Sweden: The Downfall of Danny Saucedo

  Editorial – The runner-up of Melodifestivalen 2011 and 2012, Danny Saucedo has released a new video. After his loss at this year’s Swedish national final he made headlines as a sore loser not going to the after show party and saying things like “I would have done better. Loreen will not work in Europe”. Even after her Eurovision victory he continued: “I’m still convinced I would have won, too. I think any Swedish entry would have won this year. It was Sweden’s turn. But I’m happy for Loreen.”

His new song is quite different from what Danny has shown earlier, the song is an R & B mid-tempo and a partnership with rapper Lazee (with whom he worked on his second album). In fact, the theme is a version of a ’90s hit, “Take a ride,” the Swedish double Rob’n’Raz. Where is the downfall, then? The duo, probably inspired by this year’s Austrian Eurovision entry, changed the lyrics from “Take a ride” to “Shake that ass” with Danny playing what can only be assumed to be a pimp-like persona, looking at young ladies’ behinds and telling them to “Shake that as up and down”.

Sorry Mr. Saucedo but sore loser paired with sexist lyrics are just not our style and seems more like the downfall of a career than its climax.

Well, see for yourself:


29 thoughts on “Sweden: The Downfall of Danny Saucedo

  1. Danny has never had talent or taste, and thus this does not come as a surprise to me.
    In fact, he is among the least appealing ESC related things in almost 60 years.

  2. Eh, it’s not the first time I notice that his “music” is not worth anything… How he managed to get good results in Melodifestivalen is beyond me.

  3. I am a fan of Danny but these bitchy comments about Loreen are crap. It was Sweden’s turn to win this year? Gurl, really??? Uh please. Amazing is a good song but Euphoria is way much better, just listen how Loreen performed live compared to him. Wish dat he stop whining and giving bs whatsoever but instead, try to win the MF and ESC next year. Duh~

    • He would never stand a chnace winning if this is how he sings, we wouldnt have given our 12 to Sweden if he was sent becuase he sounds so camp and cheesy when he sings.

  4. Just proves mainland Europe are still trying to learn how to do contemporay R’n’B, Sorry to the rest of Europe but you are behind the UK, USA and Australia in this music genre, although there are some exceptions (Loreen & the bulgarian representative). Some mainland european artists can’t do R’n’B without it sounding cheesy or popish, they have that tendency to make a song cheesy like this. This is just cringewrothy, wounder where it is in the charts in Sweden LOL! I know this wouldnt even make it into ours, how its sung just sounds too kitch and camp.

  5. What planet is he living on? The song Amazing was far from what the title suggested. I don’t think Sweden would have even qualified with such a mediocre song

  6. I like this song and his attitude much.:) Pity Amazing did not win this year’s MF (–> one overrated entry in ESC less). The ‘shake that ass (for me)’ part is copied from some other song though.

  7. I’ve been a Danny fan for a while, and up until recently I’d have loved to see him go to Eurovision…but articles like this that expose his jerkiness have really turned me off him. I think I would rather see someone like Ulrik Munther or Molly Sanden (or a Sanden sister supergroup) represent Sweden on home turf next year.

    • Amen to that. Initially, I wanted “Amazing” to win Melodifestivalen, but after seeing Danny act like a spoiled child, I’m glad the far classier Loreen made it to Baku. And, to the last point, I would really want Molly or Lisa Miskovsky to represent Sweden next year.

  8. Hmm not bad. I mean at least I can’t understand a weird that’s being send AND its in Swedish language xD lol jks.

    Sweden’s song entry next year should be in their own language. They haven’t really released any song in Swedish since they won with Take Me To Your Heaven and Waterloo.

  9. Danny is a very talented pop artist and performer, no doubt about that but his attitude towards Loreen was immature and innapropriate..He should try again of course in MF since he definately has potential as an artist.

  10. I’d love to see the Limelights again that did Swedens JESC entry way back for ESC 2013 or one of the Sanden Sisters.

  11. GREAT song American style, no wonder it’s being criticized here and in ESC cilrcle!! Everything which is criticized in ESC audience is actually modern, nice and great! LOL :D

    Loreen’s “Euphoria” is typical 90s beat of G:son, nothing new and special at all LOL but ESC fans are for it and against Danny Saucedo! WOW! LOOL ESC World is so crappy, i’m glad I’m out of it now, i comments very rare, from time to time, because discussions in ESC sites are so freaky and disgusting, the same way this article is.. :)

    • But Marko, this song IS 90s too.

      “In fact, the theme is a version of a ’90s hit, “Take a ride,” the Swedish double Rob’n’Raz.” There is nothing modern about this. It kinda reminds me of the theme song of an old 90s sitcom that I used to watch as a kid.

      • Well maybe in the USA they are from 90s, i just know that ESC music is not appreciated at all in Europe beside that festival, and I’m officially not ESC fan any more..since June 1st 2012. but i comment rare, from time to time.. :)

        • Euphoria: #1 in Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark + so many more
          La La Love: #1 in Greece and in the charts in countless countries

          Satellite and Fairytale were also European hits.

          But it’s great to know you are no longer a fan!

          • Hello, how are you? :)

            Anything where “Fairytale” is hit is FUNNY and not for me.. :)

            I’m now into American (and Uk) RnB, rap and hip hop music, and REAL WORLD HITS, this festival don’t interest me at all..but I respect all who interest.. :)

            Maybe if in ESC will appear more modern songs and RnB entries, also better choreographies I will become fan again.. thus i don’t say NEVER..maybe UK will send better and current in the future, who knows.. :)

          • And please don’t be angry at me, now I say this in friendly way, i can’t see notifications when somebody replays to my comments, it’s not red, but it stays grey! i tell you this because maybe some other users have that problem as well..

        • Well, that’s fine. Go with whatever interests you, but I do hope that you’ll still email me from time to time. I enjoy talking with you.

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