Bosnia-Herzegovina: Jury Results Revealed

  Bosnia-Herzegovina – The Bosnian national broadcaster has revealed the votes of the Bosnian jury for the second semi-final and the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012. In the semi-final their favorite was Croatia, while in the final they preferred Macedonia. Here are the full results:

Second Semi-Final:

Points Jury Votes  Combined Result:
 12  Croatia  Croatia
 10  Sweden  Serbia
 8  Macedonia  Macedonia
 7  Serbia  Sweden
 6  Bulgaria  Turkey
 5  Ukraine  Slovenia
 4  Portugal  Portugal
 3  Malta  Bulgaria
 2  Turkey  Ukraine
 1  Slovenia  Norway

The Final:

Points Jury Votes Combined Result
12  Macedonia  Macedonia
10  Sweden  Serbia
8  Albania  Sweden
7  Spain  Azerbaijan
6  Serbia  Albania
5  France  Spain
4  Azerbaijan  Turkey
3  Ukraine  Russia
2  Estonia  France
1  Iceland  Greece

Source= escXtra.com



15 comments on “Bosnia-Herzegovina: Jury Results Revealed

  1. 5 to France…???

  2. Hello neighbour votes!

  3. So most probably :
    BiH’s Televoting result in semi :
    12 : Serbia
    10 : FYROM
    08 : Croatia
    07 : Turkey
    06 : Slovenia
    05 : Sweden
    04 : Norway
    Portugal 2 or 3 points.

    And for the Final :
    12 : Serbia
    10 : FYROM
    08 : Azerbaijan
    07 : Sweden
    06 : Turkey
    05 : Russia
    04 : Greece

    A lot of political and neighbour voting if you ask me.Sweden was lucky to score that high…Of course 10 points from juries helped a lot ! Spain and France were given points once again but only by jurors !

  4. Very local votes, aren’t they? LOL Oh well, the former Yugo countries had above average songs on offer in 2012, so no harm done.

  5. The semifinal votes are..weird to say the least. In the final things are improved with only Albania and Ukraine destroying the musical credibility of the vote imo..

  6. Like for vote from Bosnia and Hercegovina .
    ♥ Macedonia ♥

  7. Once more France does very well with the juries! incredible! we want the split results!

  8. So I guess even the juries like to partake in a bit if neighbour voting here and there. I think its fair to say Eurovision’s screwed. Or at least the voting is anyway.
    Oh and 5 points to France? What an odd vote lol.

    • I really think they did vote for their favorite songs… These were typical Balkan music styles and big stars in that region. No surprise they went for that in my opinion!

      • That is not an excuse for a jury vote, is it? Otherwise, if they are effected by the same patterns as normal viewers, why are they here?

  9. France seems to have done well in the jury vote once again, as has Sweden. I’m beginning to suspect Sweden may have only come 2nd in the tele-vote (with Russia coming 1st). That would explain why the EBU hasn’t released the split voting figures.

    • I don’t understand how this could be a problem.People enter the competition knowning beforehand that there is a 50-50 deliberation.The song that gets the most votes combined,wins.It’s simple.And in this year’s case,we had a landslide winner.Loreen was ahead of the grannies with 113 pts.EBU should publish the results asap in order to avoide all those speculations…

  10. I would Say that FYROM & Serbia was liked by Both their immigrants in bosnia and the bosnians and that turkey was only liked by the turkish immigration since Sweden & azerbaijan got more in televoting than turkey! The problem that the jury is trying to reduce IMO in Eurovision is not neighbour voting, it is immigrant/diaspora voting that every country have in different scales! Russia have more Political points (russians in many eastern countries & germany voting) than Sweden (swedes in the scandinavian countries voting) so its easier for russia to win Than for Sweden!

    • From what we know Russia trumped Sweden in every country’s televoting that can be calculated so far. Probably Europe and the Caucasus just liked “Party for everybody” best? We still have to wait (thank you very much cowardly EBU!) to draw final conclusions.

  11. In 2 weeks I’ll be in BiH(Croatia and Montenegro also included) hurrahhhhhhh :) Maybe I come across Maya an tell her how much I adore her song this year :)

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