Sweden: Loreen Enters The European Charts!

  Sweden – Last week Loreen became the 5th winner for Sweden and since that win she has entered several charts with her winning song “Euphoria”.  As expected, she is back at #1 in Sweden, but also in Finland, Norway, Denmark, Ireland and Greece. Here is where she is currently at in each countries charts.

  • Sweden – #1
  • Norway – #1
  • Finland – #1
  • Denmark – #1
  • Iceland – #1
  • Ireland – #1
  • Greece – #1
  • The Netherlands – #2
  • Belgium (Flanders) – #3
  • Estonia – #3
  • Spain – #12
  • Belgium (Wallonie) – #24
  • France – #34
  • United Kingdom – #85 (after one day of sales)

She is doing wonders for Eurovision, especially in the United Kingdom! Even though it says she is #85 in the UK, she is continuing to rise and the official results will be out later today!

15 comments on “Sweden: Loreen Enters The European Charts!

  1. She is on 8th on the UK iTunes i just saw it right now!

  2. It seems that “Euphoria” is becoming a hit in the Netherlands. The last non-Dutch eurovision song that managed that was “Everyway that I can”.
    Now I can only hope that it will be an eyeopener for TROS and that they drastically change their approach to the national selection.

  3. According to the chart update on 30 May, she is no 2 in the UK:


  4. in israel she was #3 even before the contest…but what about germany?

  5. I do expect more from Loreen and “Euphoria” in the future..The success in the UK is encouraging for the future of the country in esc.

    • Good point there. I hope that this continues and that they don’t end up withdrawing like Italy did before.

  6. Final position was no 3 in the UK’s weekly chart tonight… considering we normally ignore anything Eurovision that’s pretty impressive. She was on another tv show here again earlier today, I bumped into it when channel hopping.

    I’m not sure she’ll be anything but a one hit wonder in the UK though…??

  7. Number 36 in Australia!

  8. Euphoria is amasing she is currently no.9 in the british charts and last week she achieved the top spot. Fair play to her, her song is amazing and very catchy i sing it at least 4 times a day. She has done really well hear in the uk and i hope she does a UK tour too. I love her other songs as well. I wish her all the best in the future, i hope we haven’t heard the last of Loreen!!!! :-D

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