th. Overall, it’s not that big of a change. The two songs you pointed out as awful got solid scores from both sides. That format would also have likely lowered Cyprus’ placement and helped Greece barely avoid the top 10 instead of be far lower.

      If you are going to advocate for a system, at least make sure your reasoning upholds your advocacy.

  15. Thank you jury for 1°position in 2011 and 4°in 2012,from Italy.

  16. It surprises me that the juries liked georgia- i thought the public liked it!

  17. can;t believe juries voted for ukraine and georgia and not for Netherlands, Portugal and Bulgaria. what a disgrace.

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