Liechtenstein: No Decision Until This Summer

  Liechtenstein – One of the few countries that can still make their debut in Eurovision is the small principality of Liechtenstein. The countries only broadcaster 1FLTV has repeatedly claimed that it wants to send an entry to the Eurovision Song Contest. Last year, the channel’s CEO Peter Kölbel told us: “Nothing has changed for us: We will only activate the application for membership in the EBU once the government has granted us access to the media subsidies. We believe that our chances are quite good this time, but a decision can only be expected in April 2012. A participation is thus possible in 2013 at the earliest.”

As Mr. Kölbel has now informed the “Eurovision Times” that no decision on the media subsidies and thus on a possible Eurovision debut will be taken before the end of June.

In 2010 1FLTV application for financial help was rejected by the principality’s media board which grants the subsidies. The financial resources of the private channel are not sufficient to pay the participation fees for the Eurovision Song Contest without help from the government, though.

Liechtenstein has never taken part in the Eurovision Song Contest before. However Liechtensteiners have had the opportunity to watch the contest on Swiss, Austrian or German television. The country has made attempts to participate in the contest in the past: in 1969 a French language song had apparently been selected to represent Liechtenstein at the Contest, held in Madrid, Spain. The song, “Un beau matin” by Vetty, would not have been able to represent the German-speaking country due to rules stating that only songs in the national language could represent the country – however as there was no Liechtensteiner television broadcaster in 1969 there was no possibility that Liechtenstein could enter the contest. Later, it was found that this was a pun made up by a French comedian.

Later in 1976 a Liechtenstein entry was once again selected to compete in the contest – Biggi Bachman and “Little Cowboy” would have been the country’s first entry had there been a national broadcaster, but as there was none in the country the entry was rejected from competing

16 comments on “Liechtenstein: No Decision Until This Summer

  1. They are more than welcome; I guess that any pending problems regarding their EBU membership will be soon solved.
    Overall, I hope for a better fate for all microstates in the ESC.

  2. Hope they can join!

    Offtopic – did you get my draft about Loreen ET? :p

  3. I wonder what chances does Liechtenstein stand in the contest honestly..I do wish they will debut eventually though, it should be interesting !

  4. they shouldn’t enter the contest…it’s a curse in the ESC to be a ministate…Andorra, San Marino, Monaco, even with great songs they don’t have a chance

  5. I welcome their arrival, but they should be very aware that they have very little chances of reaching the final, let alone winning the whole thing.

    • I don’t know, they of course could be a San Marino/Andorra/Montenegro/Czech Rep but then Austria or Hungary left, came back and reached the final so it’s all possible considering the song really!

  6. I would love to see Lichtenstein debut in Eurovision! And who knows, maybe they will do well, i’m sure they’re bound to get lots of votes from their neighbours! :P

    • lots of votes from their neighbours? haha! germany, austria and switzerland rarely give points to each other, the less they would pay attention to their mini-neighbour.

      • Why dont Germany support their nieghbours though? pitty that realy becuase Lietchenstine could do well then. they would have Austria, Switzerland and Germany and I could see them geting support from San Marino, Malta and Italy. If they sent a realy exceptional power ballad they might do well.

  7. I dunno. They should take this participation one step at a time. Not very familiar with this country’s music and I haven’t really heard any well-known artists from it either. Maybe hire a composer from another country like Azerbaijan for a start?

  8. I really want them to join the contest… To send an amazing song that would get over all the unfair/political voting and win… One can still hope I guess :)

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