Voting Analysis (5): Who Voted for the Bottom 15?

  Voting Analysis – We already looked at Sweden, Russia, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Albania, Estonia and the Top 15. Today we continue with the countries that achieved the places 15-26. Who voted for them, why and how important were traditional voting patterns. Here we go:

Who voted for Ukraine?

Cyprus reached the same amount of points, but from less countries and is thus one place below Ukraine. Please go to our last post to see the analysis for Cyprus. Sorry for the mix-up.

Ukraine got almost half its points from its direct neighbors. There were 10 points from Belarus, 8 points from the big mother of Russia and another 8 points from Moldova. It’s interesting that Romania didn’t give the song a single point, however. That would be an argument against my own view that much of the “neighborhood voting” is actually cultural. Why does Moldova give a song 8 points while culturally close Romania does not?. Other high points came from Latvia and Georgia. In short, Ukraine this year would be one of the countries that suffers the most if we take off the block votes.

Who voted for Greece?

Apart from the obvious 12 points from Cyprus, Greece also got top marks from neighbors Albania. 8 points came from Romania, while Serbia, Moldova, Ukraine and Azerbaijan had 4 or 5 points to spare. Otherwise, the Greek song apparently did not please many voters even in countries with a strong Greek diaspora: Greece only got one point from Germany and nothing at all from the UK, which is quite unusual if you look at recent years.

Who voted for Bosnia-Herzegovina?

Naturally, the Balkan ballad from Bosnia got points from the other Balkan countries. 10 from Croatia were the best they were able to get however, Slovenia, Montenegro and Macedonia only gave 6 or 7 points Serbia only 5. The only other high points came from fellow Muslim country Turkey, while Azerbaijan and Albania both ignored the song completely. Diaspora votes in Austria and Switzerland may explain their points for Bosnia. In the West, North and East, the song was completely ignored.

Who voted for Ireland?

Just like last year, Jedward were most popular in Northern Europe. The problem this year was that the support even in this region was way below the levels of 2011. The only high points for Ireland came from the United Kingdom. The rest of the “middle points” came from the Netherlands and Belgium and from the Scandinavian countries Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Finland. Also Latvia was generous to Jedward. Apart from Croatia, Belarus and Azerbaijan the song didn’t get a single point in East, South and Central Europe.

Who voted for Iceland?

Iceland got its highest points from Estonia (which voting-vise is officially a Scandinavian country in ESC), Finland and Denmark. Low points from Norway, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia and Germany can be added to the score. In Germany we already know that these points were given due to the jury.

Who voted for Malta?

Surprisingly, Malta got most of its points from Eastern Europe. 8 points from Azerbaijan, 7 or 6 points from Lithuania, Ukraine and Serbia, plus 3 to 1 points from Turkey, Macedonia and Belarus. The only votes from Western Europe came from former colonial power United Kingdom.

Who voted for France?

Switzerland and Iceland’s 6 points saved France from its first last place ever. Austria, Latvia, Bosnia and Sweden also had some points for Anggun.

Who voted for Denmark?

The Danish could not count on their Scandinavian friends too much this time. Still, the highest points (5 or 4) came from Finland and Iceland. Furthermore, there seems to be a small new axis in Eurovision: Germany and Denmark. Lower marks came from Estonia (see they are Scandinavian) , Norway and Italy.

Who voted for Hungary?

8 points came from neighbors Slovakia, 7 from Romania and 3 to 1 points from Turkey, Moldova and neighbors Serbia.

Who voted for the UK?

Well, few countries actually. Estonia, Latvia, Belgium and neighbors Ireland had Engelbert in their Top 10. All other countries. South, East, Central, Scandinavia completely ignored the song. To simply blame the East (as some British newspapers did) is thus more than simplifying things!

Who voted for Norway?

It doesn’t get redder than this (well, wait for Austria). Some support from Scandinavia came from Sweden (three) and Iceland (one). If we had the 3 Dutch points we arrive at Tooji’s final score of 7 points.

9 comments on “Voting Analysis (5): Who Voted for the Bottom 15?

  1. Many Ukrainians live in Moldova whereas there are only very few in Romania. Diaspora vote is not cultural but patriotic … If Turkey had sent ‘Sha-la-lie’, they would have probably won the German televote too.

  2. The rather splitted votes for France indicates probably that almost all points were from the juries.

  3. Greece disappointed this year, every year have a good ranking.
    The song of Cyprus was hit on social networks but are not found in the first 10.Only Serbia surprised with 8 points shti presented to Cyprus.
    Denmark had a good song but Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland did not vote well for Denmark
    UK song is disaster .Others is good

  4. France did not vote for any of them :o

  5. Your analysis regarding Romania did not vote for Ukraine although you think they are culturally similar is not really accurate…Romania votes for Moldova as 70% of population of Moldova are Romanians and in fact Moldova was part of Romania, until Russia “took” it. Then Russians just moved around Moldovans and Ukrainians, so practically a big percentage of Ukrainians live in Moldova. Plus all former Soviet countries vote between themselves. But Romania is no former Soviet country (although forced to communism) and no neighbor votes for her other than Moldova. Same way Romania does not vote for former Soviet countries other than Moldova unlike the song is liked. You have to really analyze bloc voting deeper than East Europe “concept”…

  6. I think Azerbaijan gave Malta points because Malta frequently votes for Azerbaijan. In the former USSR, countries may do good to you if you did good to them, Lithuania-Georgia is one of these examples.
    I heard in 2010 Belorussians were very offended when Russia gave them little points and so in 2011 they gave little to Russia.

  7. Aww poor UK

    Bad placing + Old fashioned song pretty much played a role here. Its got nothing to do with Europe hating them I think.

  8. LOL, no real surprise that Malta’s points came from those juries.

  9. Too much red is going on here..Well there are three categories of countries here :

    -> Countries which usually count on regional support but this year even that was not enough to save them (Ukraine, Greece, Bosnia – Herzegovina – and the last one really bothers me..)
    -> Countries who have no one to count on and if they do not have a dazzling song (whatever criteria that fits..) are doomed to a below 16th result with some spare points here and there mainly from the juries (UK, Ireland, Hungary, Malta, France)
    -> The poor nordics (Iceland, Denmark, Norway) whose failure is still a total mystery to me..not even neighbouring support for them (I never considered the nordic blog strong anyway) with average (Iceland) to good (Norway) to very good (Denmark) songs.

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