Eleftheria Eleftheriou’s Love for Azerbaijan as Greek Inquest Continues

GreeceThis year’s Greek representative, Eleftheria Eleftheriou, has spoken of her love of Azerbaijan. Speaking to AzerTAc, the 23 year old singer, who finished in 17th place in this year’s contest with ‘Aphrodisiac’ ,said that she was glad to have discovered such a  wonderful country, such sincere people, and that she intended to return there.

“I am very glad that I have discovered such a wonderful country as Azerbaijan. This is the place with the most sincere and tender people in the world I have ever seen,” Eleftheria said.

“I have never seen such hospitability which I’ve seen in Azerbaijan. The people are so sincere and tender that you feel as you are in home. Baku is such a wonderful and amazing city you don`t want to leave. I left my soul here, notwithstanding I leave. I will return to Baku, Azerbaijan again. Because you can`t see all must-see-places during one visit,” she said.

Meanwhile, analysts and critics are assessing if the Greek financial crisis skewed the final results as Greece failed to finish in the top 10 for the first time since the introduction of the semifinal system, or if it was just a poor performance this year.

Analysts at Renaissance Capital have noted that although Germany came 8th, The Greeks gave it no points. Italy and Cyprus were the only euro-zone partners to be given any points from Greece.

“Well, the Greeks have to protest somehow,” said Charles Robertson at the bank in London.

From the 64 votes awarded to Greece, only three came from the euro zone; 1 from Germany,2 from Belgium, and the usual 12 from Cyprus.

Spain, Italy, Ireland and Portugal, however, all gave Germany votes.

“Clearly an attempt to encourage Germany to build a firewall to protect them,” said Robertson.

The inquest continued in Greece this week too with former Eurovision two-time entrant, Elpida, not being too complimentary. Elpida represented Greece in 1979 with the song ‘Sokrati‘ which finished 8th and then represented Cyprus in 1986 with ‘Tora Zo‘ which came 20th (and last).

Talking on Afternoon Study, Elpida stated that this year’s entrant, despite being a sweet, beautiful girl, had a very bad voice.

“The song was nice but the whole thing was not nice. Her voice was the worst thing we heard for some time. We were in the seven worst songs.”

She went on to call this year’s stage presence “cheap”.

So did the eurozone and financial crisis have any influence on this year’ voting, or was it simply as Elpida said, that this year’s Greek entry just wasn’t good enough?

29 comments on “Eleftheria Eleftheriou’s Love for Azerbaijan as Greek Inquest Continues

  1. Is this serious? Since when is Greece entitled to a top 10 placing? Maybe Greece failed because the song was bad. Though I wouldn’t call qualification a failure. They got more then some other countries can even dream of.

  2. I think people should blame ERT and their tasteless same-recipe-every year Eurovision approach instead of a young singer who did her best to make her country proud!Even if she had had a voice of Celine Dion,she would have gotten the same result because the song was really lame!

  3. On Eleftheria’s love for Baku: Oh those melodramatic Levantines! :)

    On Euro crisis and ESC voting: Are they serious? LOL

    On Elpida: I agree with everything she has said.

    @ mermaid

    If you are interested, I have put my final commented rankings on my profile page.

    • Toggie,You know how much I love reading your comments and I’ll read them with pleasure when I get home dear…xoxo

  4. It was all downhill from the shopping centre ;)

  5. I don’t think that performance was bad.Just a deja-vu…Vocals were weird indeed , not that Eleftheria sang badly but backing vocals shouldn’t have been that loud.It was like you were listening to a constant echo.The song itself was weak and unoriginal and that is what counts the most.
    Regarding our result this year , I don’t think it has anything to do with financial crisis although I am pretty sure juries awarded us our lowest ranking ever while we were probably around 9th with televoting.
    But juries since they were reintroduced have never been generous to Greece even when imo we deserved it like last year.They are giving me the impression that they are trying to counterbalance some of the televoting impact.I happens to countries such as BiH , Russia , Ukraine and Turkey as well thus has nothing to do with financial crisis whatsoever !

  6. Greece did really well this year. I, unlike many, loved the song. So what if it was similar to previous songs in the past? It was still a catchy song and we can’t start blaming Eleftheria when she actually has a very good voice. As far as I’m concerned, we were destined to do badly this year whatever the song. We could have sent Elena Paparizou in with My Number One and she would still have probably done badly this year. It’s all down to politics – Azerbaijan even cheated this year to get themselves more points (how sad?!). No, I feel for Greece and Cyprus this year as they did try hard, despite the lack of financial support they had. Europe should have been kinder. Never mind, there’s always next year! ;)

  7. What a stupid article!

  8. Poor Greece didn’t make the top 10, what a Greek tragedy! If people in any country think that they somehow deserve good placings every year, what they actually deserve is some poor results – after all it’s what some countries have to face most years.

