Soluna Samay’s Message To European Voters

  Denmark – We have had it all again this year: sad faces, crushed dreams, sore losers and hurt reactions from the Bottom 5. However, Soluna Samay from Denmark found another and much more classy outlet of her post Eurovision depression. In a new video in which she covers Taylor Swifts Grammy winning song “Mean” she tells European voters: “All you are is mean”. Watch her performance:


15 comments on “Soluna Samay’s Message To European Voters

  1. That’s a cute way to express her disappoint. It’s very tongue-in-cheek, and she even states in the description not to take it seriously. I’m glad she’s not a sore loser.

  2. Aww cute. I really liked her song. A big crying shame that it reached 23rd. But look on the bright side, being able to compete in Eurovision Song Contest and to make it to the Finals is a big deal. She’s got international recognition for being there. She already has lots of followers and new fans around the world. Not just in Europe.

  3. Her ranking is not bad at all considering the fact the song is very identical to a very famous song! so she should be thankful instead :)

  4. That was brilliant !
    Regarding their result this year it was a little bit lower than the place every Danish act would have scored each year since 2009 ( 2010 excluded ) if there had not been such a huge jury support…
    Unfortunately for sweet Soluna , Roman stole the juries’ heart.
    Still , I like the 2012 Danish song a lot !

  5. I thought it was more Orginal to the Ploice copy they sent back in 2010 that was just a complete joke it got into the top 5! It was a rip off from the orginal version and was cheesy and dated! Denmark have a serious problem with sending entries which lack orginality! the only 2 Danish entries so far I’ve liked are 2011 and 2012, but even part of 2011’s entry was stollen.

    • My favourite Danish entries are their 1963, 1995 and 2005 songs. :)

      • “Dansevise” is in my all time top 10… beyond that, I’m not a big fan of their entries, except for 82, 92, 95 and 2010-2011

        • I think Denmark is the best country when it comes to produce schlager. I like every Danish entry of the 80’s except 1981 and 1985.

          I agree with you about “Dansevise” which is a fantastic song (but the runner-up of that year in Denmark, “Amiga mia”, would have been a winning candidate too imo). But I would also add the entries from 1957 and 1960. They are both two charming songs, with lyrics and performances that can melt my sentimental heart. :)

  6. Soluna should have known better :p

  7. Soluna caught cold after the semi-final and that certainly affected her live performance. Her vocals in the final were much worse that her normally very strong live singing. Bad luck, I guess, but since I can only judge what I see and hear on the big night, she dropped in my rankings too. At least, her strong semi-final performance prevented he from doing a Joan Franka … the poor thing lost almost 20 places on my post-contest list. :(

  8. So sad for Iceland

  9. Soluna Samay music is very good. Stefan Schöffmann aus Germany

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