Israel: KDAM Planned for 2013

  Israel – Despite another disappointing result and low ratings of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Israel, the national broadcaster IBA has decided not to withdraw from the competition and to organize a national final “KDAM” in 2013. The Israeli Head of delegation told the newssite Mako: “IBA’s Chairman and CEO have both decided that preparations for ESC 2013 start immediately following this year’s contest. They will soon release a bid for production companies to produce a worthy Kdam show. We’re learning from past mistakes, and this time we’ll start sooner than later so we’re ready in time to provide the utmost support to our artist”.

This year the KDAM could not be held because of organizational difficulties between the producer Haim Slotzky and IBA. Eventually the broadcaster internally chose Izabo who did not qualify to the final this year. The article’s author also mentions concerns about the security measures needed for Israeli artists. They are worried about Sweden being a country with many Muslims and much antisemitism.However, according to them: “We survived Azerbaijan, and we’ll survive Sweden”

Source= Mako and escnation.com

21 comments on “Israel: KDAM Planned for 2013

  1. Good luck Israel!

  2. I hope they will be more successful next year, “Time” was IMO one of those songs deserved to do much better then it did.

    • Yep, ‘Time’ was the best uptempo song this year … and it didn’t even qualify. :(

      • It wasnt, again I have to stress the poor Vocals and English it was terrible, an entry which fails to sing in good English and gives a poor vocal performance does not deserve to qualify, these two factors should be considered as the most important when voting, if the singing doesnt sound good it is unpleasant to listen to.Another problem with the Isreali entry this year was that the woman on the keyboard just freaked me out, when sitting through the performance I was starting to think whether she was hallucinating or something, but then that isn’t as important as the vocals. Cyprus and Russia sounded appoling aswell in Semi Final 1 and managed to qualify.

        • The singing was perfectly fine (I studied music so I should know) and the lyrics contained my favourite ESC 2012 line: “I will feed you songs and wine”. :)

      • They will have a revenge next year, perhaps? Israel usually has a pretty high standard of songs.

  3. I hope that Israel will win the eurovision this year! We must show europe what we are worth of.

    P.M Iceland should won this year- They had cool song which had gothic elements, but i’m very happy of Sweden!!

    • It be great if your country sent a power ballad, but sent a female artist to sing it for a chanage, loved 2008 and 2010 Isreali entries, they where epic, loved them.

  4. I simply think Israel compete as they can perceive themselves (wrongly) to be a Euro country and not mixed in with those nasty warmongering chappies from asia mInor.

  5. I liked Izabo and “Time”. I liked the retro style with middle eastern sound and their laid back attitude. Pitty, Europe where thinking different than me.. Good luck in 2013 Israel, pls dont make and NF like 2011.. the sound of the singers were terrible we could only hear the Diva!! I am looking forward to the next Israeli NF

    Worried for the security in Sweden?!? I never heard of any problems from there…

    btw now that it is ISR topic I miss members like Zohars comments here, he used to be fun!

  6. Maybe this is cynical, but I think the number one argument for Israel is that the fact that it competes keeps all Arab countries out of the contest.. It’s the same as with Belgium (two broadcasters from language regions competing) and probably also France (promote language)

    • Thats why I love Isreal for participating even when they have sent some of their pooriest entries so far (2012 & 2009, and Teapacks Push the button).

      • ‘Push the Button’ is among my favourite post 2000 entries. :) Much better than overhyped Shiri f. e. …

    • I’m confused by what you imply? Serbia, Albania, Estonia or Spain got top 10 havent they? Are you saying that it’s a wrong policy towards language, but interms of what? Results, songs, quality?

      • no no… I mean that Belgium will probably always stay in the contest as they have two brodcasters from different language regions and there is a kind of rivalry… Neither one wants to be the one to admit they failed and leave it all to the other broadcaster…

        Same for Israel. For them one of the main arguments is that they can present themselves in Europe and the neigbor countries can’t (IMO)

  7. Choose wisely, Israel. :)

  8. Recently, Israel did great. Since 2008, 4 out of 5 entries made it to my top 10! Keep it up, the last time they went for an open Kdam, in 2011, was the one time they were horrible, in my bottom 5. So please, be wise!

  9. I do hope they will choose a credible artist first and then have the public and the jury decide on the song.And please,choose the right song like you did in 2008.Both in 2009 and in 2010 the right songs were not chosen IMO.Here are the 2 songs that should represent Israel in those 2 years respectively. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C14rZmRPby8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBQgYoSqMJI

  10. What’s wrong with Israelite people? Do Muslims hate Jews or Arabs?
    It would be interesting to see Israel win the contest at this modern era. I’d like to see that turns out.

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