    Greece got points from Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Italy and Spain in the semifinal so the eurozone boycott idea is complete rubbish. My guess is that Greece did quite well in the televote from the usual countries, but did less well in the jury vote – but unless they reveal the results we will never know.

    • ”Dear” Daniel let me remind you that UK moans the same way…but anyway I never expected from you to be fair. Enjoy the bottom…

  9. First of all,there was not much talk or any debate on our esc result this year.Loreen got more coverage than our song,actually.I don’t know who is trying to link the Eurozone crisis to the esc results but this is not people in Greece.Most people i heard on tv talking were saying that the song was not good enough and that it was a bad copy or our previous entries so people around Europe got bored.I think,it’s good that there is a talk about our need to send something different next year.
    I don’t agree with Elpida that the song was ok but Eleftheria was bad.Eleftheria tried to perform the bad song she was given the best way possible.
    I also agree with Donnie that the esc juries must have ranked “Aphrodisiac” within the bottom-5 in the final, if not last.I believe that Greece was the country that was ignored by the juries but was heavily supported by the televoting in semi 1.Maybe,2nd or 3rd with televoting and bottom 5 with juries.

    • Exactly Dimitris. I don’t where hulluna found this info. There is not any inquest going on. Hulluna should get rid off this stupid article!

  10. Got more than what she deserved!!!

  11. I don’t know why some thick people are criticising the great song and very talented singer. It was a good song but we had little or no support from Europe. Politics played its part this year, as it always does. Good luck Greece and Cyprus. Hope we do well. The press have nothing else to talk about so they just make up nonsense about Greece. Poor article.

    • “It was a good song but we had little or no support from Europe. Politics played its part this year, as it always does.”

      I am so sad that there are people in my country that think that way :(

      • I am sad that people in Greece think that the Eurovision is some fantasy land where politics has no factor in deciding the votes and where everyone loves each other and where Turkey gives Cyprus 12 points and Azerbaijan gives Armenia 12 points. Open your eyes! Politics DOES play its part in Eurovision…you can’t deny that.

        • *some people in Greece (ie skgambassadortoesc)

          • Actually you don’t know either me or what my views on eurovision are, so I can’t blame you.
            And of course I don’t deny voting patterns or the involvement of politics in the ESC, but definately not the way you do.
            What I actually deny is the fact that our song was treated badly THIS YEAR beacause of politics. It was “treated badly” simlpy because it was utter rubbish. As simple as that.

  12. The Greek entry of this year was like a used bubblegum that had been chewed a bit too many times before, and therefore lost the most of its taste. I do admire Eleftheria for her brave attempt trying to squeeze out something good from all of this. “Watch my dance” was actually my favourite last year, but this time, the Greek entry was no hit.

  13. Ok I didn’t really think that Greece’s song this year was bad at all. Listening to the studio version, it sounded pretty good and catchy actually but I agree with what Elpida said that the stage was very cheap. Eleftheria’s dress had nothing memorable about it and the stage was nothing special.

    Compare this to 2008 when Kalomira actually had a lot of props on stage and her choreography was pretty good. She didn’t have to dance hard so her vocals weren’t affected. The part where Eleftheria’s voice kind of cracked here was on the “I’m craving for your touch”.

    Greece could’ve done so much better this year like France.

    • That’s true KiWi but the reason why we had no props was because we couldn’t afford it so, like I’ve said in the past, she did extremely well given the lack of money they had.

  14. I am so glad for her having spent a great time there. That said, ‘Aphrodisiac’ remains the worst act on offer in 2012, imo: bad song, worse vocals and pointless stage presentation (a ‘don’t you like my panties?’ concept). Send a good song, properly sung live, Greece, please. Thanks. :)

  15. “I think people should blame ERT and their tasteless same-recipe-every year Eurovision approach”

    Uh, to save money this year, ERT outsourced their entire selection to a record company, who naturally only considered their own artists.

    This was a good song (if you like that style), but the presentation, especially with the excessive background vocal, could have been much better.

  16. She should comeback to Eurovision after 2-3 years time. She might have a shot at winning. Look at Helena for example!

  17. It’s ridiculous to blame economy for the bad result of Greece. The bad result is due to the fact that, although Eleftheria is very talented, the song was average, the choreography childish, and the styling simply bad.

  18. […] Eleftheria Eleftheriou’s Love for Azerbaijan as Greek Inquest Continues […]

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