Eurovision 2013: UK Goes Back to National Final

  United Kingdom – After Engelbert Humperdink’s disappointing result at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, the BBC was faced with criticism about their way of choosing the British entry. Furthermore, many Brits blamed the voting patterns at Eurovision for the bad result and called for a withdrawal of the country. Now, the Daily Mail reports that the BBC has no intention of withdrawing and will discuss a new form of national selection in the coming weeks. The most probable outcome is a televised national final.

Despite the disappointing British result, Eurovision was once more a ratings success for the BBC which currently has to deal with dropping viewing figures of the “The Voice…” series. A withdrawal is thus out of the question. Furthermore, the costs of Eurovision for the BBC are minimal compared to other Saturday evening programs.

The last time the UK chose their entry in a national final was in 2008. Andy Abraham represented the Kingdom and came shared last with only 14 points. Jade Ewen and Josh Dubovie were selected by the public as well, but the entry was predetermined, the songwriters having been internally selected.

124 thoughts on “Eurovision 2013: UK Goes Back to National Final

  1. Think we are just sore loosers believe it or not we have won it 5 times.
    Okay we haven’t won it since 1997…

    Sandie Shaw
    Brotherhood of Man
    Bucks Fizz
    Katrina and the Waves

    I do however think they need to pick a current artist, we do have so many good singer/song writers in this country, as shown at the olympics

    • and its a shame we dont put the same effort we did at hosting the olypmics into eurovision, when realistically the eurovision is the only event the UK stands a chnace winning these dayas, well maybe rugby events, but still when you compare our chances of winning World Cup, Euro Cup, Olympics with eurovision, we have better chances of winning. Its mainly a tweo hourse race between China/USA for winning olympics, we never stand a chance winning doing well in the Winter Olympics either,World cup and the Euro Cup the winning is usualy up to Spain/Brazil/Germany/Italy/Netherlands, UK is shit at football, coz the team doesnt know how to play like a team its too ‘individualistic’ and those type of british tht play put abysmal to bare minimum of effort into anything they do.

      Therefore the UK should focus all their efforts on something they have better chances of doing well if they put their minds to it! Brits forget since the jurry was added we have come 5th in 2009! Western european countries postions are improving! without the jury im sure Switzerland would have never qualifyed in 2011, and Cyprus and Ireland in 2010, Italy wouldnt have came 2nd on Debut, Germany would have had less chances of winning, Belgium would have never came 5th in 2010 without jurry, and niether would we have saw 3 big 5 countries in the top 10 in 2012! Eurovision is improving, its geting fairer for the better, the BBC and other european countries (minority of countries) need to help by trying to chnage the negative views of ESC in the UK!

    • And with the jurry thats why we didnt see Turkey and Armenia in 2011 qualify with a load of shit into the final, unfortunatly if forgot to elliminate Russia too in both 2010 and 2011, Goergia missed 2012, without the jury im sure it would have qualifyed.

  2. Personaly I don’t believe it’s time for the UK to pull out. Few countries have chosen entries so far and they are all pretty bad. Now it’s down to the BBC to get themselves thinking very hard about what they should be sending. They should ask the top british singers to come up with some songs with solid/real British quality music (the best) and make a national final the Swedish way.

    • we need to Ban the Block voting in Eurovision before We Let One direction take part in Eurovision. But its a very good idea. i wood sujest is having a round for the russia block and one for western Europe And one for cenrtal Europe and east Europe. This wood help Stop the block voting in Eurovision
      From peter jarai in Busbury Wolverhampton UK


  4. Get Gary Barlow to write and or perform song, if he can’t win it then it proves its a big fix and we can withdraw and save ourselves the embarrassment

  5. Make it straight forward and bring on the Miitary wifes. They can not only sing but also makes Britain proud in all senses!!!!

  6. Brotherhood of man,Bucks fizz,lulu,Sandie shaw,Katrina and the waves!!
    Good grief-I reckon Britain were lucky yo win with these awful entries!!
    Sandie Shaws is a classic-Katrina song wasnt too bad-but the rest…oh dear!
    The UK HAS NOT DONE WELL IN RECENT YEARS AS THEIR SONGS HAVE BEEN SO BAD.Im sorry-there is nothing else to it.Im tired of them blaming the “voting blocks” Ireland votes for us even when we are terrible.
    Get a proper band to perform.-blue,that garbage man,dear old engelbert-its a wonder Britain hasnt been kicked out.

    • It was clear from the start that Katrina and the waves was the best. I knew as soon as we picked that song that we would win.

      Ireland and UK only give 12 points to one another if the song deserves it (apart from Jedward but UK kids like Jedward)

  7. I forgot about SCOOSH…yip-these europeans are all against us-how on earth did the wonderful Scoosh not win by 300 points :)

  8. I think it’s a great idea then there will be no excuse for the talk about the county’s devisions each area of the uk can apply and put their songs forward and then it’s the public choice I have watched the Eurovision Song Contest for Years the uk public have chose sum bad songs to represent us but they have also chosen some of the best the closest we came to winning since 1997 was yes jade ewen but one person that matched that and may even came closer that people forget was Jessica garlic with come back wich I so believe was an act chosen by a public vote

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